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1 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

He is a good villain and all and he is misunderstood but he is very overrated. - UltraLunalaX

Don't get me wrong, I love small villains who will rip your face off if you call them weak. But Scourge, he...he went too far. I understand he went power-hungry after everyone thought little Tiny killed a dog, but just because Tigerpaw went a little overboard doesn't mean you get to go on a murder spree.
...the worst part is probably the fangirls who make daughters of Scourge, coated in blood-red fur dye and unrealistic emo hair. I'm not saying have an OC related to Scourge is a bad thing--heck, my main kittypet OC is Ruby's kid--but wow. Seriously, there's sO MANY.
Scourge must've been busy...

Seriously. He’s a good villain and stuff but still - Puppytart

How is Scourge overrated? Just asking a genuine question, who randomly comes up to you and says, “SCOURGE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER.”

2 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

I personally don't like Firestar, he's just so boring. I was attached when he was a apprentice, but then after, he just lost humor, and got bland. He is the most Overrated cat in the series.

Firestar is leader because his fur is red. Honestly I think even DARKSTRIPE could be a better leader!

He was a cute and funny cat as an apprentice, but then he got boring as a leader.
I think the Erins should've got his humour back before he (SPOILERS) died.
I mean I don't hate him for being a kittypet or whatever but he's just... boring.

I used to like firestar but after becoming deputy, he became extremely boring. I prefer hollyleaf, tallstar, jayfeather, Ivypool and other characters to be honest - UltraLunalaX

3 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. she is a sleek, silver tabby she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She more.

I hate Silverstream so much. She is no more than an annoying and stupid bratty Mary sue. Also Graystripe X Silverstream is one of the worst and most overrated ships ever in my opinion. Also Millie is way better than Silverstream in my opinion. - UltraLunalaX

The code: *exists*
Silverstream: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that. - RoseWeasley

I can't seem to like her however hard I try And I'm just saying this. Nooo I'm in a paradox

She's the cat version of early Weiss Schnee. - RoseWeasley

4 Ivypool

Ivypool is not overrated. Everyone here is picking either Dovewing or Ivypool, but I haven't seen someone say that BOTH sisters are amazing yet, so I'll say it: Both sisters are amazing. Although Ivypool was really whiny over Dovewing at the start, its all good character growth! And I absolutely love Dovewing.

How Ivypool felt was NOT Dovewing's fault! She was just trying to be better than Dovewing! Can people really relate to being whiny and trying to be better than someone else? How the heck is she relatable to so many people? Unless, you call yourself a whiny bratty jerk, I don't really think you can relate to her. Dovewing tried to pay attention to her. But, Lionblaze and Jayfeather dragged her away every second. I just hate Ivypool. She is one of the only reasons that Dovewing is hated so much. Dovewing is not a Mary Sue and Ivypool is very overrated!

I relate because I know what it's like to be ignored, and how it can destroy close relationships. - RoseWeasley

Ivypool sucks! She is a whiny brat who only trains in the dark forest because she's jealous! How can people say that they love a whiny and jealous brat better then her sister who actually cares about who she might affect others!?
I absolutely hate Ivypool!

Dovewing only has two toms that has a crush on her (still don't know what they see in a bland gray she-cat.) But she isn't really overrated. She gets a lot of hate because she's Dovewing.

5 Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle. However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest.

He didn’t get a lot of attention except for stuff about him and Heathertail or him and Cinderheart - Puppytart

He pretty much tries to get attention

I personally think lionblaze is boring and Hollyleaf and jayfeather and dovewing and ivypool are much more interesting and I'd rather spend time with them - money_face

Excuse me?! Lionblaze is likely the most UNDERRATED of the three. Look- people love Hollyleaf because she's a rule follower and is sassy. She's probably the most favored of the litter, alongside Jayfeather, who is loved for being grumpy. Even Dovewing is more liked than Lionblaze. He deserves more love. ~Rocky

6 Bramblestar

There are so many Tigerstar clones like come on - Puppytart

Most of the cats on this list are overrrated but I kind of think brambleclasws worse

Not every cat who becomes leader is overrated. Not cool.

Come on, I can't be the only one who isn't 100% okay with his ambitious nature? No I'm not, even Kate hasn't forgiven him for 'Stealing Graystripe's deputyship' and feels apalled by his ambition. I'm still not sure if Yellowfang's life was really worth his

7 Spottedleaf

Spottedleaf is completely useless. All she ever did was stalk Firestar and die. That's all. Only reason people like her is just because she is pretty. She maybe pretty but she is completely useless and a stalker - UltraLunalaX

All she did was:
1. Be pretty.
2. Die.
3. Stalk Firestar.
4. Die again. - RoseWeasley

Though I'm kind of a spotted Leaf Fangirl. I still think she's a little overrated. But then again for good reason, she's sweet, caring, and understanding. Even in Starclan she does as much as she can for others.

How is she overrated I rarely see anyone say they don’t hate her - Puppytart

8 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a nephew named Whitestorm, a mother named Moonflower more.

It's ironic how the two most common complaints about her are "mary-sue" and "drama queen" when those two traits do not make sense together

Just the typical tragic leader who plunges into insanity. She was okay before the breakdown, but I thought she was still overrated. - RedTheGremlin

I honestly don't see how she's a drama queen. She went through a lot. Her father never cared for her, her mother died, her sister died, being forced by Starclan to give up her kits to become leader, Mosskit's death, etc. I can see how she would think Starclan abandoned her. After all she did to become leader, her own deputy betrays her. - RisingMoon

Why do people even liker her? She's a huge drama queen who controls everyone and only cares about herself. >->

9 Blossom Fall

I think you mean Blossomfall? - RoseWeasley

Blossomfall is really selfish and I hate that she constantly pities herself. Briarlight can’t walk because she got hurt really bad so of course Millie is paying more attention to her. Yes Millie didn’t have to be rude to Blossomfall but Millie wanted to spend time with her kits! Blossomfall was just being unreasonable. - Puppytart

Such a foxdung person! When Ivypool tried to get her to realize that the Dark Forest was bad, she was just like, I don't care because I just want my mother to pay attention to ME instead of my sister. Her whole story being evolved around the fact that Briarlight needs more attention than her is so annoying! Honestly, I'd like her if she would let go of that stupid envious thought, and just try to be HERSELF to get attention. (Suggestion for Erin Hunter.)

Bad to Ivypool and overall selfish. Ivypool was tricked, Blossomfall went out for attention. Sure, Ivypool did the same thing but, with Blossomfalls case, she was jealous of a crippled sister. Millie tried her best, but Blossomfall didn't lack upon that.

10 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Seriously he should be first
Idiot cat.

Should be at the top of the list, people love him because of his jayxstick and joy "cute and sweet he is" I see him as brooding and kind of mean,

Why is he lower than the OG firestar?

Most. Overrated. Cat. Ever. HE'S SUCH A JERK! - FernmistCloverleaf

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11 Breezepelt

Okay I personally like Breezepelt, I think that it's Crowfeather's fault for not raising Breezepelt like a proper dad (I still like Crowfeather though he's one of my favorites). I wouldn't call him 'overrated', though.

The Dark Forest led Breezepelt to think that. Crowfeather does show hints of affection and care for Breezepelt, but Breezepelt gets jealous when Lionblaze also gets noticed. - RisingMoon

I hate how people tried to defend him. He attacked a pregnant queen and a blind medicine cat. - Stormyblaze

I know! He had a crappy father. Well, Crookedstar had a crappy mother. He wasn't evil. - Emberleap

I hate how everyone claims that he's bad because he had a bad father. Well, as Emberleap said in her reply, Crookedstar had a bad mother (which was worse, given that she's the one who was supposed to nurse him) and he was one of the best cats the series has ever seen. - RedTheGremlin

12 Ashfur

Ashlar is so overrated. He was also a horribly written character. I mean, he was at first a random cat that had a thing for Squirrelflight, and then he out of nowhere became evil and wanted to kill 4 cats, and then he acted like nothing happened. He should have been evil from the start. Also, the Ashfur X Scourge ship is horrible.

He sucks, but he isn't overrated. - RoseWeasley

This should be higher - Pikafire

I hate Ashfur. Squirrelflight is my favorite character. DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID?

13 Moonflower

Moonflower is such a jerk! She picks fights with apprentices as a warrior, she HATES her brother, and hangs out with Stormtail. OH BUT SHE'S SO NICE I HATE HAWKHEART BLAH BLAH BLAH!

It was love at first sight with Stormtail and she was literally a kit when Stormtail was a warrior, this cat is so so stupid, and then Stormtail realized she should be on this list and started hanging out with Dappletail. Boo Moonflower, your name is even overrated we all know we can't have the prefix Moon!

(I'm saying this to the one below me) Shut up, u don't judge the mother of Bluestar. Say that to your mom

14 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Always the victim mary-sue so annoying

I like her but I also think she has some bad qualities and they're trying to hard to make her not a marry sue at times but it backfires horrendously - money_face

Leafpool is my favorite character. Why would you hate her? - RisingMoon


15 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a Medicine Cat instead after getting her leg inijured by a car.



Why the heck is she on this list? Everyone likes her! - FernmistCloverleaf

I don’t really think she’s overrated. Unlike SCORAGE

16 Squirrelflight

I hate her... but... at least she went from bad to a bit better.

She is one o my least favorite characters. She rejected ashfur, and just used him to msk3 brambleclaw jealous. At least she went from a whiny brat to a bet better of a warrior

The people who hate Squirrrelflight are brats. Squirrelflight will always be the best character in warrior cats and there is nothing that you can do to stop her. The people who think that Squirrelflight is overrated is Dumbstar of IdiotClan.

She is like such a brat! She is rude to poor poor Firestar, and horrible to ashfur, she is a bully to leafpool, a jerk to brambleclaw and wow such a horrible cat to her poor poor innocent adopted kittens! JERK! She's also an overrated Mary Sue!

She helped Leafpool and her kits. Ashfur tried to kill her, he is not mentally stable. How is she bad to her kits? I don't like Squirrelflight very much, but at least don't accuse her of something that didn't happen. - RisingMoon

17 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

WHY is Dovewing here? She is EXTREMELY underrated because MOST OF THE FANDOM thinks she is a Mary Sue! - Pikafire

I feel so bad. She's was and still is my fave charcter from the beginning. She has thousands of flaws and doesn't even have a close to perfect life! Idiots out there who hate her, get a brain check.

I think she's underrated. Yes, she went off with Tigerheart, but so did about a thousand other cats! She's not my favorite, but she doesn't deserve all the hate she gets. - FernmistCloverleaf

Why is he on here? Dovewing is VERY underrated.

18 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

I love her, but its annoying seeing everyone treat her like a goddess. Just because she had a tough life doesn't mean she can kill cats (except for Appledusk and Oakstar, they deserve it) and ruin Crookedsatr's life. There are a lot of people who've been betrayed/saw their loved ones die, but they don't kill/manipulate people. - RoseWeasley


Very underrated, actually. An unnamed person is a #####, unnamed saying this: she’s too overrated (lie), Appledusk was right with EVERYTHING HE DID! (Another lie! ) is that understood, stupid hater?

She is very overrated. She had a sad life and stuff but she’s still evil - Puppytart

19 Berrynose

He's a cat who's fun to hate - money_face

To be honest, it is as though most people hate him. Don't see how Berrynose is overrated. - IcetailofWishClan

It's confirmed he became mates with Poppyfrost because she reminded him of Honeyfern. - RisingMoon

Everyone feels sorry for him because he lost his mate and his stupid tail, but what we're all missing is his butt-hole personality and the fact that he's now mates with Honeyfern's SISTER. My goshness, peepsles

20 Tawnypelt Tawnypelt is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. She is a pale, mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. She is devoted, sassy, blunt and tough. She belongs in Shadowclan, and has recently stepped down of her position as Deputy to be a Warrior once again. more.
21 Mistystar
22 Daisy
23 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

She ran away while the others stayed.

Coward - Stargazer518

WAY too many people love her so much. She's a total idiot, and she murdered someone. She's full of herself. - BlueberryCatfish

Honesty, I could start a long rant about why she's not a good cat. She's a hypocrite, murderer, and coward. - RisingMoon

She KILLED a cat! And tried to kill Leafpool (my favorite). - FernmistCloverleaf

24 Hawkfrost

I like HawkFrost and FireStar should’ve died

I don't see why people love him so much he wanted to kill firestar,He was so blind and was going to do whatever tigerstar said

25 Swiftpaw

Why isn't he like 6 steps after scourge if he was 1? Wtfreak

So overrated because...

He died sacrificing.

But Honeyfern didn't commit suicide like him,

Yet is so underrated,

My bff said who's Honeyfern.


Overrated for DYING.

Yet Honeyfern, dear sweet Honeyfern,

Is underrated,

Because possibly she didn't commit suicide like Swiftpaw did?

Or nearly kill your friend?

Yeah. You get it now.

26 Mosskit

I know right? Who knew that Mosskit was on hear? Isn't she just an innocent kit who died on a journey? I mean seiriously how is mosskit "over rated"

What!?!? Why is Mosskit on the list!?! - FernmistCloverleaf


27 Skystar

Not overrated because most the fandom hates him already. - BlueberryCatfish

He sucks. - RedTheGremlin

28 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

I made this spot and yes she is one of the best medicine cats I do think she is overrated.

She died so Firestar could be upset about more than Spottedleaf in my opinion and that makes sense.

29 Snowkit

He is underrated, but that's because he was just a kit and barely had a part in the books. - RedTheGremlin

How is Snowkit overrated? He was deaf! Its not like he was dumb and just didn't listen! HE COULDN'T HERE THE WARNING. I felt pretty bad for Speckletail. That was her last kit. After that, she was an elder. May Snowkit rest in belly.
~ Foxpaw of FogClan

30 Crowfeather

He gotta be #3! Really overrated, he’s so useless

I'm one of the few individuals who likes crowfeather - money_face

I know! Why do people hate him? He may have been kinda mean though... - Firefan

31 Leopard Star

She is honestly underrated. She may be pretty, but she isn't flawless. - IcetailofWishClan

I hate how everyone's mad at her for exiling Graystripe even though he stopped her from attacking an enemy cat.

œ�sappy background
✅amazing hunter
✅pretty pelt and name
❎makes good decisions (grey stripe, tiger star, stone fur e.c.t

32 Brightheart

I want ONE GOOD REASON why she is on this list. Go on.

She's here because too many people like her and she just gets too much attention from fans. Myself, I don't like her, but that does NOT mean angry Brightheart fans can hate on me. - RedTheGremlin

Really why is she on here - Puppytart

Why is she on here? - Walla

33 Gray Wing

Gray Wing is /underrated/ in my opinion.

34 Sorreltail


35 Sandstorm
36 Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

I love how Silverstream does more bad than good, but has millions of fans, yet Millie does more good than bad, then gets insanely hated on for spending time with her dying daughter. - RoseWeasley

Millie, why are you so ' popular? I hate you, and so does everyone around me so BO

She's actually very /under/ rated

I like how she cares about Blossomfall and spends her time with her crippled daughter and is instantly hated. - Stormyblaze

37 Briarlight

WHAT?! Blossomfall is the overrated one, not Briarlight! She didn’t do anything, she was happy and didn’t want pity while Blossomfall, a perfectly healthy cat, wanted pity and whines all day! - Puppytart

Briarlight is a caring cat. She has an awesome personality and didn't do anything to deserve hate. - RisingMoon


38 Hawkstorm
39 Moorkit

Is this even a cat? - FernmistCloverleaf

40 Shadowkit

I love him - Puppytart

I can't wait to see more of him. - RisingMoon

41 Honeypool
42 Swiftpetal
43 Turtle Tail
44 Russetfur

We hate you lionblaze - Murphypaw

45 Ashenwhisker
46 Gorsepaw
47 Whitestorm
48 Tallstar
49 Raggedstar
50 Sleekwhisker
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