Top 10 Most Oversaturated Horror Movie Franchises

They keep making them, but we won't buy them. Today, we will go into the darkest corner in film. The darkest genre. We have had enjoyable horror movies such as "The Shining" but horrendous ones as well. Ended franchises will not be spared. As long as it's got more than one horror movie and has spawned a remake-sequel, it will not be spared.

The Top Ten

1 Saw

The first three films are outstanding. Saw 4 and 5 were not that good. Saw 6 was great. Saw 3D was bloody awful. And Jigsaw was a great improvement over the last film.

The 1st movie was really good, the 2nd and 3rd were ok but annoyed me thanks to how dumb everyone was, and all of the others sucked - kempokid

Yeah It's basiclly tourture porn - Adventurur2

2 Paranormal Activity
3 Friday the 13th

12 movies in total and around 5 games. although I do like the franchise, and the dedication to the latest game is astounding, the movies aren’t the greatest.

4 The Exorcist
5 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
6 Halloween

Rob zombie's Remakes were the worst - Adventurur2

7 The Evil Dead
8 Scream
9 Child's Play
10 Final Destination

The Contenders

11 A Nightmare on Elm Street
12 The Mummy

Enough with these movies! The only 2 that ever worked was the 1932 one with Boris Karloff and the 1999 one with Brendan Frasier.

13 I Know What You Did Last Summer
14 Puppet Master
15 Hellraiser
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