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1 Thomas

Thomas will always have a special place in my heart. However, that doesn't mean I don't get sick of him ocassionaly. Thomas recently has been over glorified with his many appearances in episodes and specials. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Thomas should be cut from the show (which would NEVER happen), but he needs to be toned down. I'd rather see characters such as Edward, Murdoch, Toby, and other minor characters make more appearances. Thomas has a good story, but there really isn't much to add, plus, does he really have to appear ALL THE TIME? Look at The Great Race, by having the story around Thomas, it was, well, "Meh! ". I would love personally to see a special surrounding Edward, maybe start with him as a young engine and progress to the future? Now THERE is an idea for a special! All the same, I'd like to see other unbaked characters get more development, let Thomas sit on the back burner for a while. He does have an interesting story, but there could be a lot more ...more

How dare you insult the no. 1 train! - FinnsWorld

Just way too overrated. plus tons of screentime - derpyunikitty

2 Smudger Smudger V 1 Comment
3 Emily

Of course the duck replacement is here! - derpyunikitty

4 Hiro V 1 Comment
5 Victor V 1 Comment
6 James V 1 Comment
7 Gordon

Gordon is so underrated because he's mean and he's always boasting about something And he doesn't know what he's doing a lot times I don't think we need engines like that in the show?

Did you that Gordon was streamlined once and he was the same prototype as Connor was in the great race?

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8 Henry

Whiny, cowardly, and has on/off mood of being innocent and ignorant - derpyunikitty

9 Bertram Bertram

A repaint of duke with smudger's face. he's the reason why duke never appeared after season 4! - derpyunikitty

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10 Thumper Thumper

Wait, this guy is overrated? I mean, I like him, but, I thought practically no one even remembers this guy.

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11 Duncan

I don't know why people like him so much ever since he returned - derpyunikitty

12 Duck

There are as many people who know Duck as there are people who know the famous Quack audio clip.

13 Rheneas Rheneas

Okay now you are saying that every character is overrated. - FinnsWorld

14 Den

He and Dart Stink and are for merchandise. - derpyunikitty

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15 Molly Molly V 1 Comment
16 Neville Neville V 1 Comment
17 Elizabeth V 1 Comment
18 Ned V 1 Comment
19 Lady V 1 Comment
20 Edward
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