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41 Super Meat Boy
42 Xeno
43 Street Fighter
44 Team Fortress
45 Mario Party

God awful franchise, even call of duty is less overrated - VideoGamefan5

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46 Fallout
47 Super Mario Bros.

Really I think these games get all the love they deserve

Um, yeah Mario games don't give a crap about story, so, yeah go on with your day, dinosaur.

Man, this franchise gets way too much defense from Nintendo fans. This game franchise does little to add variety, and while sticking with something that really works is nice and all, it can get boring when you stay with the same formula with almost no effort to change things up. Well sure Mario Galaxy added something fresh and exciting, but Galaxy 2 did almost nothing to bring something fresh and exciting.

The only thing that's overrated is "Rosalina steals Daisy's spot." "Rosalina is a peach clone" "Daisy is ugly" "Daisy is a waste of a character slot."

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48 Uncharted
49 Animal Crossing

This should be top 1! Seriously, I don't know how it's played!

50 Conker Series
51 Gran Turismo
52 World of Warcraft

NOne of those games are recieved negatively. This game is confusing!

53 Duke Nukem
54 Metroid
55 Shantae
56 My Talking Games

What's up next? Talking Snail Bob? Talking Princess Peach?! TALKING ANT NAMED BUTTHEAD?! God!

It's about taking care of pets that repeat you, it can't get better.

These games are terrible and yet they outsold Wii sports Grand Theft Auto v and every Call of Duty game combined - ikerevievs

57 The Last Guardian
58 Mortal Kombat
59 Rayman

The Rayman franchise is overrated, yeah, but everyone still loves it.

60 Shovel Knight
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