Most Overrated Teams of the 2010 World Cup

The Top Ten Most Overrated Teams of the 2010 World Cup


Most overrated national team of all time/ they are garbage and don't even have 1 decent player in the whole squad.

unfortunatley there was loads about how we were gunna win. we couldn't beat usa or algeria. we managed slovenia but were then mauled by germany. LOL.

They didn't do anything, they were so bad and did not deserve to make it to the final 16 - robertoantonioortuso

they remind me of what I made in the loo after a hot chilli - bradz


f france they think there all that they suck


What? Portugal is the best team in the world, are you kidding me? Why is it overrated? We have some of the best players in the world, think twice before saying something about this ok? USA IS OVERRATED, THEY ONLY CAN PLAY FATBALL laugh out loud.

They don't even care about soccer


seriously, ronaldo is not that good - munkee_linc97

All they've got is a spitter. - marvdude33


They were farrrrrrrrr not the best in 2010 - Magnolia

Ivory Coast

how do people hate italy they are awesome
now ivory coast sucks

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