Most Overused (and Annoying) Words Online

The use of certain words that we use unnecessarily. LOL. Especially on chats, MySpace comments, texting, etc.

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lol is too overused same for lmao one time I beated this guy on combat arm and he say lmao you suc and rofl I think this guy laugh wehn I say there this guy he gifted me two perm weapon don't you think he generouas then come two lol and one rofl and five lmao - 123wmx

as annoying as "like" in speaking - usmc650736

used like every five minutes - annabanna29

It died 15 years ago let it rest!

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2 Cringe

! CRINGE! Hey look, that girl is singing. CRINGE! CRINGE! #CRINGE! This word is so annoying - lovefrombadlands

I remember when cringe was used correctly. Now it's used stupidly. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It's meaningless and pretentious how frivolous people use it. It's trending on the Internet as more people use it more to asser their opinion. This needs to stop

I remember when cringe was used correctly. Now it's used stupidly. - venomouskillingmachine

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3 Overrated

Should be Number 1 - DCfnaf

This word has been brutally misused everywhere to everything popular. Good or bad. Nickelback overrated? Pfft, get your dictionaries out. - naFrovivuS

This stupid word should be brutally slaughtered to death slowly and painfully in the most harmful way. - PeeledBanana

Ugh, overrated is overrated. - lovefrombadlands

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4 Gay

People see being gay as the most obscene think in the world. You don't like it when your persecuted for something about you. How would you feel if you were gay and you were seen as the lowest thing on earth. It also sucks that religious books tell people to hate them and kill them simply for who they are.

Especially Christianity. Just read Leviticus. People shouldn't be wasting so much effort on taking away gays rights and been nasty. If you're not gay you have no rights over a gay's life.

The lowest people on earth are pedophiles not gays anyway. At least taking away their rights will protect children.

We Christians don't hate gays just because we disagree with their lifestyles.

"That's gay" when used to describe something bad. Besides being a homophobic remark, it means "happy", and that should be the only definition for it.

I hate this word because many people say is gay something they don't like... some things deserve the word but other things don't deserve it only because they don't like it - rock2metal

Gay literally means something terrible in the internet now... kinda like cringe... no offense - SoaPuffball

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The best insult - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I hate when people say this, it's so mean and hurtful, because you wouldn't want to die :( - lovefrombadlands

No. - Therandom

6 Autistic

Not only is this overused, but is morally wrong. It isn't their fault if someone is autistic. So don't use it as an insult. If you highly believe autism just makes someone look dumb, then that disgusts me, because I have high function autism myself, and I have an above average IQ. - SpectralOwl

Using autism as an insult is horrible. In fact using any disability as an insult is disgusting. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I get offended when someone uses this word to call something dumb and this is coming from a high-functioning autistic girl. - PerfectImpulseX

It is never okay to make fun of someone with autism

8 Sucks

Can't stand this damn word

I want to kill this word!

This sucks - 0744rose

9 Troll

This word died around the time that Rage Comics died. I hate the sudden influx of people using this word, thinking they're "trendy" and "cool" for using a word strictly used online. Any time I see the word "troll" on this website I cringe because it's old and dead and needs to stay that way. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Nowadays it seems like it's the only word people think they can use to describe any negativity whatsoever. Really, really stupid. I've been called a troll on YouTube for telling a user to stop arguing with another. Really, really, REALLY stupid. - naFrovivuS

I hate trolls - christangrant

10 WTF

What is one supposed to reply to this?

What Why is this so high! - Elina

They reply: "I KNOW RIGHT?! "

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YOLO= Carpe diem (seize the day in Latin) for stupid people

Yolo is so dumb

YOLO = I Am An Idiot. Anyone who says this is saying I Am An Idiot.

YOLO guys, because if you hate on this word Lil B and Spodermen will steal all your swag - venomouskillingmachine

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12 Daddy

You know what, I am sick to death of seeing "daddy" being used in comment sections of YouTube videos and in tumblr posts/urls by younger people. It's disgusting. Thanks to this, a lot of people (including me) have been thrown off calling our dads 'daddy' since it will make us look like freaks. Oh and a message for them: FATHER'S DAY IS NOT FOR YOUR CREEPY OBSESSION. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I can't speak with my dad because the new meaning of this word

13 Epic Fail!

I want to punch someone in the face when I hear this the fad just won't end and it's not even cool. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Say this all the time...

Happhappyjoyjoy, that was an epic fail.

Hate it.. - Ananya

14 Bae

It actually means poop in Danish.

Bae is so useless there is already enough "love names" and you wouldn't want to call who you love poop - lovefrombadlands

This should be number 1. Pronounce it right, or don't even make it a thing.

Seriously what DOES THIS MEAN

15 First!

For the 8478772139th time, no one cares. - SpectralOwl

What are you first for?


NINTH! - lovefrombadlands

16 Terrible
17 Racist

This word is so overused and annoying - christangrant

No I'm not I'm just saying this word is overused I honestly don't care about what color someone is everyone is equal. Plus where am I being racist in that comment? you're an example of why this word is overused - christangrant

18 Duh

those annoying girls flirt with this word, it makes them very annoying

like when they said it "duh, you're ugly, duh, that's gross, duh, that's crazy, duh, I hate it

my most hated word ever - ronluna

Just no. Don't 'Duh' me it seriously makes me want to hint you as hard as I possibly can.

Girls always say this word I'm like 😠

19 Elitist

Aka a word that has no meaning because everyone can be considered one - christangrant

20 Cancer

This is actually the worst, it should be 1 - venomouskillingmachine

Joint with autistic as an insult this is flat out awful - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

21 Swag

SWAG means secretly we are gay

22 Salty

The people using this word are actually the ones who are salty.

How I about we poor some salt on their eyes? (Not actually) - PeeledBanana

That describes my fries. - lovefrombadlands

My school:
*jerk takes your laptop case with your laptop inside it*
Me: Give me that back!
Jerk: No.
*I'm getting pretty ticked off now and am starting to show it to the jerk*
Jerk: You're salty.
Oh, so now that I'm angry at you, I'm salty?!

23 Bro

I don't think its annoying when they say it in a positive sentence, but in a negative sentence, and if they use it all the time, its annoying!

You should only use "bro" if you're African American. Nothing more pathetic than little white kids trying to be as cool as black people and throwing "bro" in every sentence. Ultimate cringer : "U mad, Bro? ". Awful.

I am not your bro. Especially if it's to say "F you, bro"

Hey BRO! WhATS UP? Just CHILL - 0744rose

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24 Dank

What does this even mean? - lovefrombadlands

25 Holla

Well. If you are writing something one can reply to, then obviously one will write back. No need to state it.

I'm confused does it mean hello or reply?

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26 Hashtag

Its not a word but yeah I do hate them even though I use them lol - christangrant

27 Illuminati

There's like, these really annoying (whatever you want) is ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! videos on youtube where they put unrealistic reasons that don't even make sense why something is illuminati. It's so annoying! - lovefrombadlands

28 What's up?

What if nothing is "UP"? What happened to "How are you", it's way more caring than what's up!

You answer "The sky, clouds, and the sun" when people ask you this - kaitlynrad11

I honestly like this one...

THE SKY - lovefrombadlands

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29 Your Mum!
30 Yo

"yo"... Uhmm, yes... And?

Why are people on this site like I was born in the wrong generation because Yoko and swag annoys me?

This is the word my elder sister uses she uses yo instead of's so annoying... - 0744rose

31 Butthurt

I don't like butthurt people because they get offended so DAMN EASILY - AlphaQ

32 Chilling/Chill

Who put you in the freezer!?

It means hanging out. What is with these pplz

33 Pwned

What does that even mean? Is it supposed to be like owned, but with an intentional typo?

I agree with the person right below me.

Didn't this die in the great originality recession of 2012? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

People still use this one? Wow. - Entranced98

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34 K

Whats annoying in this - 0744rose

I use this all the time, what's wrong with it

I don't know probably because everyone says it but I don't think it annoying - toptenforlife

People:I hate this word it needs to stop it's overused and annoying
me:k - SkaiSlays

35 Sexist
36 Savage

Savage nowadays just means annoying behavior that is somehow considered as awesome. It really isn't. Annoying is annoying no matter what it is. - NuMetalManiak

37 -Ass

Goodass, fatass, kickass... Can you stop adding ass to every word?!

Any word that has ass in it is seriously annoying. The word badass is extremely overused.

What a Bad-Ass idea. (It's bad.)

Oh there's this badass kickass flavorass cheesyass new social network and it has funckyass superass coolass - Cheeseduck

38 Legit

Are you, like, legit?

39 Homophobe
40 Clickbait
41 FTW

What does this even mean? "Find the Water", "Fear the Whale"?!? Someone tell me what this means please. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

For the win for the loss. - lovefrombadlands

It means for the win

For The Win

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42 Chillax

An example of illiterates combining 2 words for their own use. The idiots are slowly taking over the world!

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43 Epic

Epic fail, epic win... Does it ever end? Please "EPIC" is not cool any more. Unless it is needed to be said. Understood?

44 Noob

No, I am not a noob. I am a noob to the server/game. But I am not a noob overall.

Come on this one is obvious.

I'm a noob - lovefrombadlands

45 Triggered

It's not even safe to feel angry about something any more without meme slang rolling in. - Entranced98

46 Geez
47 So

So...what I was saying? - 0744rose

48 F***

Should be #1. Bad words annoy me so much. Why can't everyone be nice and use nice words? - lovefrombadlands

49 Hella
50 Crap

Annoys me to death.

Uh oh, I used this when I'm super screwed r.i.p - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Crap, crap, crap, this is crap, that is crap, this is crappy, crappy, crappy bullcrap, this is bullcrap, that is bullcrap, crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! Just end this word once and for all! It's the most annoying word ever!

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