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21 Undertale

The game is great, but the fanbase is just...

This game is so overrated, I love this game, don't judge me, but the fan base is horrible and there's too much hype.

Game is overrated as hell, fan base is INSANITLY HORRIBLE!

22 Puzzle Saga V 1 Comment
23 Kingdom Hearts

Too much love for the series - dinosaur

I tried this game with an open mind, and it was one of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life. - MoldySock

This series sucks anyway, so it does not deserve any praise, whatsoever.

No. - Crab

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24 The Elder Scrolls

This series doesn't get enough love for the amount of work the developers put into this with a team of a little more than 100 people

Grand Theft Auto sucks but elder scrolls...come on man!

Overrated but still a great franchise! :P - IcetailofWishClan

Needs to be #1

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25 Overwatch

Overwatch is just one game not a franchise

26 World of Warcraft

NOne of those games are recieved negatively. This game is confusing!

27 Bayonetta
28 Fable

Seriously people? Why does every1 like FIFA so much all you do is play football nothing else. Same thing every time! Honestly I'd rather play somethin like wii sports because at least they have 6 sports but this is just football.

Even more milked than call of duty, why do fans keep buying a fifa game every year thinking its completely different from other previous fifa games, because its not. The game itself is atrocious with pathetic graphics, boring gameplay and terribel controls. EA should end the series and stick to making more battlefield games rather than wasting their money on this crappy excuse for a game.

30 Mega Man
31 Clash of Clans

It's not even a franchise! It's one game!

32 SoulCalibur
33 Donkey Kong Country
34 Earthbound

Really people this is an underrated franchise The only reason people know about it is super smash bros

People get this game and fall in love with it - dinosaur

All you do at the beginning is kill some people in shark outfits and then beat up some guy named Frank and... why? "Onett's police are infamous for blocking roads" is a dumb excuse to restrict the player. At the very beginning, you get excited fro this brand new adventure. But then you have to do so many chores which reduces the fun factor of the game. I'm just going to say it.

It's flat out boring.

I wish this game would get more attention :( - poopmckenzie

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35 Xenoblade
36 Portal
37 Tomb Raider

Lame and uninteresting. - LukeTargaryen

38 Shantae
39 Crash Bandicoot

Pretty obscure nowadays - purpleyoshi98

40 The Last of Us

Amazing game but I wouldn't say that this is Naughty Dog's best work I don't know I just think that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is better. That is all. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sony fanboys use this to defend their precious PS3/4 consoles from what they call "Xbots" and "WiiTards", but this was nothing special to me. - noo7na7

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