Top Ten Most Overrated Types of People

People who are thought of as cool but are actually annoying. Not generalizing, just saying the majority. Sorry nice people, you are in the minority

The Top Ten

1 Hipsters

I just got a job as a hipster! My only job is to find out what is popular just so I could do the exact opposite even if I like it, and make my own clique in order to not be in a clique - ToptenPizza

Hipsters... I am kind of one. But I also kind of don't like them... - keycha1n

Who needs them? They're worthless.

2 Hippies

Hippies are so 60s-70s.

I don't mind that anyone put them in this list because I'm no hippie lover. Hell, they're such pacifists it makes me sick.

Protest everything, boycott every store, and never shower - ToptenPizza

3 Preps

Annoying idiotic bullies who are good at nothing and make fun of anybody with any talent. "Ew drama club geek" "ugh that nerd is in band" "a majority? Disgusting." "I hate those chorus members" "that kid got straight A's. Nerd! " - ToptenPizza

Dumb Jocks and Cheerleaders

4 Dumb Jocks

I thought annoying, talkative classmates was worse. Boy, I was wrong. Even worse, these jockstraps think they are better than "nerds"! ( I'll give you a hint- they are not) - Pony

It's these people who base their self-worth on the laws of probability that makes me lose faith in the human race. - PositronWildhawk

You know how to push somebody and throw a ball! You must be such a god - ToptenPizza

Nuisance to society, bullying nerds for not being sporty when in the end they have no brain

5 Emos

Basically goths who break the law less - ToptenPizza

6 Goths

What's wrong with goths? It's just a fashion choice. - RoseWeasley

People who think they rock because they do drugs - ToptenPizza

7 Celebrities

Being a celebrity has good and bad. Good - You would no longer be poor, everyone has some sort of talent except some celebrities are famous for fame, imagine living in a mansion. Bad - Social media oh the hate its like being bullied at school, boredom, famous people have been murdered.

Some are good, it would be cool to meet one, but at the end of the day they are just well known people - ToptenPizza

8 Athletes

Just playing sports and nothing else and they get paid the big bucke what.

9 Shy People

Do you mind telling what's wrong with shy people? - Delgia2k

They aren't bad just overrated because people always want to thrust them into the spotlight when they'd rather not - ToptenPizza

That's kind of an oxymoron here. Shy people- someone who doesn't like attention- is being called overrated ( which means too much attention! ). Lol, what a fail. You can say that non shy people are overrated as well! ( no offense). - Pony

It's not their fault they're shy. They just hate being thrust into the spotlight and prefer to stay in the back.

They shouldn't be on this list! There's nothing wrong with being shy. Honestly, is the person who put them on here some kind of prejudiced bully?

10 Attractive People

Its stupid to be treated better because of looks. - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 Homosexuals

What wrong with this

12 Pastel Goths
13 Geeks

Being a geek is awesome! Whoever put them on here must be some nerd-hating jock.

Watch out, the grammer police is gonna get ya! - ToptenPizza

I'm definitely "gonna" get you for that! More importantly, though, what's wrong with geeks? - PositronWildhawk

14 Trump lovers/haters
15 Shippers
16 Politicians
17 Evolutionists
18 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Overrated?! They're UNDERRATED! - RoseWeasley

My Little Pony LOL

19 MLG Fans
20 High School Seniors

Just Graduated and agree

21 Anti-Bronies
22 LGBT People
23 Amish People

I get it because of AI but they live in a town that looks like the 1800s and is whant an amish town that looks like the 1960s and they think future technology is in league with the devil but it's a dumb belife.

24 Police Officers

I put this on here because some police officers shot and kill innocent people and arrest people because there different but don't worry not all police officers are bad but you shouldn't be reusing them too much.

25 Transexuals
26 Vegans
27 Asexuals
28 People who think abortion should be legal
29 Extroverts
30 Intersexuals
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