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21 SonDash (Sonic x Rainbow Dash)

They never even met and even if they did, they would compete with each other. Not love each other romantically...

22 Sonuli (Sonic x Fuli)

I hate TLG and I am seriously praying in front of a cross hoping that the crazy shippers of The Lion Guard fandom would never pair Sonic up with Fuli. SonicxRainbow Dash is bad enough, SonicxFuli would be much worse.

Someone on DeviantArt drew a fanart of this (Fuli VS Sonic the Hedgehog), even if it's a rivalry, it still sucks.

23 Foxeam (Cream x Fox McCloud)

As a huge fan of Fox McCloud (Star Fox) who ships both FoxxKrystal and FoxxFara, I would be so mad if one crazy shipper paired him up with Cream instead of a Star Fox character like Krystal, Fara, or even Falco. Foxes eat rabbits. The age gap is also creepy since Fox is an adult, whereas Cream is a child.

Also the dreaded age gap doesn't help, either. Fox is 18 (20s in later games), whereas Cream is only 6. It will never work.

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