Most Overrated Things People Say About Super Mario

These things make you want to face palm & say "Mama mia! "

The Top Ten

1 Mario vs. Sonic

They're both awesome! But it's those stupid fans that say "Sonic is better because he's Sonic" or "All the Mario games suck and Sonic's games are awesome! " I hate the endless Mario vs Sonic argument. Just accept their opinions and respect the characters,

I really hate it when people debate over Mario & Sonic.

I would do anything to get rid of this. - nintendofan126

Hehe... Made it go to number one... - SexySiren666

2 Mario Party & Mario Kart Ruin Friendships.

I hate it when people say "Mario Party ruins friendships." or "Mario Kart ruins friendships." Why can't you just play these games instead of fighting? Is it too f**king hard to play nice with your friends at Mario Kart & Mario Party?

It’s just a game. Enjoy it with your friends - KingSlayer93316

3 Hell Valley Sky Trees from Super Mario Galaxy 2


4 Super Mario Galaxy 3 Released

At least there are other 3D Mario games. You should try them. They're fun.

Oh, just like “Mario Kart 9 is releasing” - KingSlayer93316

5 Spiny Shell

Come on. Mario Kart is just a game. Just play Mario Kart & stop complaining about the Spiny Shell.

6 Princess Peach vs. Daisy vs. Rosalina
7 Super Mario vs. Princess Peach

They both like each other but which do you like?

8 Mario is for Babies
9 Mario Is Mental Mario Is Mental

Well, in Super Mario (the original), it said that “the Mushroom people were turned into bricks”. Guess what we’re breaking? Those bricks. Also, Mario is on mushrooms.


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