Top 10 Most Overrated Theatrical Movies of All Time

We talked about the best and worst movies released in theaters, now let's talk about the ones that get more praise than they deserve.

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21 Interstellar
22 300

That wolf looks fake as hell!

23 The Secret Life of Pets

Should be in the top 10

Underrated if anything, the reviews say otherwise it wasn't highly rated like in the 60's% range. I'm not saying its great I would not say overrated per say. - htoutlaws2012

24 Kill Bill: Volume 1
25 Cool Runnings

Had good reviews though it's crappy

26 The Lego Batman Movie

I just like it... The Lego Movie was WAY better - PeeledBanana

SUper overrated - VideoGamefan5

27 Scream

I think it's decent and all, but the franchise went downhill so fast!

28 The Terminator

I absolutely loved T2, but this was great as well. This film just didn't age well.

29 Bridesmaids
30 Girls Trip
31 Paul Blart: Mall Cop
32 Sing
33 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
34 Sex Tape
35 Inception

Not a bad movie. To be honest, I have mixed feelings for Christopher Nolan.

36 The Hateful Eight

Proof Tarantino went downhill.

37 Alien: Covenant

It's decent but too much flaws!

38 Prometheus

The logic is messed up!

39 Gladiator

While I think it's great, it hasn't really aged well. But the musical score & dialogue is outstanding!

40 Scooby Doo: On Zombie Island

The same with Prometheus!

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