Most Overrated Songs Between Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath


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1 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

I like this song, but I got tired of it after a while.
I know it wasn't intended to be their best song, but it has too many attention. - Kiyomi

2 War Pigs - Black Sabbath

This song was difficult to listen for me.
It is very monotonous and simplistic, especially Ozzy's vocals.
I don't understand why this is considered Black Sabbath's 'best song'.
There are better songs in my opinion. - Kiyomi

3 Running Free - Iron Maiden

This song became a hit, and it is considered a 'fan favorite'.
I don't see why.
It's one of my least favorite songs on the debut. - Kiyomi

4 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath

It's not even a metal song.
It's a rock song that is very poppy during the chorus.
So, how did this song get so many attention? - Kiyomi

5 Changes - Black Sabbath

This was a bit boring in my opinion. - Kiyomi

6 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter - Iron Maiden

I know that 'No Prayer For The Dying' is an underrated album, but I put this here ANYWAY because it was Iron Maidens first and only 'number 1' hit.
I'm still wondering why, because Iron Maiden can do SO MUCH BETTER than this song. - Kiyomi

7 Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden

Song is not bad, but it's not the best.
It baffles me that 'Run To The Hills' is one of the MOST listened Iron Maiden songs of all time.
It isn't even my favorite song on 'Number of the Beast'. - Kiyomi

8 Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Song is not bad, but Iron Maiden has much better songs that get less attention. - Kiyomi

9 2 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden

Not bad, but gets too many attention. - Kiyomi

10 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
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1. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
2. War Pigs - Black Sabbath
3. Running Free - Iron Maiden
1. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
2. War Pigs - Black Sabbath
3. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath



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