Top 10 Most Overrated Superhero Movies

These superhero movies get way too much attention in my opinion, so I`m counting down the most overrated of them all.

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21 Spider-Man 2

Ugh, this movie receives so much hype that it's just pissing me off, I'm not saying it's bad, but seriously, just shut up about it. if people think the dark knight is the most overrated superhero movie of all time, then they should think again, cause that title belongs to this movie

22 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


23 The Dark Knight Rises

Actually, very underrated superhero film

Perfectly adequate, but far from great.

Not a great film

24 X-Men: The Last Stand

It gets a lot of hate not really overrated.

Yeah. People don't like this movie much. Not sure why it's on the list. - BKAllmighty

25 Iron Man 3

More like overhated not overrated.

26 Watchmen

Pretty underrated actually.

27 Man of Steel
28 X-Men: First Class

A lil' bit but X-Men 2 was far more overrated.

29 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Overhated different thing entirely.

30 Iron Man
31 Hulk (2003)

Overhated not overrated.

32 Captain America: The First Avenger
33 The Wolverine
34 The Incredibles

I don't understand what's so good about this movie, I can't believe it's getting a sequel next year, Ugh! - darthvadern

35 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
36 Spider-Man (2002)
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