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21 TheDiamondMinecart

Dan is really cool and he had a much wider age demographic back in the day, but now I feel like he got kind of weird and appeals to younger audiences. I still really like Dan and think he is worthy of praise. He revolutionized the way we think of gaming videos. But I feel like he is trying too hard these days. - GrimmShady

I liked him before he realized his fanbase was 5 year olds

The absolute worst. This channel is a disgrace to the human race. Love, your biggest fan.


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22 RoosterTeeth‎

What? They are funny and original.

I think they're amazing and they worked really hard for what they have now.

I like rooster teeth they are funny - jbella9000

What I meant by RWBY enough said is awesome!

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23 iDubbbzTV

I genuinely don't understand why everyone thinks he's so funny. His humour is crass, obnoxious and overly negative and mean spirited. And yet he's praised as though he's a comedy "god." Am I missing something here? Last time I checked, people hated that kind of humour. And yet everyone loves him even having the insufferable gall to say that he is somehow *Underrated*!

He rides off the success of other channels and it's not even funny! His biggest hit "content cop" is pathetic and his roasts are painfully dull. I also get the vibe that the youtube creator community thinks of him as garbage

Unfunny bully who deals with youtube drama to get views

A true bully at that

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24 RiceGum

Sings diss tracks that aren't even funny. He also reviews content that everyone else has already done

He makes fun of little kids, an obviously easy target and he victim blamed Gabi.

Jacob made him famous

25 TheMysteriousMrEnter

A pretentious, amateurish, lisping neckbeard doing his best impression of his supreme idol the Nostalgia Critic.

I like him though

REmember when people didn't take cartoons seriously and just watched them as entertainment?
Well MR. Enter sure doesn't - Ededdneddyfanredux

Why people hate Mr Enter:
He's a brony

26 TheFineBros

I used to watch their videos. Not anymore, because the same damn kids, teens, adults, elders, and YouTubers watch things THEY ALREADY SAW OR HEARD OF. Seriously, what is going on?! Those people either already saw, heard of, or just obsessed with stuff and then THEY GET TO WATCH THE SAME DAMN THING AGAIN JUST FOR REACT VIDEOS?! WHY?! Also, those 2 are now copyrighting react videos not made by them because they're doing an obnoxious thing called React World. THAT IS THE WORST. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE TWO MEN AND WHY ARE THEY COPYRIGHTING OTHER PEOPLE'S REACTIONS IF THEY DON'T HAVE CONNECTIONS TO THE FINE BROS?! They should stop doing this right now. - Jliby30

Seriously, there react videos are so pointless I mean there getting paid for putting another YouTubers video up on a screen what

Worlds most unoriginal channel

Hmm... Let's see... He'd be much lower on the list if they didn't do the ReactWorld thing. IT HAPPENED A YEAR AGO, GET OVER IT.

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27 MattybRaps

If I was in a room with Hitler, a lion and Mattybraps and I had a gun with two bullets, I'd shoot Matty. Twice. - Puga

I looked at his comment sections to videos and it is mostly just teenage girls and eight year olds who obsess over him and claim that he's talented and that if you hate him you're jealous. What is there to be jealous of?

To be honest with you it seems like he pays and bribes people into his useless videos

I hate him with passion. Plus he has a blonde fetish

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28 JackSepticEye

I don't even know why I like him he is childish and loud but maybe he just appeals to some audience obviously not all

He shouldn't be on here and he warns you about his screaming content in most of his videos. And grown ups like JackSepticEye not just kids.

People always call him nice, but when I met him he was a total prick to me!

He's an egotistical douche

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29 The Hero of Tomorrow
30 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly attacked for their game theory content.

They really aren't always wrong. Not following the game plot, maybe, but not always wrong. Plus, the fanbase is actually small compared to others, and the people that I know watch him don't rant about his "Game Theories." I watch this guy simply because I find him entertaining. But if you would rather watch some stupid YouTuber lacking humor, go watch them. (Not that you have bad taste, but I'm betting that many, many people voted for this and are part of an annoying fandom too.) I would watch a nerdy person over the PopularMMOS any day!

I honestally used to love Game theory... I really did but... Up until I saw his Sans is ness video, I felt like he was a little too overrated, I mean- I don't like assuming things but, I have a feeling he mentions things (like meeting Jacksepticeye) JUST for views, he also rarely ever makes any theory that is good! I wish we could go back to his old, smart, Un-bragging self I mean, it litterally said on the banner art at one point, 'smartest show in gaming' don't know if it still does

They used to make sense. But now their theory has a lot of plot holes than than the game itself

Manipulating other youtubers to give underserved popularity. Please make him number 5 soon.

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31 PopularMMOS

I'm going to get a lot of hatred for this. He has a highly irritating voice and a downright annoying wife, has a fandom with the majority consisting of 8 year olds. Not that all 8 year olds watch this, but there is little variety to his channels, and his wife is constantly ranting. In school, I then heard my classmates,(who were older than 8 years old by far,) talking about him, solely because it came up on the suggestion bar. So thank you, for plaguing my brother and making him talk in the extremely annoying voice, trying to copy you guys and ending up embarrassing himself! Thank you.

I love his videos, but I feel like he's doing too much for his fanbase and not enough for how he actually is as a person. What I mean is that he does a lot of dropper and epic jump maps, and they are kind of generic. - nk_the_epic

I like his videos, but that's just my opinion

32 KiriyaWave


33 CutiePieMarzia

I think her voice is annoying and she is childish

Seems nice, but her videos aren't really my thing, I only watch her sometimes.

She's a cute girl & she seems nice, but would she really have millions of subs if she had nothing to do with PewDiePie? I'd bet on no. Her videos aren't even really about anything, just her acting 'cute' - aj555

She is super cute, but her boyfriend is the most subbed guy on YT so ugh yeah...

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34 AnimeBroMii

This guy is so annoying. I've watched plushy videos made by kids that were so much better. It surprises me that he has over 1,000 subscribers. The reason why I hate his videos is because of the character's personality and voices. Here's an example, Amy sounds like the voice people give puppets most of the time and she cries a lot just because she lost at a video game, but every other character treats her normally!

This guy sucks! Most of what has been said has been said before. Also, his videos are almost always a video of plushes playing some video game or holiday specials with Bowser and Eggman acting like Hitler. I've seen people younger than him make better videos than his. I've seen someone make a plush video with an iPhone that was better than his videos. Also, this guy played and tolerated Sonic Boom?

Have you ever wanted to watch a 24 year old play with his dolls, make them fall in love, give them the most irritating voices ever, and zero personality. Then this is the channel for you! Please note: This guy has over one hundred thousand subscribers.

And also... his videos sometimes make me laugh.

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35 Jake Paul Jake Paul Jake Joseph Paul is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to internet fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul is known for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.

It is utter BS that he's this far down at 42. I hope he falls off that ledge and drowns so we don't have to hear his retarded voice again

He is a jerk

Honestly, I can�'t even. He�'s just a douche.

36 SuperMarioLogan

I love him, but most of his fans are either people who will never judge Logan's videos and will always say their good even if they're not and get mad at people who say they're bad And then there's the other half of his audience who likes to criticize every video he makes and always finds something to complain about even when the video is really good. So half of his audience is a bunch of suck ups and the other half is a bunch criticizing jerks who claim to be fans

I really like him but I can't stand how the majority of his fan base worships him like a god, saying every single one of his videos is perfect and attacking anyone who says they don't like him, look I like him but just like all his good fans, I have standards for his videos, I don't just suck up to and praise every video he makes

I love SuperMarioLogan, but I think his new videos are pretty lacking.

I like him but I'm not 1 of those "Logan can do no wrong" fans

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37 boogie2988

Boogie's an emotionally, mentally, and physically crippled man-child who does a series of vlogs on YouTube wherein he discusses videogames, his life, and with an increasing frequency in recent years, pointless e-drama that nobody wants or needs his opinions about.

A few years back Boogie participated in the "Draw Your Life" campaign on YouTube and discussed his troubled childhood in detail, and has since developed a habit of reaching back into his bag of past traumas for excuses whenever he does something that draws him criticism, which he does with an alarming regularity. Due to a combination of life-threatening obesity and the abuse he endured in his childhood, Boogie's managed to blinker some 4 million YouTube subscribers into believing that he's a super nice guy, and those fans will line up like the sycophants they are to congratulate him for being so courageous and strong, even in instances when he's just got through self-servingly throwing them, gamers at large, ...more

Channel about fat Or gaming.

Gotta decide... Gotta decide...

38 Yogscast

They stopped making minecraft videos almost altogether, and added a bunch of people to the "Cast" who within months leave us hanging. Not to mention the NUMEROUS amount of series they haven't finished.

They ruined it bringing in the extra people. Lewis and Simon should be the only ones.

39 StevenStar777‎
40 Dan and Phil

Overrated! The channel itself is okay. But I hate their fans. The phandom itself stand for shipping two friends, who surely take that for giving. (A lot of) Their fans are rude, annoying & obnoxious. Wouldn't be surprised if they don't like their fans. Dan and Phil is also the most boring creatures, on youtube to be honest - Chatsa2

I honestly love them I'm just gonna leave it there

I'm gonna start adding my opinion on why I find them annoying- I just think that they're 2 british guys doing youtube who aren't really funny and just do random stuff (like paint cat faces on their face) I honestally don't see the point in them... Sorry but, please don't be mad at me cause, we all share different opinions, that's just mine

I believe that they are average however their fans boost them up to be these god like beings.

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