Top Ten Most Overrated Youtubers

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101 Studio C V 1 Comment
102 Nigahiga Nigahiga

He is such a great YouTuber. He has so many subscribers that it's very surprising that he's not in this list. Ryan himself deserves way more subscribers than Pewdiepie and Smosh combined.


103 1989gamemaster

Please Come Back!

104 HowtoBasic

Used to be good, but now they just...suck

105 Rezaoktovian
106 BlackBusterCritic

Yeah, I can understand how somebody can think he's a douche, but not overrated. I personally think that BBC has a lot of potential... He just needs to know that opinion is not an excuse, that's all.

He has a huge Messiah complex and even goes as far as insulting people who don't agree with him.
Well I say he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

107 TheIRateGamer


108 DSP
109 Joey Graceffa

Used to be relatable, now boring and flashy; all show, no substance.

He used to be great but as of recent he became so fake

He used to be sweet and interesting but now it's all 'anyas this, health food that'.

Sucks because he used to be so great.

110 Ree Newell
111 iHasCupquake

I'm a fan but I find her Minecraft series are good at first then they get boring. Her more recent series like life is strange, untill dawn, and fran bow are WAY better then all of the other stuff because it appeals to older people like teens

Being a past fan, I noticed how boring and stale she got when playing video games. Not only that, but she's had a facecam in almost every single one of her videos. The only thing that I consider good is her baking videos and D.I. Y's

112 FailRace

Everyone is just too hyped about it..

113 Sips

Seriously? Overrated? Nonsense. He's been on YouTube for over 5 years and only just started approaching two million subs. He keeps a regular upload schedule, despite being a father and has worked hard for his subscribers. He definitely does not belong on this list, or, you aren't aware of the meaning of overrated.

114 ChrisSmoove

Can't get past 2 millionin inconsistent with uploads of lets plays often not finishing them but still the best 2k you tuber out there

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115 Domislive
116 MasterOv

950 k subs seriously

117 ViralBrothers
118 Michelle Phan

She doesn't even do real videos anymore.

119 Angry Joe

Angry joe is far from overrated

Angry Joe is really funny

Love the The Angry Joe show if anyone is Scrolling through this page and if you see this go check the
{The Angry Joe show]

120 Bethany Mota

She seems really fake and all she does is show off! What does she really do besides pride herself in making multiple whats on my iPhone videos! WHAT? I know she was on a show and whatever and everyone thinks that shes a major talent (talented talker that is) because she was on ELlen. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ELLEN FEATURED SOMEONE TALENTED? THAT GIRL WHO BURNED OFF HER HAIR? SOPHIA GRACE AND ROSIE? SO NOT TALENTED

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