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81 Tonypizzaguy

He used to be good but now he sucks.

82 JacksGap

Yes it is true that they are good-looking and they did start of by making those kinds of videos. BUT that is not all there is to them. Compared to the "British YouTubers" such as Zoella, Alfie, Casper Lee etc. who honestly do such stupid and pointless things, JacksGap is simply amazing! Incase you guys don't watch his videos, he's really into photography and filming and really taken that extra step. I honestly think that people of all ages can watch his videos not just teenage girls. They have potential!

He's good but there are others who's videos deserve a bit more recognition. He just falls under the cute British YouTuber that girls my age seem to adore.

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83 LDShadowLady

No, No, NO! She is not boring, she is quirky, funny and any other things.


She's so boring! People only love her because she's a female gamer.

84 KYR_SP33dy

He's still hilarious and always posts good content so I don't think he's overrated laugh out loud

Sp33dy and the crew are one of the best groups and most hilarious people on YouTube I know, been watching them for a year now and nothing they do gets boring

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85 SammyClassicSonicFan

Sammy is the best why would he be here kid's a living legend

We blame you for SuperMinecraftKid's creation!

Not overrated at all. puts out great well edited work. he honestly deserves all the views he gets

86 PeanutButterGamer


87 Escapist
88 iamwildcat V 1 Comment
89 Nigahiga Nigahiga

He is such a great YouTuber. He has so many subscribers that it's very surprising that he's not in this list. Ryan himself deserves way more subscribers than Pewdiepie and Smosh combined.


90 BigYoshiFan

I misread his name as big yaoi fan

In the plush community, there's tiers, from Modern Mario Bros., down to John Cruz. BYF's are mid-range, but BYF is really overrated for a plush channel. - noo7na7

In the plush community, there's tiers, from Modern Mario Bros., down to John Cruz. BYF is mid-range, but BYF is really overrated for a plush channel. - noo7na7

91 TheAtlanticCraft V 1 Comment
92 HowtoBasic

HowToBasic is stupid. He has over 8 million subs just for smashing an egg, washing his hands at the toilet water, mislead audiences with his stupid crap all the time! He supposed to be #5. He's a retard!

Used to be good, but now they just...suck

93 Durv

Cancerous, glad he got terminated

Worst youtuber of all time, and he somehow has a million subs! He pretends to call imaginary people like " the boss baby" or some random doll, and his friend pretends to be that character. Worst of all, his 9 yr old fan base believes that crap and he gets millions of views. - SpaceDementia

94 Pyrobooby
95 our2ndlife

Bunch of funny guys doing what they love

They are only popular cause they're are "attractive" and have a gay member which bring in the lgbt community loving them so

96 DSP
97 AR12 Gaming

He is a video stealing YouTuber and his DR tom partner makes the videos even worse all they do is poison

98 Angry Grandpa Show
99 Sevensupergirls

I agree that some of them are spoiled but they have a good personality

They're just dumb little girls who make money off of being out of school.

Only like a few (by the way anyone who likes Jazzy she has a channel*

Dumb drop outs

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100 Danger Dolan

He has interesting facts and stuff but MAN is his voice boring. Also his stuff get pretty repetitive

What I find him hilarious, and I love the fact that him and Shima Luan (a super-smart girl) paired together to create Super Planet Dolan. With Shima, the live encyclopaedia, and Dolan, the joke machine.

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