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21 Error Sans

Error sans looks are a tiny bit creepy and dose "ERROR ATTACKS" and is made out of "ERRORS" and it's the exact same height and everything that sans has and know.

Ok this is UNDERTALE not whatever crappy spin off this error guy came from but he is far from underrated he is literally a spin off of one of THE MOST overrated characters from undertale of all time (that's right come at me I call sans a lazy trash bag)

Not even canon... - Chara

He is even more overrated that Sans... Everybody is going insane if your name is Error Sans in youtube, or you are just some ERRORGuy and an UT fan sees you. or smthn like that.

22 Frisk Frisk

Why does everyone act like she has to be the main character in everything... that didn't make any sense... I think she should be somewhere though

Her fanon interpretation is just MARY SUE. STOP. Chara isn't evil and Frisk isn't a pure, innocent cinnabun.

Exactly what the other person said Chara is not evil and Frisk is not a pure innocent cinnabun

How!? - Chara

23 So Sorry (Undertale)

I think he's underrated. Just because his attacks are hard doesn't make him overrated. - AndreDisney

He is a hidden boss (mini boss) in Undertale's Hotland, he attacks not on purpose but on accident, example: he tries to look in his bag (I think) but his tail keeps moving that is becomes an attack.

24 Froggit

I don't hate Froggit, but people overrate Froggit too much. It's a random attack character. I think this is one of the ONLY random attack character that gets so much attention. Just.. please tell me is it about Froggit people like?

25 River Person

Technically, this counts as they are not confirmed to be Gaster. But that's the point! Just because of "Beware of the man who speaks in hands.", now everyone think that they're Gaster. They would be more likely to be warning you about Gaster, not warning you about how they're Gaster.

26 Mettaton NEO Mettaton NEO

I mean, in the game, he is definitely underrated, having a really unchallenging fight. But you have to admit, for a character who got his own theme but not even a proper boss fight, a ton of people have been drawing fanart for him, making battles and doing remixes. Heck, one of these remixes was used in Undertale Red for the Genocide Route. - AndreDisney

27 W.D. Gaster

This a mysterie character in undertale you can only find I'm if you hack into the game and this is the dad of sans and papyrus

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