Top Ten Most Overrated Songs of 2015-2019


The Top Ten

1 Bad at Love - Halsey

Very annoying. - Monkeywolf228

Nah not really, she puts in effort here and it sounds alright - StarlightSpanks

Yea sleeping with the music producer is definitely working hard and starting from the bottom. Right? - Demon_Kitty

It's crappy as hell, bland, and Halsey sounds like she got a cold while singing. She can't sing high pitches. If tumblr didn't exist then this bitch would be nowhere. You know she had to SLEEP WITH THE MUSIC PRODUCER to get a job. How pathetic. I just want her to go away! - Demon_Kitty

2 Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

I'm tired of hearing Ariana on the radio a million times a day... Especially this song. - Monkeywolf228

This is everywhere and it's not even good. It's just boring. There are so many better Ari songs than this that never even touched the radio before. - Demon_Kitty

Ariana: Hello! As u can see, I'm an singer. A meh to be exact. Anyhow, it's my pleasure to announce Thank u, next. Yay. Its almost too thrilling for words. You can listen to it with your friends. Doesn't have to be your friends. Thank u, next.I'm positively euphoric right now.

The Emoji Ariana Grande Movie fan made script to describe how bad and cringe worthy her music is.
(P.s This is written by one of the top 5 fans of The Emoji Movie)

Ugh this song is extremely overrated and annoying.It’s not even a good song! If you are going to play a song 50 million times on the radio at least make it good not an annoying and terrible song - Randomator

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3 Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

Good Lord does this suck. It's bland and cardi sounds like a Nicki Minaj robot. - Demon_Kitty

What is the appeal of this woman? I don’t get it.

4 FRIENDS - Anne Marie and Marshmello

This song is childish, rude, and idiotic. I'd rather shove a knife in my ears then hear this 24/7. - Demon_Kitty

5 Bad and Boujee - Migos

Every time I hear this I want to jam my head on a wall and slam it on the wall 1000 times. It's so annoying and the lyrics make absolutely zero sense. - Demon_Kitty

Completely agree. - StarlightSpanks

6 Sober - Demi Lovato

Demi's career: feel sorry for her, make her the victim. She constantly blames other people for her crap. You know she bullied girls in high school. There's an article about it. She's such a hypocrite. Ariana Grande has depression and anxiety and she doesn't go around forcing people to feel bad for her. Breathin' was about the tragic death of Mac Miller and telling those with depression and anxiety to keep going in life. Sober is about Demi's constant desire for attention. Ever since the overdose happened she's become more of an attention whore. Marilyn Manson overdosed. Nobody felt sorry for him. He wasn't an attention whore. I can't believe little girls look up to this fame slut. - Demon_Kitty

7 Sicko Mode - Travis Scott

Terrible song - Randomator

White teenage kids think they are all ghetto and from the hood now just because they listen to this mumbling rap song. God please help. - B1ueNew

8 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Such an annoying song - Randomator

Overplayed and Ed’s worst song ever. - Userguy44

9 God's Plan - Drake

Everyone likes this song but I don't. I hate this song, Sure it has "good meaning" and all but it sounds lame. - B1ueNew

Wasn't bad in my opinion just overplayed - Randomator

10 Havana - Camila Cabello

Such an annoying song - Randomator

Screw this song - B1ueNew

The Contenders

11 Sorry - Justin Bieber

When this song came out every single girl sang it non stop and it became annoying as hell. It just sucks so bad. - Demon_Kitty

The music video is cringy too. - Userguy44

12 Work from Home - Fifth Harmony
13 Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots

Decent song, but it got played too much. - Userguy44

It was Mediocre at best yet overplayed as hell. Thankfully it’s irrelevant now - Randomator

14 Blackstar - David Bowie
15 Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

Great job Hailee for influencing little girls to be as selfish as you. - Demon_Kitty

16 Despacito - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

No explanation needed - Randomator

I think this has to go. - Cyri

Self explanitory - IronFist13

17 Mine - Bazzi

What an annoying and stupid song. - B1ueNew

18 Bitch I'm Bella Thorne - Bella Thorne

This is an atrocity. - Demon_Kitty

19 Perfect - Ed Sheeran

It was good until it got hella annoying and overplayed. Thank god that stopped. - Demon_Kitty

20 Girls Like You - Maroon 5

Overplayed to the point that it ruins the song - Randomator

Overplayed, boring, and should not have been as big as it is. - IronFist13

21 7 Rings - Ariana Grande

Awful and overrated trash - DarkBoi-X

Ariana Grande: (Sings 7 rings.)
Everyone:(Insert booing sound here.)
Ariana Grande: You suck everyone.
Everyone: No, you suck.
Pewdiepie: (Sings B**** Lazagna)
Sony: Great idea fans, let's make it.
Everyone(Emoji movie haters): NOOO!

22 Bop! - Jojo Siwa
23 Taki Taki - DJ Snake

Why do people like this? - Monkeywolf228

This song is way too overrated. DJ Snake produces an awful beat that has virtually no bass, especially at the drop which is awful because when you have a drop, there needs to be bass. Instead its just the melody played much higher and it gives you a headache. Ozuna's voice is annoying as usual. Cardi B delivers a very mediocore verse. Selena completely ruins the song with her attempt to be sexy. Not only that she says "what my taki taki wants, my taki taki gets" which makes no sense given the fact taki taki has no meaning. this song is overrated garbage - ShrekTheGoat

Cardi B sucks. - Userguy44

DJ Snake-let’s make some commercial generic latin beat (ft really pervy Ozuna in Latin,way too overly sexy Selena Gomez & also Cardi B,full alien language)
I don't mind DJ Snake in general,but this has no reason to be popular other than it being a quadruple.

24 Ain't Easy - Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

This garbage is the middle on steroids. awful vocals, lyrics, production and rhyming. this was so overplayed for no good reason - ShrekTheGoat

25 Hotline Bling - Drake
26 Sad - Xxxtentacion

This one should be obvious,
it's a snoozefest that seems mediocre/bad-ish but is actually absymal due to the fact that X whines about his depression yet again and even manipulates his listeners by that one line.
that. one. line. - StarlightSpanks

27 Baby Shark - Pinkfong

I feel ashamed to be apart of society now. Not because of any social or political issues, but because we as a society are supporting a stupid children's song and actually think of this as a good song. I mean can someone tell me how this song has over 2.2 billion (I repeat, BILLION) views on Youtube? That's more views than any rock song. Don't even get me started on how this is one of the most streamed songs of all time, as well as peaking at #32 on the Billboard Hot 100. I'd be fine if this were some lesser known kid's song, but no. I see teenagers and even young adults listen to this godforsaken "song". If anything, I'd call this the "What Does the Fox Say" of 2018, in that it started as a simple stupid song about a certain animal, but for some ungodly reason, evolved into a global phenomenon that spawned countless memes and appearances on popular talk shows - IronFist13

So annoying - Randomator

28 Hold the Drama - Jojo Siwa
29 I Can’t Give Everything Away - David Bowie

Who added all these david bowie songs? - Demon_Kitty

30 Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

Not terrible but way overplayed - Randomator

I'm not voting this in because it's terrible, it's just sooo overrated. Nothing more than a hyped up freestyle that shouldn't be blasted at every radio station and party. - yaygiants16

31 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat

Amazing. - Userguy44

32 Finesse - Bruno Mars

This song sucks. - B1ueNew

33 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
34 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

Decent but way overplayed - Randomator

Kill me please

35 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

So overrated that it’s twice on here. - Userguy44

36 Dog Walk - Submarine Man

Not overrated. - Userguy44

Surprisingly people on YouTube like this “song”.

37 Kream - Iggy Azalea
38 Te Bote - Casper Magico

Disgusting that people think this even classifies as a "song" - StarlightSpanks

39 Praying - Kesha

This song is annoying and pretetionous. Everyone praised this because of the lyrics, fun fact: she didn't write them. Instead she used ghostwriters. Her singing also rips off Adele's and sounds awful without autotune. I do believe that what happened to her was terrible, she didn't deserve to be treated like that. I'm sorry Kesha but I don't like your overrated song. - CharismaticKat

40 Tis a Pity She Was a Whore - David Bowie
41 Lazarus - David Bowie
42 Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) - David Bowie
43 Girl Loves Me - David Bowie
44 Dollar Days - David Bowie
45 Sunflower - Post Malone & Swae Lee
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