Top 10 Most Oversaturated Horror Movie Franchises

They keep making them, but we won't buy them. Today, we will go into the darkest corner in film. The darkest genre. We have had enjoyable horror movies such as "The Shining" but horrendous ones as well. Ended franchises will not be spared. As long as it's got more than one horror movie and has spawned a remake-sequel, it will not be spared.

The Top Ten

1 Saw

The first three films are outstanding. Saw 4 and 5 were not that good. Saw 6 was great. Saw 3D was bloody awful. And Jigsaw was a great improvement over the last film.

Yeah It's basiclly tourture porn - Adventurur2

The 1st movie was really good, the 2nd and 3rd were ok but annoyed me thanks to how dumb everyone was, and all of the others sucked - kempokid

2 Paranormal Activity

Another franchise that was dead to begin with. This 2007 franchise is complete BS. It's sequel, Paranormal Activity 2 has a 5.7 on IMDb, the series keeps going downwards as it continues, even with Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension winning a 4.6, as well as Paranormal Activity 4 winning the same score. Please, just throw this franchise in the trash. - jack2244

3 Friday the 13th

Due to Jason Voorhees, this series has become iconic. The 1980 film had its flaws but it was a fine horror flick. However, the franchise has become pointless as hell. Friday the 13th Part 2 was fine but after that era it died. Like seriously, it has not had a good movie since the first two. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell are some of the worst movies in my book and Jason X achieved a score of 0% for me. The 2009 remake wasn't any good either. - jack2244

4 The Exorcist
5 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Probably the darkest horror flick besides The Exorcist, 1974's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a beloved horror movie. However, I do not get the appeal at all. It really has phased how I feel about watching certain movies. All of its sequels have been panned, as well as Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation winning a 3.2 on IMDb, this franchise probably shouldn't be heard from again. Due to also having a remake franchise, it's best we don't plan anymore sequels. - jack2244

6 Halloween

Rob zombie's Remakes were the worst - Adventurur2

7 The Evil Dead

Here we go, with an NC-17 rated horror movie... The Evil Dead. This 1981 movie is considered one of the goriest movies ever, and is laughable at times. It has everything from tree rape and many scenes of possession. Then, we get a sequel in 1987, Evil Dead II, which was better than this one. However, I am mixed on Evil Dead II still. 1992's Army of Darkness wasn't any better. Director Sam Raimi continued to the Spider-Man trilogy and 2009 horror movie Drag Me to Hell (which wasn't any good). A 2013 remake was made, nothing good. - jack2244

8 Scream

Here's one of the worst horror movies in existence, 1996's Scream. It's sequels, "Scream 2", "Scream 3", and "Scream 4" have been considered cinematic trash. So yes, not much to say here besides the fact that this franchise is a satirical unscary wannabe of horror movies. And this was brought by the same man who brought us the genius Nightmare on Elm Street franchise? - jack2244

9 Child's Play
10 Final Destination

The Contenders

11 The Mummy

Enough with these movies! The only 2 that ever worked was the 1932 one with Boris Karloff and the 1999 one with Brendan Frasier.

12 I Know What You Did Last Summer
13 A Nightmare on Elm Street
14 Puppet Master
15 Hellraiser
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