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41 SkylanderBoyAndGirl

I agree. The only good gameplay on their channel is when the Dad or Mom is playing. I also don't like how cringeworthy their videos are. The kids should wait until they get old enough to have a channel to make the videos because it is all just over reaction to different Skylanders on most of their videos. All in all most of the videos just seem immature and get annoying.

The Dad give me the creeps there channel is bad and all they do is scream at "rare" skylanders

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42 fouseyTUBE

Does not deserve 10 million subscribers for geneic prank videos. Only a few videos are entertaining, but his videos are not so special, he is no where near the top youtubers

43 TheJovenshire
44 KSI OlajideBT

Ksi, one of the best YouTubers before... Ever since fall 2013, he decided to sell out and became more money hungry but re-uploading his old videos.

Content stealing, typical uneducated negroid.

KSI used to be my favourite YouTuber. He was funny as hell in 2012 and earlier but ever since GTAV came out, all he does is race with his pathetic crew. And it's boring! I want the old KSI back! - DunnaNunnaBatman

Ksi should be number 1 because he is: vry funny, he plays FIFA, and he is in the SIDEMEN!

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45 TheRunawayGuys

Do you know what overrated even means? They only have 400,000 subscribers: not even a million. If anything, they are underrated. They are actually skilled in playing video games. I watched them for many years and they are extremely informative on video games. They actually mention strategies and secrets, which is something you rarely find in other gamers.

This shouldn't be on the list! Chuggaaconroy. NintendoCaprisun, and ProtonJon are my favorite LPers on YouTube. They are all entertaining and interesting Let's Players that have more talent that overrated dickhead Pewdiepie combined.

46 IISuperwomanII

What why is Lilly even on this list she is the best you tuber ever. She is so humble and kind and she loves her fans. Shes hilarious and nice. She's an great role model and she so pretty. I love her so much

Sometimes she tries too hard to be funny.

She should be a bit farther up there...

Have a history with bullying, and tries to hard to be funny - Chatsa2

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47 Miranda Sings

So this one time I was listening to some good old Brentalfloss, as of norm, when I took off my headphones to get some homework done. That's when I heard Miranda sings for the first time, my brother was listening to her in another word and I swear, my love of YouTube died a little bit. Her voice was just so unpleasant to listen to and all she really does is where heavy amounts of lipstick and do some of the worst covers of all time, and people like her?!

She is so overrated. Like, she tries sooo hard and it's so irritating and not funny at all. And her voice.. Ewww. Her videos suck. Whenever I watch them I just want to punch her in the pace and throw her off a cliff until she's crying like a baby and all of her disgusting lipstick comes off. What a retard. There are many other YouTubers who are actually funny and don't make weird ass facial expressions and try to look like an obnoxious clown, so please, don't watch Miranda Sings. She's just a waste of your time!

Some of the people who vote for her don't know that Miranda Sings is a character, but that doesn't mean that she's not terrible. Her videos are a combination between boring and annoying. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

I don't know how people find her funny. - NicholasYellow

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48 SiivaGunner

I know I'm going to get tons of hate for this, but I honestly think SiivaGunner is one of the most overrated YouTube channels ever. The channel's schtick of "high-quality video game rips" was a bit funny to me the first few times, but most certainly not the four-hundred thousandth. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Boring, repetitive remixes complete with an awful fanbase. Should be in the top 20.

49 TheBajanCanadian

Looking back at all of his videos, he really isn't all that good and is practically a catch-phrase machine, due to him constantly repeating the same "jokes" again and again.

His newer video suck. Old ones are better.

So annoying and his videos are incredibly pointless-it's just him running in circles!

He's basically Sky 2.0, but more annoying.

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50 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

In my opinion, Phil is underrated. When someone is rude to him, he just smiles, and laughs it off. He has been on YouTube since day one, and deserves every single subscriber he's got. Phil Lester (you'rE A GENIUS) you're a beautiful angel. We need more people like you in this world.

I think underrated is the right term

Why is Dan and Phil even on this list


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51 GradeAUnderA GradeAUnderA

All that swearing is completely unnecessary.

Not overrated. He's underrated

All he does is complain, and do rants- I know a lot of other youtubers do that, but... come on! This is like a leafyishere and balloon boy combined (sorry to combine a 'cringy' game into this)

He makes videos on youtube drama that doesn't even involve him and when people critize him for unneccesarily mocking someone he sais "stop being such pussies" his points are also repetetive and he is way too loud and obnoxious, and don't even get me started on his fake accent. He makes crappy stick figure animations to go along with the ranting videos he makes and sais it takes a lot of effort to make a video, what? Yet people call him the best youtuber ever?

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52 Gligar13Vids‎

How Is He Overrated If Everyone Hates Him

53 Tyler Oakley Tyler Oakley Mathew Tyler Oakley, known as Tyler Oakley, is an American YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist.

He hardly ever uploads, his content is sub par, people just subscribe to him because he is gay.

Never watched him..

Yeah, for real! He just talks about sex! - ItsThaFantasticJosh

Repetitive, boring videos - Chatsa2

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54 MessYourself

He tries way too hard to sound funny and in turn becomes highly obnoxious instead.
I couldn't open another video of him after watching one of his Lucius videos because his lack of actually being funny but laughing at his own "jokes" at the same time...

Like I said... He's highly obnoxious...

Well... I managed to watch two of his videos... Still not funny...

He's like a retarded mixture between PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye. Why don't these people just grow up, get a life and get a real job instead of sitting in front of a camera trying to make a funny voice but instead sounding like a 5 year old school girl? Don't understand how he has so many subscribers.

He is worse than toby

He's not funny and he's too damn loud

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55 ERB

My brother adores ERB, and I sat through some of it for him, and it was OK at first, but it soon became completely insufferable. A lot of it's the same to me. - PositronWildhawk

They're decent but they don't listen to their fans and they act like they're the biggest celebrities in the world! Eventually, they'll understand and stop!

Don't get me wrong, they are amazing, but some of there fans make me rage.

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56 Zero Punctuation

To whoever wrote this, there is no channel called "Zero Punctuation". Zero Punctuation is a series run on the channel The Escapist. Any channel that has this name, simply re-uploads the content from The Escapist.

Who put this guy on the list? Not cool, man...

57 SSSniperwolf

An annoying, money hungry cam girl, which is in denial about her bully history. And use her boyfriend/sugar daddy's (*cough* Sausage *cough* ) gameplay to gain boys attention. Make sexual click bait. - Chatsa2

I hate with every aspect. She tries to hard to be funny, she has some history with her being a bully which she is in denial about, she is a big money hungry slut. - Chatsa2

58 stampylonghead

Basically some guy who had a Minecraft world for 200 videos and also has videos that wouldn't be possible in Minecraft. Not to mention he owns the overrated Xbox version. His videos are pointless and he has nothing left in his world to do except build pointless builds.

He entertains idiotic 5-9 year olds who like people who act like retards -Sherv

I don't watch him but why the heck is the insult his/her fan base is 9-11 year olds of whatever, just asking

He's become too kid friendly. It's like not even enjoyable anymore. - nk_the_epic

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59 PointlessBlog

He always steals stuff from other YouTubers and leeches on to zoe's fame people like him make me want to kill myself

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60 EWNetwork

Most overrated one on the list, all he does is fake reactions about stupid video games

What who made this list? He has the best live streams and is underrated as hell.

Stupid black guy who screams about smash bros... yawn z...

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