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Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.


Sans is a great character that I like as well but is DEFINITELY the most overrated character in Undertale. People mostly like him for his bad puns, quirkiness and boss battle in Genocide. And not to mention his looks...even though he's made of bones.

This guy is VERY overrated. Almost every Undertale-related website is flooded with him. Its like, 80% of the content created by the undertale fandom is Sans, not to mention, many of the fans are people who fixate on Sans ONLY. His jokes are funny at first but VERY annoying once the 7-year olds use them to invade YouTube comments, Reddit, Discord and much more. You can even find overused Sans puns in the coment sections of completely unrelated YouTube videos.

He is undoubtedly the most overrated character. Before I was introduced to undertale I'd see him everywhere. Every picture I had seen made him look rly badass. And I agree, the fight was great. The thing is, I rly do love Sans and I think he does deserve a lot of attention (the other characters should have as much as him though..) but I think he's getting it for the wrong reasons. Just for being in the epic genocide fight. I think the real interesting part is his complexity, but a lot of people fail to realize that and only see his fighting skills, rather than why he is fighting. His personality, his backstory are what intrigues me the most. And I do think he's a great character. But it is unfair that he gets this much attention over he other characters, and not always for the right reasons. At least that's what I think.

Okay a lot of people like sans but some misconceptions I would like to clear up is 1. he is not the most powerful character in Undertale, Undyne can do more damage straight up he only is that hard to kill due to karmic retribution 2 Papyrus is just as powerful he was just given orders to Capture rather than kill.

I'm a fan of Sans, but I still think he's overrated. He really doesn't have that much going for him except for a few bad puns and good music, the latter of which isn't even attributed to him.

OH MY GOD! Seriously, you cannot go one step into the AUs without encountering Sans in them. In half of them, he's treated like the main character. Along with Gaster, definitely the most overrated. - AndreDisney

Sans is a horrible character to me... He is like a mary sue and too much of the fandom really loves him and I don't see why people love him so much, He's weird and irratating and this game's quality is fine, It gives me flashbacks of Earthbound but please just tone down the love for the skeleton.

He IS extremely overrated, but he is a well developed character, so I would venture to say that it is for a good reason. (Please note: I am NOT those insane fangirls who go all butt hurt and salty if you even mention one flaw about sans.) - SansTheComic

What do people expect? They use Sans so much because of how AMAZING Toby Fox made him. Comedy, power, laziness, everything to expect from a fan-favorite character... Sans is my favorite, too, but this is what I knew would come out of him.

Ugh, of course, it's Sans. to be honest Sans is so overrated to the point that it's hard for me to like him. What's all the hype for him, anyway? The majority of people I asked who their favorite undertale character was obviously Sans. Papyrus needs more love, and he's funnier and has more character than sans.

Sans is basically that one character who is overpowered. People hate him cause he's overpowered. I betcha when Toby Fox makes a sequel sans will be even more overpowered than he is currently. - WarioMan

The sad part is he's also the number one best character on another TheTopTens list...*sighs*

Sans is one of my favorites from Undertale, but some Sans fans get a bit...over the top. He is for sure overrated and the Sans fandom ruins the character.

Just a lazy skeleton boss that kicks your butt with bones and skulls. Nothing special about him. Predictable, boring and took 6 minutes to beat him.

I like Sans but everybody worships him because he makes puns and has a glowing eye. Toriel makes puns and Undyne has a glowing eye in the Genocide Route(that's way cooler than that of Sans), why don't they become the fan-favorites? There are a lot of characters I find better than Sans like Papyrus, Undyne, Asgore, etc. - Garythesnail

He's a bad comedian and is so annoying! I wish someone could burn him using a flamethrower - UntitledMan

Let's face the facts. There are too many fangirls/fanboys of him. - Luxam

I just hate this guy. He just lazes around all day, annoying his brother with puns and eating and sleeping. But when we find out how powerful he is, the whole fandom goes crazy!

You know that I wanted to get this out of my mind in a comment so here it is, Sans is a lovable character but everyone treats him like he's the protagonist of the story. Every undertale related thing you see either has sadness face or has him and no one else. And let's not forget the crapy AUs and the OCs I honestly think this is trash. Truly I think Sans is a great character, but the AUs and fangirls and fan base just makes me hate him a little even though it's not his fault.

Sans is not a terrible character, but probably my least favorite. I use this term loosely, but he's kind of a Gary Stu. He's SUPER over powered, he's the only monster who doesn't fight you first, has "depression", even though it's only used to add on to his trait of being lazy, etc. He's a pretty one-demention character.

Literally the most overrated character of all time. - Dreamsthefox

My problem is that people prefer Sans over the other flawed characters and I can see why so many people like him (I myself don't find him scary or badass or funny) but he is far too overrated for what he is compared to most other characters *cough cough Asriel* he is quite boring

Sans, the fan favorite undertale character, is mostly overrated because his fight in geno run. Ugh! I hate it! And megalovania, it's a pretty good song, but it's just as overrated as sans himself! I do like his puns though, pretty funny there, or should I say, "punny"? Puns aside, I honestly prefer mettaton, my fave undertale character (& another pretty difficult late game boss). The fandom treats sans like he's a GOD! If I could kill sans in neutral, I would do it.

Um the icon of undertale... the most coolest and chilliest in undertale, unless he wants to kill you which makes him strong. How is not most overrated

No matter how much I love sans, he is probably the most overrated person in a video game there has ever been and possibly ever will be.