Scarred For Life: Bayformers

I finally get to acknowledge this. The transformers franchise is constantly dumped on for not having interesting characters, having annoying human characters, and no purpose and only serve as a money maker. But as a hardcore TF fan, I know most of these rumors aren't true. The transformers aren't just about giant robots that fight. They are so much more than that, and yet, that's what most people say about it. And that's thanks to the Bayformers. Welcome to Scarred For Life and I've been waiting a long while for this.


*sigh* well. The characters aren't characters. They are shown as toys/drones that move and shoot things. Like the franchise, the cybertronians aren't just giant robots that run around and shoot things. They have different morals, personal conflicts, personality, and reasons on why they do what they do, but the movies don't include this. Almost everyone have no personality or any type of personality similar to their counterparts whatsoever. Optimus was once a pacifist that cared for the right of all sentient beings, a name once use to represent freedom and peace. However, no one views him as that anymore, due to the fact that the CGI movies made him a violent psychopath that stole his enemy's face. The rest that actually had a semblance of personality that was faithful were killed off in seconds. Ironhide was the only good character in this mess of a film and was killed off because the writers couldn't afford to actually write about that stuff. No one can be sympathized since no one has anything we care about. Shockwave was amazing in the other variations of him and was hyped for hell for DOTM, only to do nothing except to die. Onslaught was also hyped for TLK only to be killed of in SECONDS when he was on screen. Some just show up and don't come back later, like Jolt or Skids (thank god that the latter didn't show up). No character would make it through all the films I guarantee it. The only one that would make it through the films would be Bumblebee, and that's because he is popular and makes the most money when it comes to toys. Not only that, that now represents the TF franchise. Goddamnit, writers. Also, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is the worst thing ever. Did I mention that? He does nothing except trip over things and scream at the top of his lungs for no reason, not to mention that half of his lines are just him repeating the word "no". Thankfully, he was replaced by Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlber), who was easily better than Sam.


The only reasons I decide to watch these movies was because they are Transformers and because of the action and the brilliance of the CGI. The action scenes are well animated and every Transformer looks pleasing, well, except Devastator and that disgusting humanoid transformer. They can die. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it shows how our favorite characters would look if they were real. However, the CGI easily loses its luster as we see it in every TF movie ever and at some points they didn't give any amount of sh­čĺęt. They'd make it utterly disgusting. (Aforementioned Devastator and weird humanoid thing)


Death is a primary reason why I hate the films so much. Like I've mentioned, no character (except Bumblebee because profit and toys) would make it out all the films alive. Everyone's gonna die at least once in the most violent way possible. Every filler character is just there to die by either Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron. Yeah, Jazz's death was shocking, but that loses its shock value when characters are killed left and right. Also, death doesn't occur because they want to entertain you. They do it since no one can afford having the 1 dimensional characters appear in the background. They also use death to kill off anyone who has personality, like Ironhide, since that'll require a brain with a IQ higher than 2. Characters are hyped only to do nothing and get killed within seconds since no one wants to have them in backgrounds of other movies and because the writers admire lazy.

My Opinion:

Screw these movies with a burning passion. They completely ruined the name of Transformers. Now people don't even know of any other TF media. One example: on my TLK post, TwilightKitsune made a fun comment and I replied that every TF movie Bay makes are garbage, but the ones not made by Bay aren't bad. Then she replied saying she had no idea there were other TF movies not made by Bay. (Hopefully she doesn't get pissed) Because of this he's in 3rd place on the placing board.

Placing Board

­čąçTeen Titans Go
­čąłTransformers Energon
4. Justin Bieber
5. Sonic 06
6. Ben 10 Reboot
7. FNaF World
8. RWBY Chibi

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FNaF 3


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