Most Overrated Signature Scenes in Video Games

Are these scenes really the best parts of their games? If so, what really IS so amazing about them anyway?

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1 Genocide Sans Battle from UnderTale

Easily one of gaming's all-time biggest ascended memes, this fight is basically just an over-glorified (ludicrously) difficulty-amped reskin of the Pacifist Papyrus fight (understandably in this case, given the context of him and Papyrus being brothers, but still) and is known vastly more for its dialogue and background music than its actual gameplay at any rate.
While I certainly do admire this fight's immense creativity and ingenuity from a design standpoint (given the fact that it's technically the game's most heavily scripted fight out of all of them while also being the overall hardest by a planet-slide), it was (mostly) pitifully easy compared to what it was made out to be (go ahead, beat Punch-Out Wii's Title Defense mode without utilizing any of the instant boxer-defeating shortcuts and THEN tell me that this fight is hard when compared to THAT) and didn't actually FLESH Sans out nearly as much as I would have liked (PLEASE excuse the pun, as it's ultimately just part of ...more - xandermartin98

Sr Pelo's April Fool's version was infinity-plus-one times better.

2 Giygas Battle from EarthBound

For one thing, the simple fact of him existing in the game does NOT single-handedly make it a darker game than Mother 3 (or even Undertale at certain moments, for that matter, such as the True Lab and the Genocide Run).
Also, the second phase of his fight is basically just another ridiculously easy scripted cutscene that might as well die in three hits once you know what its weakness is, just like how Mother Brain was in Super Metroid (and also just like how Omega Flowey was in Undertale, sadly).
More importantly, however, lore aside, he's REALLY not as scary as he's made out to be. Undertale alone has at least six definitely WAY scarier bosses present in it in the form of the aforementioned Omega Flowey and the Amalgamates (as well as two arguably way scarier ones in the form of Sans' and Undyne's Genocide counterparts), for starters. Again, classic cutscene but extremely disappointing fight in retrospect (at least it's better than the other two Mother/Earthbound Trilogy games' ...more - xandermartin98

3 Sephiroth (literally) backstabbing Aerith in Final Fantasy VII

Honestly, the Sephiroth final battle itself is pretty lame in retrospect, but in terms of being just plain overhyped and pompous, almost NOTHING can beat this scene in particular (well, except for the two things above it) - xandermartin98

4 Mother Brain Battle from Super Metroid

Honestly, revisiting Brinstar is still the overall best moment of this game bar none (made all the MORE amazing by the game's ludicrously well-done Ancient Chozo and Z-Factor hacks, might I add)...

And with that being said, I'm just going to be perfectly honest here; nostalgia aside, this fight is just plain lame.
While I do admire it for its creativity in turning the game's Varia/Gravity suit-removing function into a quite literal difficulty-setting menu and being downright AMAZINGLY memorable cinematically, the actual gameplay of this fight is nothing short of absolutely miserable.
Her entire first phase is basically spent just idly standing in the corner of the room and patiently waiting for Samus to unload enough firepower directly into her face so as to advance her into her second phase, at which point the rest of the fight just turns into one big over-dramatically scripted interactive cutscene that is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to lose as long as the player stocked up ...more - xandermartin98

5 Master/Crazy Hand Battle(s) from Super Smash Bros.

Is just a plain joke in the original game (due to Crazy Hand not even existing yet) and relies mostly on being cheaply overpowered (rather than actually challenging to dodge) in the later games (for example, dying just from IMPOSSIBLY lightly brushing against Master's downward drill attack on the highest difficulty settings of his Melee incarnation); also, his Core/Fortress forms in Smash 4 are just plain awful, no more needs to be said - xandermartin98

6 GLaDOS Battle from Portal

Funny, yes, but as a fight, it definitely leaves MUCH more than a little to be desired - xandermartin98

7 Dark Bowser And Dark Fawful Battle from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

The music is pretty much your average melodramatic Kingdom Hearts schlock, and the fight itself (not counting Super Paper Mario's Super Dimentio, and also Dream Team's Dreamy Bowser once you know about the infinite time-freezing trick) is without a doubt THE easiest final boss in all of the Mario RPGs combined, dying within a total time span of about five minutes at most if you don't remember to use the Challenge Badge for him; hell, even WITH the Challenge Badge equipped, the fight is STILL kind of a joke overall when compared to Memory M/L, Blizzard Midbus and (to a lesser extent) the titular duo's first encounter with the Dark Star (long story short, the boss has extremely poor defense as well as attacks that are admittedly INSANELY flashy but also laughably easy to avoid as a result; needless to say, it's REALLY not a very good combination) - xandermartin98

8 Sacred Grounds Finale from Cave Story

Often cited by T.V. Tropers as being one of gaming's most iconic cases of Checkpoint Starvation as well as Hard Levels With Even Harder Bosses, Cave Story's infamous Blood-Stained Sanctuary (AKA Hell) itself is ironically not actually difficult in the slightest as long as you've stocked up a decent amount of health and successfully resisted the urge to waste your Life Pot on the Undead Core (and also remembered to upgrade your Polar Star, preferably into the Spur) in preparation for it, making it more of a case of Easy Level With Hard Bosses if anything.
The first of the level's two bosses, Heavy Press AKA Giant Cyborg Thwomp, is such an incredibly lame and just downright "filler" concept for a boss that I honestly don't even know where to begin, while Ballos himself is admittedly pretty decent (albeit really, really, REALLY not that hard) for about his first three phases but then suddenly turns into only the most COMPLETELY shameless of damage-per-second races for his fourth and ...more - xandermartin98

9 The Dream Fight from NES Punch-Out

Simply put, there is really nothing special about this boss when you look past how incredibly spot-on of a celebrity endorsement it really, REALLY was for good old Iron Mike Tyson back when the game still had its original license. He's basically just your average run-of-the-mill fighter but with his power and speed attributes cranked way, way, WAY up to the point of pretty much making the fight REQUIRE between-rounds save states in order to beat it for most players (and more importantly on most emulators as well, due to their notorious input lag). It's basically "hard for the sake of being hard" incarnate and doesn't even have any sort of proper rewards for beating it (like perhaps a match-restarting button and an alternate Title Defense mode for the main game, for instance; seriously, WHY is the Wii version of Punch-Out the only console one that ever even thought to include Title Defense Mode) - xandermartin98

10 Death Egg Finale from Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Between its intentionally awful stage music, the complete lack OF an actual stage (or any rings whatsoever, for that matter), and the Death Egg Robot itself being one of the lamest final bosses in existence, I'm pretty confident in saying that this so-called "level" is a pretty disappointing closer to a game this classic to say the LEAST (the actual ending that it rewards you with for beating it is STILL pretty awesome regardless, however) - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Car Rap from Parappa the Rapper
12 Giant Kraid Battle from Super Metroid

Seriously, HOW is this not listed under the "AntiClimax Boss" category on the game's T.V. Tropes page? - xandermartin98

13 Masked Man Secret Identity Plot Twist from Mother 3
14 Omega Flowey Battle from Undertale
15 One-Winged Angel Battle from Final Fantasy VII
16 Metal Sonic Race from Sonic CD
17 Brinstar Revisitation from Super Metroid
18 Ravenholm Level from Half-Life 2
19 Red Flower Plot Twist from Cave Story
20 Wheatley Betrayal from Portal 2
21 Samus Gender Reveal from Metroid
22 Soul Selling from Undertale
23 Ganon Battle from Ocarina of Time
24 Adult Link Transformation from Ocarina of Time
25 N. Gin Moon Battle from Crash Bandicoot Warped
26 Lavos Battle from Chrono Trigger
27 Companion Cube Chamber from Portal
28 Giant Baby Bowser Battle from Yoshi's Island
29 Pacifist Ending from Undertale
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