Most Overrated Video Game Franchises


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61 Mario Kart
62 My Talking Games

What's up next? Talking Snail Bob? Talking Princess Peach?! TALKING ANT NAMED BUTTHEAD?! God!

It's about taking care of pets that repeat you, it can't get better.

63 The Last Guardian
64 Cave Story
65 Mortal Kombat
66 Rayman

The Rayman franchise is overrated, yeah, but everyone still loves it.

67 Shovel Knight
68 Bioshock
69 SoulCalibur
70 Adventures of Lolo
71 Star Fox
72 PaRappa the Rapper

Take my boi PaRappa off the list

No take my homie parappa off the list - purpleyoshi98

73 Bendy and the Ink Machine
74 The Witcher
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3. Minecraft

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