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41 Shantae
42 Xenoblade
43 Crash Bandicoot

Pretty obscure nowadays - purpleyoshi98

44 The Last of Us

Amazing game but I wouldn't say that this is Naughty Dog's best work I don't know I just think that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is better. That is all. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Sony fanboys use this to defend their precious PS3/4 consoles from what they call "Xbots" and "WiiTards", but this was nothing special to me. - noo7na7

45 Borderlands
46 Ratchet & Clank
47 Super Meat Boy
48 Splatoon


49 Xeno
50 Street Fighter
51 Team Fortress
52 Mario Party

A Overhyped Cash Train - VideoGamefan5

God awful franchise, even call of duty is less overrated - VideoGamefan5

53 Fallout
54 Super Mario Bros.

Really I think these games get all the love they deserve

Um, yeah Mario games don't give a crap about story, so, yeah go on with your day, dinosaur.

"They don't give a crap about story" is not a good thing. It's okay not to make the story a major focus of the game, but even then you should put a *little* effort into the story. The recycled "plots" in the main Mario games are so lazy that I'd prefer having no story at all beyond "Mario explores the world because he wants to". - Treacle

Man, this franchise gets way too much defense from Nintendo fans. This game franchise does little to add variety, and while sticking with something that really works is nice and all, it can get boring when you stay with the same formula with almost no effort to change things up. Well sure Mario Galaxy added something fresh and exciting, but Galaxy 2 did almost nothing to bring something fresh and exciting.

The only thing that's overrated is "Rosalina steals Daisy's spot." "Rosalina is a peach clone" "Daisy is ugly" "Daisy is a waste of a character slot."

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55 Animal Crossing

This should be top 1! Seriously, I don't know how it's played!

56 Tetris

Tetris is one game, not a franchise... - noo7na7

No one plays it really, nor praises it :p

It was good at it's time

57 PacMan

The only overrated Pac-Man games are the Pac-Man World games for the GBA (because of how they are edited compared to their home console versions), Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures duology (because of the Modern Pac-Man/Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures fanbase), Pac-Man Party (because it's a Modern Pac-Man clone of Mario Party) and the Pac-Attack demake. I do not like these games. Pac-Man (before his 30th anniversary/before the fourth decade of its existence) is severely underrated.

58 Gran Turismo
59 Uncharted
60 Metroid
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