Most Overrated Warrior Couples

This counts down the top most overrated couples in the Warriors Fandom. Keep in mind that if you comment, it is /mature/, stating your agreement or disagreement.

The Top Ten

1 Graystripe x Silverstream

Let me say right now, while this is an extremely overrated couple, it is also terrible. A love at first sight and people instantly shipped. People were so tied up in this pairing that when Millie came along, they forgot that Silverstream /saved/ her and claimed that Millie "stole" Graystripe from Silverstream. It just seems as if people treat Silverstream like she's supposed to be the queen of the warriors, when she in fact, is /not/, while Graystripe, on the other hand, is also praised for doing something bad. It just seems as if "love at first sight" is apparently the best thing ever.

Everybody Ships them. And it sucks.

Agreed this couple sucks! Millie and Greystripe are far more developed and much preferred!

I really like it... but... it never developed...

2 Firestar x Spottedleaf

How does this even exist?

This relationship is creepy... Who's with me?

Summing it up:

Firepaw (literally still a kit): Ooh! Who dat? She smells hot!
Spottedleaf (grown cat): *OMSC. A kit! He is hot!

Spottedleaf: Oh no! I'm dead! Better stalk Fireheart!
Fireheart: uhhh spottedleaf help me
Spottedleaf: Don't you wanna see how beautiful I am?

yes this is literally it.
*OMSC=Oh my StarClanp

Some only liked the pairing because of the feelings toward eachother. Enough said.

3 Leafpool x Crowfeather

Very overrated

It was great untill leafpool dumped crow and let her kits live a life

Another forbidden pairing. It's as if forbidden loves are the next best things. It's as if the whole selfishness, brattiness, and the issues are all forgotten about when this pairing comes into hand. This pairing was also partially the cause of the hatred toward Nightcloud x Crowfeather. Another terrible pairing, where both characters are selfish in the relationship, and people support the selfishness (Not trying to offend anyone in any way).

In my opinion this couple came out of nowhere.

4 Mothwing and Leafpool

The fact that they're both female doesn't matter, and they have plenty of evidence for romance between them. Leafpool describes Mothwing as beautiful at least 5 times within The New Prophecy, and Mothwing is very open with Leafpool about StarClan when she feels no one else will listen to her. About them being girls, there isn't anything wrong with that because Tallstar states that his heart belongs to Jake and that's why he never took a mate. The authors have also confirmed that Ravenpaw and Barley are an official couple. And when Mothwing has to tell Hawkfrost how to take over the Clans, she thoroughly apologized and was very sweet to Leafpaw. At the Moonstone, they sit next together and Leafpaw seems very excited to be at the Moonstone, but also to be sitting next to Mothwing. The whole "But Leafpool was an apprentice when they met and Mothwing had her full name" argument doesn't work because Mothwing was a warrior and recieved her warrior name before starting medicine cat training ...more

What the Taco Bell is wrong with both of them being girls? Just because they're both girls it don't mean they can't mate.

First- They are both GIRLS, and they never shown any sign of love to each other. This ship is like saying “ Graystripe hangs out with Fireheart, so they love each other! ” It’s mouse-brained. I love their strong friendship, but they aren’t meant to be mates.

5 Crowfeather x Feathertail

I didn't really liked this ship, I never actually thought of Feathertail liking Crowpaw(feather) in such a romantic way. It's also pretty underdeveloped. I would've liked it better if the relationship had a bit more development.

For some reason everybody loves this but I never really saw the point of it.

While crow feather was cute with her, she obviously didn't love him romantically. she looked at him more like a good friend, someone she wanted to protect, but not like a mate. it was a one sided relationship. but still cute

Undeveloped, another forbidden, uncanon. People mainly fell in love with this couple for how many times Crowpaw had saved Feathertail, and how Feathertail died saving Crowpaw. We barely knew about the couple, yet some shipped it because of how affectionate the two were toward eachother.

6 Squirrelflight x Ashfur

I hate this couple. Squirrelflight was just friends with him. She didn't use him which is what the Erin's confirm but then she rejected him. Then he just goes insane and just tried to get revenge it's s blue star and thrishpelt thing. Haha so is. Thrushpelt letted blue star go with oak heart but ashfur? He went insane and tried to make her suffer like she made him. I hate this couple like... the most technically.

It was more of a friends kind of thing, was undeveloped, and many people got angry (specifically at Squirrelflight) when the pairing wasn't canon and when Squirrelflight turned Ashfur down. Ashfur could have been like Thrushpelt, but of course, he instead decides to go haywire. Some people claim that he "loved Squirrelflight too much," but if he really loved her, he would let her be with Brambleclaw, but instead, he went crazy. He's the complete opposite of Thrushpelt, which makes me confused. People like Thrushpelt when he let Bluefur be with Oakheart, but they also like Ashfur for not letting Squirrelflight go and making her miserable.

Couple? What couple? These two cats were never together; they were just friends, and when Squirrelflight told Ashfur that she just wanted to be friends with him, he reacted terribly! He didn't actually love her; if he did, he would be happy that Squirrelflight was happy with Brambleclaw! Ashfur needs to be taught something from Thrushpelt.

No squirrel would NOT go well with Brackenfur whoever said that, he is like twice her age

7 Dovewing x Tigerheart

Um update! Tiger star clone number 3 is now Tigerstar of shadow clan aka tiger star the second and dove wing. Leaves her clan in the meanest way possible leaving her whole clan and family behind with.. guess what
Her and tiger star 2.0 s KITS

Once again, a forbidden pairing, but uncanon. I was sort of thinking of replacing this with Dovewing x Bumblestripe, but I decided not to, even though Dove did sort of use Bumble to get away from Tigerheart. Most people really liked this couple because it was forbidden, and how many times they've met. Though it may be a pretty good couple since they are basically two perfect cats, great for shipping. Basically, they've been training together in the Dark Forest while

With the new story centered around Tigerheart, this couple only gets worse. Underdeveloped, yet ANOTHER forbidden love story, etc. Tigerheart is a complete idiot, and how Dovewing can get into this and also act like an idiot ruins her character.

They're not overrated, a lot of people hate it. Unless it gets crazy fan girls, this couple isn't really shipped. They have some development, but not much.

8 Bluestar x Oakheart

Forbidden but canon, love at first sight, and just happened. Once again, this is like a Gray x Silver couple without the deaths. I used to like it but it just simply went downhill when I remember how it just... happened. Their meeting was pretty amusing, but afterward, Bluefur suddenly loved Oakheart. Lots of people especially like it when the whole kit thing came in, as well as the prologue to Bluestar's Prophecy, and I can understand that, but I still feel like this pairing was very overrated.

Oakheart And Bluestar Were Cannon, And Their (Insert Lenny Here) Was Before They Were Made Deputy In There Clans.

Never! Best couple ever! - QueenOfRacing

I don't like it and auctully really disliked how sudden it was but once it got going, it was okay.

9 Jayfeather x Half Moon

Very overrated. Half moon never even had a personality.

It's an adorable couple, but pretty overrated. People (as well as myself) have shipped this for how close Jay's Wing and Half Moon were, and especially with the quote "I'll wait for you forever," indicating that Half Moon would always wait for Jay's Wing even though she /was/ pretty old. Basically, people (and I) mostly shipped this because of how the two treated eachother.

It's so overrated that the Hype from this pairing let me hate it.

I like it, but jay x willow more. - gamerkitty6274

10 Dovewing x Bumblestripe

This relationship was undeveloped, and was just, sort there to keep the story going.

This relationship is so underdeveloped it hurts. Dovewing X Tigerheart for the win!

WAY better then Tigerfart

The Contenders

11 Ashfur x Scourge


12 Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw

They were both horrible to each other. Not just Squirrelflight but brambleclaw too was bad to her, though I don’t like Squirrelflight.

Squirrelflight was sooo horrible to Brambleclaw. by the way I ship Bramble x Jessy too much.

I hate BrambleXJessy

I’ve never liked Bramble x Squirrel. Honestly I felt like it was kind of forced, especially since I honestly don’t like Squirrelflight that much. I mean, it felt like the only reason they tell in love was because they almost had to, just because they both went to find Midnight. Honestly, I never felt an actual connection between them and I think the Erin’s just needed some sort of plot twist or something to keep the books interesting

13 Lionblaze x Cinderheart

I don't really like this one, personally. I always thought that Lionblaze would be better off with a more strong independent woman type cat rather than Cinderheart. No offense but Cinderheart is definitely not strong or independent. And I always thought of Cinderheart as a lesbian to be honest. - Warriorcatsfandom

A canon, non-forbidden couple! This one is actually good, but it can get out of hand sometimes, with how overrated it seems. A lot of people usually like this couple because of the struggle between the two with their friendship, and how powerful Lionblaze was, even trying to prove that he can control his power in front of Cinderheart. I must say, this pairing is mostly overrated because of how everyone was hoping they would have kits.

WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA! A cat fell in love with someone from their own Clan? I think it's safe to say no one saw this coming, am I right?

I don't mind it but I have seen better ones.

14 Firestar x Sandstorm

This is developed and they have their differences and their similarities. I like em'

It was cute but its veeery overrated.

Yeah whoever put this up 1. Doesn't know what a decent ship is 2.Is spottedxfire fangirl/boy

15 Yellowfang x Raggedstar

I never really got enough info. On this ship. It was weird. Raggedstar was killed b4 I learned much about him...

16 Firestar x Cinderpelt

She had a crush on him, but people think that her life was destroyed because she couldn't be his mate. No, it was because she couldn't be a warrior. Of course, it was kind of sad for her, but people overate it.

17 Clear Sky x Storm

Love at first sight... LITERALLY

18 Cloudtail x Brightheart


19 Emeraldtwoleg x Dovewing

Ughhh I hate him he sucks so glad dovewing dumped him for Tigerheart (even though I hated Tigerheart EMERALDTWOLEG MADE ME LIKE HIM) and they had kits and dovewing killed him BUT HE GOT REVIVED!

Ew Dovewing is too good for that JERK!

20 Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves
21 Lionpaw x Heatherpaw
22 Longtail x Mousefur

And the lowest on this list is Longtail x Mousefur. I don't /hate/ the pairing, but I don't like it. People mostly shipped it because of how Mousefur treated Longtail, and how she upset was afterward, looking up at Silverpelt to find Longtail's star, and resting in the old nests that still smelled of Longtail with Purdy. (i. E curled up with Purdy in a nest that still smelled of Longtail). Basically, it isn't /too/ overrated but I've noted that people usually ship it because of how Mousefur treated Longtail/vice versa.

I really like this relationship, but it should've been a main plot.

Kinda cute honestly

I think this pretty overrated and thia make me dislike it.

23 Grayfall x Hollybright
24 Gray Wing x Turtle Tail

Their cute

25 Blossomfall x Ivypool
26 Daisy x Spiderleg


He so doesn’t care about Daisy or their kits!

27 Jayfeather x Briarlight
28 Gray Wing x Slate
29 Birchtail x Mallowstream
30 Gray Wing x Storm
31 Whitestorm x Willowpelt
32 Dragonfall X Mothstrike
33 Blacksky X Dawnwhisker
34 Jessy x Bramblestar
35 Moonflower x Stormtail

Moonflower was a kit when Stormtail became a warrior!

36 Graystripe x Cinderpelt
37 Fallowtail x Reedfeather
38 Stormfur x Brook
39 Lionblaze x Icecloud
40 Oakheart x Bluefur
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