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61 ComedyShortsGamer

Isn't funny and has an irritating laugh that sounds like he has smoked for 50 years straight.

62 JustinBieberVEVO

Stupidest thing ever. That 5 yr old wanker shouldn't have a vevo account it would just be songs about him finger painting and eating dino nuggets

I, The Ultimate Daredevil threatened bieberluvr1234 big time (according to the zenith of the comment section of "All Justin Bieber Haters Suck! ):/").


63 VineSauce

What? Vinesauce is the most underrated YouTube/Stream channel ever

The Vinesauce crew has great videos and streams, but they're overrated, especially Joel. On every MIDI video, you'll see Vinesauce references in the comments section. - noo7na7

Grand Dad is getting too old...

All that swearing is completely unnecessary.

Easily tied with SilvaGunner for having the absolute most cancerous, meme-loaded cesspool of a fanbase in all of Youtube...still, however, I absolutely adore them regardless - xandermartin98

64 Thatsojack

All he does is lip-sync to crappy songs and jumps around on sofas and on the floor the whole time. His fan base is worse than the majority of PewDiePie's. He gets his 6 year old fans to false-flag and thumbs-down anyone who criticises his channel. A channel named CammehYaBams was terminated for this same reason; and he had over 1,000,000 subscribers.

65 Ali-A

He is the reason my brother wasted 150 dollars on a stupid custom controller.

He is awesome. He is the reason I gave mine craft another chance

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66 Seananners

Seananners is GREAT! His videos are quick and snappy entertainment. 3 minutes? LOVE IT!

People say he's good at prop hunt but he plays in private servers with friends who are so stupid they must be monkeys with computers.

His "jokes" are so unoriginal! He got most of his fame from Vanossgaming and the others. Nanners has no talent

67 Digibro

He goes too much into deep analysis of fan service in anime (which is quite unnecessary considering he used to do My Little Pony Analysis videos) and doesn't give anime series like Sword Art Online or The Asterisk War a chance and doesn't focus on the pros and only on the cons of these series. Even Glass Reflection and Bob Samurai have been more lenient and less hating of Sword Art Online. Plus, he looks like an otaku loser who stays up all night ranting on A-1 Pictures compared to how Glass Reflection and Bob Samurai are well-dressed and are quite healthy for anime reviewers.

He created two video series dedicated to tearing apart A-1 Pictures anime just because he doesn't like them. What was he thinking? I've seen enough rants in my life, but this is just over-the-top ridiculous. Please fire this anime critic, please. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He looks like a loser both in real life and his YouTube profile picture.

Stop analyzing fan service, you pervert.

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68 McJuggerNuggets
69 JacobSartoriusVEVO


70 Bart Baker Bart Baker

I liked Bart at first, but he's gotten a little too mainstream recently

Every one of his parodies has at least something sexual, annoying voice, and appeals to 11 yr olds.

Have you heard about what happened with Rebecca Black?

He made a parody on her Friday video and made her sing very inappropriate stuff when she was only THIRTEEN! He seriously made fun of a kid! He's an adult!

Afterwards Rebecca got bullied and hated on in her school because of Bart Baker! She lost a lot of her friends too, and is now one of the most hated singers ever! That's messed up!

He's totally overrated, and he is extremely mean too! All of his songs are about sex now, and it's not even funny. It's just annoying and repetitive! - Flowersocks2137

Srrs guys?! I acctually love them- I mean... It's ok for people to swear and make some sexual jokes (heck! I think we can all agree we did it at least once in our lives) and responding to that comment about 11 year olds- I'm 15 AND I ENJOY WATCHING THEIR VIDEOS! (That's a teenager NOT a kid) this is what I hate about some youtubers- they take swearing too seriously. It's ok! But because of the compliaints about swearing- WE HAVE TO SWEAR ONLY A LITTLE! LIKE what?! Good going people... You really do know how to make youtube better *sarcastic* ^
Also... You guys should just get used to it cause there's gonna be people in the world that swear practically everyday. That's the rant I have here
Main point? : don't just assume what age the fan base is and get used to swearing

71 SuperMarioGlitchy4

Still though, think about how much SMG4 revolutionized the amazing concept of crappy poorly designed Super Mario 64 videos with corny jokes and brightly colored subtitles. Sure, it's nothing really special, but it's still leagues better than almost any of the crap on T.V. these days. - xandermartin98

I actually like his videos, but I will amit that he's overrated. Anyone with a computer and wastes too much time on the internet can make videos just as good as his.

All that swearing is completely unnecessary.


72 EnzoKnol

Not special and/or funny at all. He's one of those people that assumes people care about his private life.

He's good and very amusement

73 Jinx

He's a piece of crap. He just watches videos, laughs, and talks about it. He's unfunny, and I think that most of his reactions are fake. He takes other people's hard work and just posts himself watching it. Worst channel on YouTube. Also, JonTron shouldn't be on this list

Why isn't he higher on this list...? All he does is stare at somebody's content for a few minutes.

Boring, steals videos

All he does is smile at the hard work that he just steals off of hard working youtubers

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74 h3h3Productions
75 Good Mythical Morning

Whoever added this should seriously rethink the meaning of overrated. Rhett and Link are easily the greatest YouTubers of all time. - GrimmShady

76 FluffeeTalks

I like Fluffee... has anyone on here even heard of him, he's not overrated -3-

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77 Danisnotonfire

He is overrated because people favorite him and barely care about Phil. Phil is a lot better than Dan because at least he cares about his subscribers because he doesn't swear/curse because he knows kids watch his videos, while Dan swears/curses and is rude because once in one of his videos he said (and I quote) "Now listen here you little s****." That was rude, and he is mean to Phil. Phil deserves better, and more subscribers. Everyone who sees this comment, take my advice and please realize all of this about Dan and realize all of it is true.

I think a lot of people haven't read that this list is meant for the most OVERRATED YouTubers, not the YouTubers you like or dislike. Frankly I think Dan is pretty underrated, which is why I don't think he actually belongs on this list, or if he does he should be a lot lower. (what I think of him or his channel/content is irrelevant)

Honestly, too many people are fans of him. Everywhere I go, there's people saying "cringe" and "existential crisis", which they obviously learned from Dan. I'm a fan of Dan and everything but seriously? I honestly loved Dan before but eventually it gets kind of old when everyone tries so hard to walk and talk like him.

I love Dan, but I really think Phil deserves a lot more subscribers; after all, Dan wouldn't even be on YouTube if he didn't meet Phil. I really love Dan because he's really funny and I relate to the stuff he says on his videos, but some people, mostly girls, subscribe to him just to comment stuff like " whErE tHE phAnDOM AT?! 1! 1! 1! 1". Also, this list really became "Vote For The YouTuber You Dislike". And why are people hating on the Comments? Being overrated isn't the YouTuber's fault, if you actuallu though about it.

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78 Kassem G V 2 Comments
79 DashieXP

He doesn't deserve to be on this list

And he does more than just to yell. On one video, he gave us some good advice(Think it's the MK8 one where he plays as Lakitu)

Why is dashie on here? he's worked hard for YEARS to build up his channels. he posts gaming videos daily, does skits, vlogs, you name it. he's a funny and talented YouTuber that cares a ton about his fans. If anything he is extremely underrated.

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80 DramaAlert (Keemstar)

He is the Fox news of video games. Give him credit for trying but not my style.

Keemstar is always attention seeking for views and tries to drag down other people that get in his way. If you want more info, search "Keemstar Revealed" and watch cr1tikal's video

He is a vieuwwhoring loser


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