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1 Sonic Adventure 2

Best Sonic game ever? Ha! Yeah right. SA1 was awesome and deserves all the love it gets. This game is only okay at best for me. After all, I only like the speed stages (minus crazy gadget) and two mech shooting stages. That's not even half the game! Sure it has the best 3D multiplayer in the battle port but I think the Genesis and Sonic 4 games have better multiplayer. Not to mention the inconsistent story, crappy camera, mad space, meteor herd and crazy gadget being stages I loathe, I dislike this game. I respect you opinion if you like the game, but I'm not as nostalgia blinded or community blinded as I once was. At best, part of the game is fun making it an okay, somewhat solid game but at worst, the game is so poorly designed it blows.

Best Sonic game ever? Not a chance! In fact, I think this game is still overrated because people try to say that more than 1/3 of this game is good (but they fail miserably at it)! I applaud the extremely high replay value (actually, this game has too much replay value for its own good. 180 EMBLEMS THAT REQUIRE EVERY A RANK?! That's too crazy, especially in the case of Treasure Hunting and Hard Mode stages!) and improved graphics and voice acting, but other than that, everything else just takes a step backwards (treasure hunting was hit insanely hard with a nerfed radar and a nerfed hint system that was an exact equivalent of having NO hint system if you don't know the level design. Shooting stages were hit pretty hard to with linear level design not built around very clunky controls.), even the speed stages (to those of you who think Adventure 1's sonic stages were already linear, Speed Highway says hello, along with 7 other stages. That said, Adventure 2's speed stages are mostly ...more

Not that it's a bad game, but- WAIT. It IS a bad game. SA2 is dreadful. How people can claim it's better than 06, don't ask me.

Speed stages make you scared to do anything, even a simple Homing Attack which, by the way, locks onto stuff behind you but NOT above.

Mech stages are the same thing over and over for an inordinate amount of time.

Hunting stages seem like the CAMERA is trying to kill you, not to mention...
"Trying to climb a wall? Why don't I just let go? " - Edgehog05

Some of the game is good. Other sections very boring and dull. The game has not aged well at all. Adventure 1 was a much better game.

2 Sonic Colours

I do love this game but I think it gets WAY too much attention because of the wisps I mean sure they're good but it's not speedy which is what sonic unleashed was and people say that this game brought sonic back to fame but I think unleashed did that.

How in the world Sonic on a sailing adventure, or turning into werewolf, or using a sword is not just not cool, but also inherently bad and does not make sence, while Sonic turning into cutesy aliens is a "return to the form"? What form exactly? The Super Mario form? Honestly, don't even bother playing Wii version - it's blocky, gimmicky, and simply lacks Sonic spirit, which always was cooler than Mario. Try the DS version instead.

"Sonic Colours" is definitely overrated!
I strongly prefer "Mario Colours".

I'm sorry, but I don't like this game at all. There's far too much 2.5D, which isn't very impressive. There's barely any 3D, which means you can't really explore the vibrant landscapes. And the voice acting is really annoying too, although Roger Craig Smith definitely improved since this game.

3 Sonic the Hedgehog 2

It is good, but why is it at the top of so many lists. The main arguments are that it did everything a sequel should do and that it shaped the rest of the series. They even added a new character and the spindash! The fact that it influenced the rest of the franchise does not make this a better game. And all those other elements are present in almost all later sonic games. Those arugments just scream nostalgia to me. Plus, this is the most unfair sonic game for me. You constanlty get hit for stuff you couldn't see. CONSTANTLY. I played this game a lot and yet I still get hit by cheap ennemy placement. Oh and there metropolis zone. METROPOLIS ZONE! It has aged (for example you have to backtrack for rings after a checkpoint before a boss fight) a lot. I actually really like this game and it's in my top 10 for certain, I'm only attacking it to explain why it doesn't deserve to be number 1. I consider the advance trilogy to be better.

Even though I love this game and find it very fun, it still has some issues that annoy me:
- Bosses were pretty boring compared to what 3&K & Mania has.
- Special stages are unfair, the only way to win them is to either constantly pause to see what is up ahead, or memorize the layouts of each of them. Not to mention, Tails' AI messes you up on these if you don't play as Sonic/Tails alone. At least this was fixed in the 2013 Remake made by Christian Whitehead.
- I didn't like some zones in this game. I don't really like Casino Night or Hilltop that much, but Metropolis, while it isn't hard to me anymore, lasts for way too long and has bad enemy placement (looking at you Slicers and Shellcrackers).

Don't get me wrong, I really like this game a lot, but I don't think it deserves the number one spot on every best Sonic/Genesis games list. I personally like CD, 3&K, Mania, Adventure 1, Heroes, and Generations over this game.

Emerald hill, Aquatic ruin, Mystic Cave, Metropolis and Wing Fortress all suck.

The reason why I find sonic 2 way too overrated is for multiple reasons. The fact that some say it's the best game of all time or the only good sonic game. Also the camera is sometime garbage and the level design is too frustrating. Combine that with the fact that getting a game over get you back to the beginning of the game and we have by far the most frustrating sonic game of all time. And its not like they can't let you continue your game at the time. Mario lost levels let you do this and it release 8 years before sonic 2! Oh! And knowing this fact, the death egg and the special stages are lame.

4 Sonic Generations

Good but WAY OVERRATED The 2D Modern Sonic sections are HORRENDOUS Classic Sonic stages were okay and about half of the Modern Sonic were AWESOME and the other half were either okay or RETARDED And Sonic Colors and Unleashed were FAR Superior to this and even the Adventure games were better

It was way too easy. - Smash64

WHAT SONIC GENERATIONS IS OVERRATED AS SA2 BO... Gunshot.Yes I Know This Game is Great and All. But All The Problems Are: Only 9 Stages, 6 Bosses and The Final Boss is BullShit. Anyways, This is Not Bad, But I Think Sonic Colors is Way Better Than This.

5 Sonic CD

Most underrated sonic game

Well This Game is Good. But I Think The Award For The Best Sonic Game Ever is Getting Replaced Because Due To The Level Design, Generic Boss Battles and The Overrated JAP/EUP Soundtracks. As For The US Version: it is Very Underrated. Anyways Sonic CD is Good, But Not That Good and No It is Not The Best Sonic Game Ever.

This is great it might not be the best sonic game but its good even if the Japanese and europa versions were different also metal sonic first appearince

6 Sonic Adventure

How dare this be top 12. Some considered Sonic Adventure to be the best Sonic game (or so one of the best) so thus Sonic Adventure should be top 1.

It's a bit overrated but still AN EPIC START TO SONIC'S 3D GAMES

This list has Sonic games that are not even overrated, people are just dumping random games on here.

Sonic Adventure should be ripped off by Pac-Man Adventure.

Like this game but I agree.

7 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Best Sonic game my ass. The only reason fans give this game so much praise is because of nostalgia. Only a third of this game is good. The rest of the stages are the below par mech stages and the bad emerald hunting stages, these are designed poorly and go on for way too long. They butchered the radar system from Adventure 1, which was actually very useful and was easier to complete levels with. Also, the mech shooting stages have no proper sense of control, therefore making it very easy to screw up. At least, Sonic/Shadow's levels are fun, fast action with fun platforming. This game is alright, but it is certainly not the best Sonic game ever, hell, it doesn't even make the top 5 Sonic games, Sonic Adventure 1 is clearly the better experience, at least half of that game is good. To add on to that, Sonic Unleashed gets so much negativity, even though half of that game is really good.

I like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but it's far from the best Sonic game. - TheDelBel

8 Sonic Advance Trilogy

Really, dude?! The Sonic Advance games/trilogy is already on this list! I would put the Sonic Advance trilogy on my list of "Top 15 Greatest Sonic the Hedgehog Games" like Nathaniel Bandy did on his video that was not his list of best Sonic games. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who gives the Sonic Advance trilogy a 4/5

9 Sonic Adventure DX

Underrated - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

10 Shadow the Hedgehog

Yep it is

Twihards (SCREW TWILIGHT! ) flamed someone (which is WatchMojo, a really overrated channel) for putting Shadow the Hedgehog on the worst Sonic games list rather than the best Sonic games list. Welp, we found sexism defenders... >8(

The Contenders

11 Sonic Rush

I Have NO Idea How Everyone Likes This...

BORING LEVEL DESIGN, NOT A TON OF REPLAY VALUE, And A Bad Soundtrack... Please do me a favor, and play sonic rush adventure.

This should be top 1, not a Classic Sonic game!

Seriously, Modern Sonic is overrated & Classic Sonic is overrated!

The fact that you think that this game is overrated because it features Modern Sonic makes me think that you are have never played this game. - Drawbox

Levels sucked, music sucked, story sucked, Sonic's slow even whioe boosting, Sonic Rush Adventure for the win!

Agreed! Sonic Rush was too hard for me! And Sonic should just die!

This game is underrated. I've never heard anyone mention it even though it technically is a main series title. - Drawbox

12 Sonic Riders
13 Sonic Lost World

I have even more complaints towards this game (especially the 3DS version) than AntDude does in his underrated review. Another one of Sonic Lost World's major flaws is the Modern Sonic hedgehogs (the only one in this game I hate is Modern Amy Rose whom I hate in general, but I am aware that Sonic's siblings in Sonic Underground). Another one is the one-dimensional Deadly Six, another flaw of characters.

14 Sonic and the Secret Rings

Wait what? OVERRATED? Yeah, this game actually got good reviews from critics. Believe it or not IGN said it was better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
So a game with fidgety controls and level designs that might as well be train tracks is better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? Seriously?

This game shall be replaced by "Pac-Man & the Secret Rings".

I strongly prefer "Mario & the Secret Rings".

Should Be Number One - VideoGamefan5

15 Sonic Unleashed

I'm starting to find Sonic Unleahsed way more overrated than Sonic 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 combined... - TheDelBel

This game was never supposed to exist anyways. Besides, Pac-Man Unleashed would be much better.

Yeah, pacman would obviously be amazing as a were whatever pacman is. I was being sarcastic by the way

Do people seriously count werehog stages appropriate for a Sonic game?!

16 Sonic Mania

A good Sonic game.

NOT the best Sonic game. - Drawbox

It's called "The Official Fangame" for reason

17 Sonic and the Black Knight

I PUT SONIC & THE BLACK KNIGHT ON THE LIST TWICE! Just because I find Sonic & the Black Knight to be one of the most overrated Sonic games doesn't mean I do not need to check whether I already have Sonic & the Black Knight on the list or not. And I have this game on the list! People only love Sonic & the Black Knight because of the aspects of Modern Sonic games (especially Modern Amy Rose, who has accused Sonic for forgetting her date WHICH SHE DAMN WELL DESERVED! All of the members of Team Sonic need way more love than Amy Rose, and so do many other hyper-strong characters like Blaze the Cat and Team Dark). - The Ultimate Daredevil of North America (aka Kieran Stark).

18 Sonic Heroes
19 Sonic R

Everyone and their grandma hates this game, so I don't think this game is overrated

Well it's more or less Sonic R's soundtrack that's overrated than the actual game itself. - GamingDude888

20 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

I bet the reason why Sonic '06 gets its wild fanbase is how Amy Rose and Pricness Elise III are portrayed! Why are people sexist?! These HIDEOUS aspects never make a game.

How is this overrated? It's considered by most to be the WORST Sonic game. - Edgehog05

Modern Era of Sonic being inferior to the Classic Era/Sonic Boom Era of Sonic in a nutshell.

Talking about, underrated'' games,
Talking about, gems''.
You might as well think, that the most people call it bad, awful and other adjectives, which might as well fit.
But if we are all true,


People think this game is good and more. They call this game underrated, awesome and the best game ever.

NO, this game is horrible, and the fact, that the list of the Top 10 Underrated Sonic Games call this game Number 1, Most Underrated Sonic Game'' made it easily my pick for the most overrated Sonic game and the Nr. 10 Slot of my most overrated games ever list.

It is too

21 Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

I've never even heard of this. - RalphBob

22 Sonic Dash

I forgot to add Sonic Dash to the list. The graphics are rather run-of-the-mill. There are very little music tracks. There is no story. Modern Amy Rose is in this game. The gameplay is retro/arcade-style but rather repetitive and pressuring. I give Sonic Dash a 5/10.

23 Sonic 3 & Knuckles
24 Sonic Battle

Very overrated indeed that it deserves the top 1 spot. Many seem to know about this game, and Amy Rose has no reason to be in this 2D crap game.

There was no real reason for Amy Rose to have a sisterly relationship with Cream the Rabbit/arch-rivalry with Rouge the Bat. It could be executed tolerably. But guess what?! They made Amy Rose a dainty, bad-tempered, silly, overrated jerk and Rouge the Bat has the personality of Lola (from Shark Tale). This makes the Sonic Adventure duology look as underrated as Knuckles' Chaotix (Knuckles the Echidna and the Chaotix are both very overrated for being upbeat, useful and specially capable).

Who can argue? This game is 2-D & should be ripped off by Pac-Man Battle & Sonic Battle crossovers. Also, shouldn't there be a Sonic Battle 3D/3DS sequel?

Crap. I meant to say "Knuckles the Echidna and the Chaotix are both very underrated for being upbeat, useful and specially capable. Either way, this needs to be in the top 5s. Commentators on the Gligar13Vids video "BAD GAMES: Sonic Battle" act like this game is awesome very angrily. For me, Sonic Battle deserves a mixed reception.

25 Sonic Advance

The weakest of the 3 advance games in my opinion. There are 4 characters, but the levels are all the same and as a result the characters unique abilities feel underused. Plus after Ice Mountain the level design takes a nosedive with terrible pit and enemy placement, and TOO MANY SPIKES!

Isn't the only way to get the good ending getting all the 7 Chaos Emeralds only as Sonic the Hedgehog so he could turn into Super Sonic?

Amy Rose was a disgrace.

Sonic Advance: a game with terrible graphics (which is not worse than the 2-D animation & character voices), & inappropriately positive reception. Also, Sonic is not awesome! Pac-Man is much better. Let Pac-Man replace Sonic & let there be a Sonic & Pac-Man Archie Comics.

26 Sonic Spinball

More like "underrated". This game is perfect with graphics, music, nostalgia cause, adaptions, being a Classic Era game, the worlds & etc..

This should be top 1! Seriously, I don't want to get this awful game again! Why do people prefer Modern Sonic over Classic Sonic?!

27 Sonic Advance 3

Even though the Sonic Advance trilogy one of the Modern Sonic games that are literally great, please see Cris Dude's "Top 5 Overrated Sonic Games" for proof. I can actually have a lot of fun with being pressured to get all the much Chao there is during the gameplay.

28 Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

Really, dude? You don't like a game just because of Wreck-It-Ralph, whom I love with a passion?! He is so sexy, strong like Knuckles the Underrated Echidna!

The All-Star moves are lazy, unlike the first game. The tracks aren't as good, and they took out many good characters. (e.G. Billy Hatcher, Opa-Opa etc) and put in Danica Patrick. Seriously?

Don't get me wrong, this game is good, but not as good as the first game.

Wreck-It Ralph ruined the game for me. Seriously, why a Disney animated movie character for a guest star when there are ton of other ideas?

29 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Modern Amy Rose fans (that pathetically overrate this girl due to her mean-spirited demeanor, how she gets riled up, her arch-rivalry with Rouge the Bat, her sisterly relations with Cream the Rabbit, fangirling over Sonic and dress skirt that sticks out like a tutu) would rage when they see the Modern Sonic games (take for instance, the one and only Sonic RPG and quite a disappointment) on the list. Say, did I, Kieran Glen Harris Stark put this here, by the way?

30 Sonic Shuffle
31 Sonic X

Technically, Sonic X (as videos on the Game Boy Advance Video) are not video games, so I am only speaking for Sonic X for the Leapster. It's not only because of how the Sonic X characters are slightly different from the Sonic game characters, but it's because it's an educational Sonic game. I know that Sonic X is way better than most of the other educational Sonic games because it has the feel of a 2D platformer, but there is seriously no point in the existence in Sonic X games. The only major improvement that Sonic X for the Leapster needs is its gameplay being for general audiences.

32 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

If only this series were a lot more gender-neutral.

33 Sonic World Adventure

Sonic Unleashed is already on the list. Did some racist that strongly prefers English voice acting over foreign voice acting put this here? >:(

34 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Classic Sonic games are way better than Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. One of the reasons because they are not as sexist. Second of all, they are less filler to the franchise. Third of all, gameplay that suits my style a lot more. Even though the presentations are mostly strong, it cannot really compare to the presentations of the Sonic games released in the 1990s. I can't believe I used to get thumbs down for having positive opinions on Classic Sonic games (yes, Sonic Labyrinth, the Sonic Drift duology, Sonic Jam for the and especially the educational Sonic games are the weakest SEGA games ever) instead of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. >8(

35 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

This game is overrated because of Princess Peach & her unreasonable talent of Skill-based events, right? Of course this game is what most people had fun with, but it was supposed to come after Super Mario Galaxy, not before Super Mario Galaxy. Also, its graphics suck & the 2008 Olympics should be the Vancouver Olympics then. But why is Princess Peach in this game, huh?! This game sucks for a crossover, but the arch-rivalry between Bowser & Vector is hilarious. But seriously? The Wii version of this game is boring & too long & confusing! Also, the voices of Princess Peach & Sonic the Hedgehog suck major ass!

36 Sonic Advance 2
37 Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
38 Sonic Free Riders
39 Sonic Rivals 2
40 Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I
41 Amy's American Page One

It's Modern Amy Rose and only has female characters. Need I say more? - The Ultimate Daredevil

42 Sonic & the Black Knight
43 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


44 Sonic Forces

This game is not overrated or underrated. It doesn't get enough love and doesn't deserve a lot of love.
It is, however, in a way overhated, as it doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. - Drawbox

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