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1 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

The first time I saw a pewdiepie video was in the summer of 2011, it was a black ops montage, Wasn't really good at all but basic. He started doing his "reaction" videos and his acting in them is worse than pornstars. He seems like he's scared but everyone with a brain knows that he does it to make the video seem more interesting. Anyways, he screams like a 5 year old and find's it his job to curse every 15 seconds considering that most of his fanbase probably is under 10. And if you don't believe in my brother's first grade class a staggering majority of them watch that crap. Not hating on his success but, the videos are just stupid I fail to even simply crack a laugh.

It's a shame that the most subscribed YouTuber is... This... Individual. I have NEVER, in my entire life, seen a more childish and obnoxious fanbase. Seeing him play Happy Wheels is about as funny as a 9/11 documentary, the rate at which he spews the same "I don't care" jokes is simply poisonous. This guy is a blemish, in an otherwise perfect video community.

Oh my god! How can anyone find somebody as annoying as pewdiepie funny? All he does is make stupid faces, make annoying voices and swear every 5 seconds. You don't need any talent to do that. He actually has to play video games to get a living. I bet that he got kicked out of his parents house with only his computer. He is a money hungry idiot and I hope that he stops making videos. They're not funny. Do not watch his videos. He's just trying to get attention and money. Pewdiepie get a life.

Not bad videos, but he definitely does not deserve 60 MILLION subscribers. It's ridiculous.

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2 Smosh

Even though, they are nearing 20,000,000 subscribers now, they are pretty bad, with lame ideas. Smosh is the biggest disappointment in YouTube history. They were one of the first successful YouTubers. Their older stuff was very good and include some of my best YouTube memories. Unfortunately, now they only attract 12 year olds, with pathetic jokes and all their videos must have something sexual.

They used to be funny? But around 2012 their videos lost the remaining substance needed to appeal to anyone above the age of 11.

Uploading a video every week makes your humor bland and dry after a year. When they knew they needed more money they hopped on the gravy train of let's plays

They have overstayed their welcome. They were good back in 2014, but they need to hang up their boots and call it quits.

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3 SkyDoesMineCraft

So here is a funny story. Sky isn't a kid friendly channel, right? Constant cussing and swearing, something I certainly wouldn't introduce to my younger siblings. But I see a skydoesminecraft figure in the Walmart halls with kids toys. So not only does he has a younger child fanbase, but he also does Minecraft, the most overrated game, I swear... And he insults squids. Now there are people getting mad on the internet because I said that I like ACTUAL SQUIDS. Now, people use "butter" as a replacement for gold, which may have been funny if I just saw that for the first time, but now it is utterly horrid. Maybe I am the only person that didn't like these people in grade school. And I always found this PERSON very irritating. And my 12 year old friends like to talk about you tubers excessively...

Butter, I hate squids and that annoying scream of his is all he ever does! To me his videos are poop.

Compared to other minecraft youtubers, he's boring- to me.

Argh, the fanboys! They are so annoying and obnoxious that they keep screaming "BUDDER BUDDER" all the time even if it was already over!
And once again his videos are boring and contains a lot of tasteless gags and swearing. He also kills squids for no reason! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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4 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

The literal definition of a man child.

Kinda sad. He used to be this cool, relaxed dude who made a few jokes and screamed once in a while, now he's PDP 2.0. Now it's just screaming and screaming. He can pretend all he wants on how he "never changes" but yea... People who were there from the beginning know the truth. I guess if you tell yourself a lie long enough you eventually believe it.

What? Mark doesn't deserve to be on the list at all. Just like JonTron and the Game Grumps!

He’s not that bad, but there are others like him who just don’t get enough credit...

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5 RayWilliamJohnson

Robbie was was better then Ray could ever dream of being. Really dislike the new host.

You mean your favorite Martian? Some of his videos are good but the others are just stupid and annoying

Yo mama so short, she's raywilliamjohnson's stunt double, she's also funnier and more talented, then again, who isn't?

He is probably an Arianator. :(

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6 ShaneDawsonTV

Annoying personality. Annoying face. Not funny.

But I love shane

He's not funny, & none of the others in his 'clique' are either. His now ex girlfriend, cute girl, seems nice, but let's be honest, no one would watch her if it weren't for him. Same with that Brittney lady (I forget her last name) that makes the (unfunny) parodies. - aj555

I love Shane '-' (I respect pplz opinions on him though)

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7 WatchMojo WatchMojo

I go to TheTopTens for that sort of stuff. Watchmojo is a waste of space.

They're so boring the narrators sound like they only work for the dough. They also only say what they want you to hear. Also, 4-5 videos a day?

In most of their anime lists, they almost always manage to butcher the pronunciation of the names in the anime series. For example, they mispronounced Ganta Igarashi's first name wrong in the Top 10 Underrated Anime Series. Also, they mispronounced Kirito's and Asuna's names at least once in their videos. Finally, their biggest mistake of all was in the Another Top 10 Anime Battles video. They clearly said they would not use battles from anime movies in the list, but nope! They put a battle from End of Evangelion as number 1 even though it is an anime movie! Plus, Simon vs the Anti-Spiral should have been number 1 instead of number 10.

If you've ever watched anime or played overwatch you'll know that these guys don't know what they're doing

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8 Tobuscus

So, Tobuscus is trying to be the dumb character who misunderstands everything to an extreme. The one series that actually worked in was Tobuscus Adventures. He had his "straight man" aka more serious character to play off of. Also, these animated shorts had crazy setups that allowed for a lot more humorous payoff, like how Tobuscus goes to Canada just to avoid writing down his signature on a phone contract, or how they get increasingly larger zombie invasions every few weeks, or how Tobuscus's crazy idea of slashing open a Dr. Pepper truck ACTUALLY saves the world. His other videos, especially his gameplay videos, lack these elements, making them completely BORING! I would love to see him make more Tobuscus Adventures, but I doubt that will happen.

I find all of his videos as childish and stupid the only people I know who watch this are middle schoolers that are almost as annoying as he is and I wanna break their necks so you get the point

He's been on the decline ever since deciding to play roblox. He was good a long time ago. But now he's a train wreck.

Tobuscus used to be good. However, in 2014/2015, he went downhill FAST, and today, he's probably so forgotten. - Aisu

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9 Onision

He tries (and fails) to be funny by being a ripoff of Shane Dawson, and I don't like Shane Dawson. However at least Shane Dawson doesn't make a channel expecting people to take his advice seriously and where he rages at his "haters". Right like I'm gonna listen to the I'm A BANNANA retard.

I'm not sure if he is considered "overrated" because pretty much everybody hates him. He just does stuff for attention and views and starts beef for no reason. His videos are good but not great.

I see why some people may dislike onision but I used to cut and I've seen his videos on cutting and body Image on his Chanel onision speaks and it's the truth what good will that do? So overall he is one of my favourite YouTubers and I think he deserves more subs

He's scary

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10 Vanossgaming

Okay... I'm gonna post my feelings about why Vanoss should and shouldn't be on here... I'll start with the Shouldn't be list first is his videos have some really editing for each video, second is that his humor from before can still be funny if applied right, and thirdly is that he actually tries to help his friends, be it minor (though it looks major I know), to get more subs. But can all of those keep him out of the list...? No... Here's why he should be here now... First off is his humor, yes I put this as a positive but he's sort of been using it wrong lately to the point I can't return to a few of his videos anymore... If you saw his latest gang beasts video and hear the word "RAPE" no... He made a JOKE of that and that's LOW TIER crap... Now... Second reason, he's getting stale... All he's been doing is uploading maybe once every day or 2 and then provides a sometimes lacking video... The editing as I said is nice to see but when it's a boring video it just remains ...more

Another name that shouldn't be on this list.

Who even thought abut putting him on the list

Vanossgaming is one of the most unfunny channels ever, and there is nothing to it, I don't understand it.

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She is so rude to people!

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11 LeafyIsHere

I think he's so offensive and such a bully towards others. The ONLY video I found where I find it's not as offensive- IS THE CLOWN VIDEO! But even that's slightly offensive. He also did a video bulling this autistic kid and... Guess what? I'm AUTISTIC! So not only do I take offense to that- BUT I HATE HIM EVEN MORE! Why is he all the way down here? In my opinion, he should be at #3 for me

It's just the same suicide jokes over and over. Once you watch one of his videos you watched all of them.

Leafyishere doesn't deserve the subscribers and all he does online is talking about other people. And he has no chins

Pyro does what he does but better

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12 Buzzfeed

It's just a bunch of hypocrites hoping to fulfill their empty lives and move from one cubicle to a slightly larger one to fill that feeling of extreme uselessness that has taken over their lives. Seriously how little respect must you have for yourself to aspire to work there.

The cancer of the Internet. Loves to push political agenda disguised as cutesy, innocent videos.

Their content would've been better if they didn't make those videos relevant to social justice and all that crap. - Mochi

Ughh, they can do fun skits from time to time, but generally it’s just SJW crap.

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13 RealAnnoyingOrange

The jokes and plot of each video are getting quite old.

Cancer. Unbelievably annoying, of course it's in the name, but there's nothing remotely funny about the show at all.

His videos used to be good now they're mediocre.

He's a fake Annoying Orange! - thunderstar1124

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14 IJustine

She has the personality of a brick, I don't understand why she's so popular.

Shes become so fake and shes not the same as she was nowadays

She is the most generic person on the YouTube scene

Hey, I like ijustine

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15 Zoella

Zoe is so overrated it hurts. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of Zoe's, but she has over 9 million subscribers and I don't see why. She doesn't even have a schedule she for when she uploads and it seems like she's trying to act so cute and innocent which gets annoying. You're almost in your thirties, please stop. I like Zoe, but her behavior just seems so forced and not real. There are a lot of You-Tuber's out there who take the time to upload every day or at least every week and don't have near as much subscribers as Zoe does when sometimes she can't even take the time to upload at lest 4 times a month. Also her channel is very basic, it's pretty much her doing amateur makeup and collabs with other You-Tubers. I just don't get it.

To be honest, all she does is show us her makeup, hair, andflow much of a social life she has. Maybe it's just my opinion, but I think what she does doesn't require much talent at all. I also feel like she's kind of fake, although nobody seems to agree with me.
People like Emma Blackery and Carrie Fletcher deserve more credit and subscribers than her. They do things like cut/shave their hair for charity (Emma recently shaved it, Carrie is going to cut 7-12 inches off next year), share their opinions on things, make people laugh and genuinely seem like intelligent human beings. Also, they've done things like spoken word before, and it helps a lot of people. But what does Zoe do?

I hate beauty gurus. Shoving your gorgeousness in our face doesn't make us feel better and we don't WANT to know about your morning routine or whatever

Zoella Doesn't Listen To Her Fans She's Using Alfie Deyes To Leech Off People

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16 Jontron Jontron Jonathan Aryan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

Why is Jon Tron on this list? I love you Jon Tron!

If anything, he is underrated. Look at Starcade. Even though it wasn't too humor-heavy, the production process was crazy with all of the props, costumes, etc. It takes a thing called effort to make the content that he does. All of the editing, skits, time; it's a lot of work. 2 million subscribers is NOTHING compared to the fanbase Pewdiepie has. Pewdiepie has 20 times the amount of subscribers that Jontron has. While he doesn't produce constant content, he never fails to make me and my friends laugh. It's called quality over quantity.

I like jontron. He does not diserve to be within ten miles of this list!

Well I should have said, he shouldn't be on here because he is underrated and puts a lot of effort into his videos. - Connorwillett2003

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17 CaptainSparklez

The music videos helped his channel, but he is pretty entertaining, and in my opinion is one of the least overrated YouTubers

Kind of boring and lackluster commentary not very entertaining

Absolutely no emotion in his commentary, I used to watch his music videos but he got copyright struck on all of them so they suck too. 2/10

A short word: with minecraft fanboys, EVERYONE IS OVERRATED! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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18 Fred Fred

HE'S SO ANNOYING! I HATE HIM! Maybe if he didn't sign a contract for Nickelodeon and stop making those stupid animated fred videos, he would still have his 1000,000 fans.

God, I can't believe I used to like this guy. I must've been one stupid 10 year old.

All this channel has are videos of an early teenage boy who acts immature and edits his voice into a helium effect. How original and stupid and annoying and obnoxious. - Jliby30

He's not overrated, literally everybody hates him

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19 GameGrumps

When it was ego and Jon it was hilarious

Game Grumps was funny just two guys playing games talking about dumb that came to mind or stupid happening in the game, Game Grumps now is Arin terrible jokes/rapping, not knowing what to do in a game 90% of the time. Dan.Barry talking like he's acting drunk while saying something "funny"(reminds me of a sleepy 5yr old), not editing, Kevin Sucks at editing, Ross yells a lot but is the least annoying.

All that swearing is completely unnecessary. Why do those idiots swear so much... Definitely one of the most overrated Youtube channels ever.

THERE GREAT - darkdros

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20 TheDiamondMinecart

Dan is really cool and he had a much wider age demographic back in the day, but now I feel like he got kind of weird and appeals to younger audiences. I still really like Dan and think he is worthy of praise. He revolutionized the way we think of gaming videos. But I feel like he is trying too hard these days. - GrimmShady

I liked him before he realized his fanbase was 5 year olds

You know he fakes almost all of his videos, in real life he's a guy who curses, is calm, and NOT kid friendly!


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