Top 10 Most Overused (and Annoying) Words Online

The use of certain words that we use unnecessarily. LOL. Especially on chats, MySpace comments, texting, etc.
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1 Overrated

This word is just so dumb! I hate seeing this word. In my opinion, itpretty much says that "I disagree with you, therefore you should like it less". It bothers me when someone uses it or any of the related words (underrated, overhated, and underhated (though very uncommon)). It bothers me even more when people call foods overrated, because everybody has different taste buds!

Overrated: a word idiots use to describe things that they hate, not because it's bad, but because it's popular.

(People are entitled to their own opinions, but I think it's stupid to hate something or someone for that reason)

Some Characters that everybody likes and deserved to be liked in the first place that some people may not like, like shadow,falco,silver,mewtwo,charizard and bowser jr that get called overrated for incredibly stupid reasons and those idiots never understand that them not liking those characters doesn't mean they are actually overrated plus not all characters that some people may not like but everybody likes should be called overrated like The characters I mentioned and pokemon I mentioned

Overrated =/= Bad

For example, Queen and Eminem are overrated but they good, Led Zeppelin and Linkin Park are overrated and bad. Kanye West is not overrated and is good, 6ix9ine is not overrated and trash. There.

2 Cringe

I hate this word, especially when it isn't even used right. people use this word to what they feel that is cringe. Remember cringe is an action not a adjective

This should EASILY be #1.
I remember those times when I used to hear someone calling something "cringe," "cringy," and "cringeworthy."
I was fine at first, though I've always find it stupid. But then, as it noticeably got ridiculously overused, I just wanted to say "oh my god just SHUT UP! "
Like, seriously, if you want to say that you dislike something, don't use a word that's not synonymous with the word "bad." It literally should not that difficult.

Cringe in the Past:
"To cower or shrink in fear or disgust."

Cringe in the Present Day:
"To define something that you dislike or do not understand. Internet trolls use this word as an insult towards people in fandoms, with bad grammar, or both combined. Trolls, edgelords, and children also use this word to describe memes on some occasions."

This word has been beaten into the ground so bad just looking at it pisses me off, especially all the people mooching off cringe comps and making people be embarrassed to have fun.


Lol is still more used than lmao but lmao is not really bad for me (not a lot of people use it maybe blame it on word "lol") but, lol annoys me way too much, every retard says it after someone or they say something unfunny
Also, I saw someone said that they have headache and they later added lol
Lmao is alright but lol kills me because of how overused that word is, no one laughs anymore when they say it, I hate it so much!

I was talking to my friend on MSN, he said how are you LOL, he says lol after everything.

Rofl sounds like someone pushing a guy eating a subway sandwich off a cliff.

People use it all the time at the end of their comments and they are
unnecessary, it's very annoying!

4 Gay

People see being gay as the most obscene think in the world. You don't like it when your persecuted for something about you. How would you feel if you were gay and you were seen as the lowest thing on earth. It also sucks that religious books tell people to hate them and kill them simply for who they are.

Especially Christianity. Just read Leviticus. People shouldn't be wasting so much effort on taking away gays rights and been nasty. If you're not gay you have no rights over a gay's life.

The lowest people on earth are pedophiles not gays anyway. At least taking away their rights will protect children.

I hate this when it's used as a remark for bad thing's. Think of all the people you're offending when you say this word. And also, it is not a insult, it's just something some people are, and also, it mean's happy. So don't use this word!

I hate people that hate gays. What did they do to you? My idol, my hero, Freddie Mercury was bi, and that doesn't bother me a bit. Please, people, stop using this. Gay people are people too. You's are all so mean.

"That's gay" when used to describe something bad. Besides being a homophobic remark, it means "happy", and that should be the only definition for it.

5 Autistic

My sister is autistic, but the internet is so stupid, they use it as a excuse to why they are stupid. A guy in a fandom kept on being mad when you either correct him or say an opinion he doesn't agree AND WRITES ALL CAPITALS AND IN BOLD! He was so annoying, he got reported and he was arguing to one of the advisors, and he said "The truth is I have autism and I'm actually 28" Ha! More like "The truth is I am an attention seeker and I'm actually 2 or 8" Autism isn't something to give you more attention or an excuse to be stupid

Listen, folks. Autism is a real thing. It doesn't mean "stupid" or "cringeworthy". Rather, it is a mental condition/disorder that acts as what I call a "tilt". One side (for me, existential and linguistic intelligence) is better than average, at the cost of social skills. Now, don't get me wrong. It can be a curse far more often than a blessing. This includes when people use it to insult random things. It's offensive and outright cruel.

Not only is this overused, but is morally wrong. It isn't their fault if someone is autistic. So don't use it as an insult. If you highly believe autism just makes someone look dumb, then that disgusts me, because I have high function autism myself, and I have an above average IQ.

People think autism equals mental retardation. People think it is a disease. Some people are so stupid that they think vaccines give children autism (basically anti vaxxers. People who don't have a brain)


I really don't know why people tell me to kill myself randomly, like I want to, the only thing stopping me is being afraid of what happens next.

I have been told this once by a commenter on YouTube. I can't tell you how angry I got, I was so angry I could even turn to Super Saiyan! I've never been angrier than I was that day.

What I hear from modern cartoon fans,modern game fans and modern music fans all the time. Yeah...these idiots think that everything modern is God's gift to the universe,while anything clssic/nostalgic is garbage.

Ah, the replies I get from any classic rock fan whenever I express my opinion, sweet eh?

7 Cancer

Whatever happened to cancer being defined as a serious health disease that people are suffering from rather than a stupid term to describe anything people hate. This can actually be very disrespectful to people who are suffering from cancer and those who had to go through losing their loved ones that suffered from cancer.

Can you guys stop getting so triggered over everything. Cancerous is a term that can also be used for stuff that is annoying and sucks but is all over the place.

I swear sometimes, but I never use swords like cancer. It's not even funny to make fun of, because it's a horrible disease. I rather drop f bombs.

As a girl who had a friend that died from cancer this being used as an insult just makes me depressed.

8 First!

God so annoying. And it's even worse when these comments are the top comments on YouTube videos and have over 1,000 likes.

My first youtube video no one comments, one hundred days later, one comment on video comment first.

I hate YouTube comment sections sometimes thanks to this.

YouTube comment sections in a nutshell.

9 Racist

One time, I was asked to say who the Stranger Things characters were (I'm not a fan), and I said "Dustin... Mike? And that black kid" and everyone jumped on me saying I was racist for calling a black person black. It's not racist! I didn't say I hated black people or anything!

"YOUR RACIST BECAUSE YOU CALLED HER BLACK" Dude, the girl is black and the guy called her black because he doesn't know her name. Besides, the guy who wrote the comment could be black too.

Liberals call Trump this all the time and it lost it's meaning.

Let's just all get along, no matter the color of skin or where you are from. it's not the 1800s

10 SJW

SJW: Kill all men/cis/straights, all men are evil, extreme views, etc.

Not an SJW: Someone with common human decency/someone who wants actual justice.

Type it and it feels like your IQ is dropping logarithmically.
Most people who say it put an apostrophe at the end, too...cringe!

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11 OMG

No one uses this apart from basic girls in 2015. But when they do it's so annoying.

It's really 2015 and only some phony teenage girls say that.

Nobody says this anymore, this word is so 2015.

Yeah nobody uses this anymore.

12 Sexist

Tumblr has left the chat.

Why does this even exist? why does sex (gender) matter? stop fighting and get along. it's not the 1800s.

13 Snowflake

Used by Republicans to take down any other candidate party making themselves look professional and so they protect trump even though trump is a dumbass b! tch racist narcissist xenophobic self centered idiotic loser and is supported by brainwashed folks who don't understand the negativity of the disapproval of a human being trump

I always see people use this word when they're trying to insult someone who is calling out someone for making a racist/sexist/ableist/homophobic joke or something and it is so annoying. People always think they automatically win the argument by calling someone a "snowflake" when, in reality, this "snowflake" is just being a decent human being.

Ah the insult, a rather stupid word to use as an insult.
Remember when snowflake used to just mean snow.

14 Daddy

You know what, I am sick to death of seeing "daddy" being used in comment sections of YouTube videos and in tumblr posts/urls by younger people. It's disgusting. Thanks to this, a lot of people (including me) have been thrown off calling our dads 'daddy' since it will make us look like freaks. Oh and a message for them: FATHER'S DAY IS NOT FOR YOUR CREEPY OBSESSION.

I've been called "daddy" by my own classmates, its creepy but funny at the same time. Oh, and its always used in dumb fan fictions.

Nothing wrong with calling your dad this, but please stop calling fictional characters and school shooters "Daddy."

Everyone calls people this and I'm just confused, like what is the point?

15 Sucks

Why It Sucks

Bullying is the most popular opinions on entire universe can go to heaven. Some good,friendly,nice,harmless people is so hated and will go to die in hell

People who complain about words suck.

Can't stand this damn word

I want to kill this word!

16 Liberal

Liberals, what cool people. Or at least better than Conservatives. Honestly many ignorant people think Liberals and SJW's are the same even though they are different

I'm not even a liberal and dear god the word has pretty much lost all it's meaning.

Why is this an insult at all? caring about people as a whole is bad? why?

17 WTF

Usless fact of the day! When reading lol your brain needs to process it but whe reading what it' automatic.

What is one supposed to reply to this?

What Why is this so high!

Watch that family

18 F***

And how! Everyone just acts like it's the best word and say it on a daily basis. Some think it's funny, but I don't find it entertaining whatsoever. As a raccoon, I just don't understand those humans sometimes...

It's not that overused on childish sites, if you go on Reddit though expect some f-bombs but on Tumblr it's a whole other level.

Should be #1. Bad words annoy me so much. Why can't everyone be nice and use nice words?

I'm not offended by it, but it is really overused. It loses all expression.

19 Bae

This should be number 1. Pronounce it right, or don't even make it a thing.

Bae means poop. (To all the people who think bae means dear)

It actually means poop in Danish.

Bad means asian pear in Korean (I think).

20 Savage

I don't why people see this as a compliment. In fifth grade, there was a group chat that everyone always talked about called Savage Squad that everyone was in except me. Oh well, I wouldn't want to be in it anyways.

Savage nowadays just means annoying behavior that is somehow considered as awesome. It really isn't. Annoying is annoying no matter what it is.

Online, the word savage means going up to a dude from the hood and kick them in the balls.

Another amazing word.

21 Ripoff

Anything that is inspired by something else is a rip-off, apparently.

Copycat: Completely free no money requirement

People: Rip Off!

All I hear is Fortnite battle royals is ripoff of PUBG(it is a ripoff, but people keep repeating it)

sounds like a increasing the level of hatedom

22 Troll

This word died around the time that Rage Comics died. I hate the sudden influx of people using this word, thinking they're "trendy" and "cool" for using a word strictly used online. Any time I see the word "troll" on this website I cringe because it's old and dead and needs to stay that way.

Nowadays it seems like it's the only word people think they can use to describe any negativity whatsoever. Really, really stupid. I've been called a troll on YouTube for telling a user to stop arguing with another. Really, really, REALLY stupid.

If u hear these the person who said that is a troll:
Spamming a spammer?
Do you want to meet girls?
Go to my kitchen
Will you put some olive oil in my ear?
I will order a rocket ship
I’m looking for you
Friend me, stranger
I ate a cotton ball
You want some sirracha?
I bought you a thousand dollar truck
I’m eating frogs
My mom talks about you
Find me in Antarctica
I made mustard rainbows

But trolls are amazing.

23 Homophobe

WARNING: If you can't handle an opinion, don't bother reading on and getting offended. This word is so damn over used! I actually don't just hate the over usage of this word. It also makes no SENSE! If you have any intellgence whatsoever, you will recognize that 'Phobia' is a suffix that is strictly used to mean 'a fear of something'. Not 'something that you find nasty or unnecessary'. So if you think about it logically, this word is dumb. As for another irritating and over-stated comment, 'Being gay isn't a choice.'. Being gay is in fact a choice. An animal or human being is designed to be physically able to reproduce with the opposite sex. NOT designed to be able to reproduce with whatever gender they prefer at that time. No animal is 'born gay' even if there are same sex animals that care for abandoned babies. The animal CHOOSES that life for itself. Just as us humans do. However, a persn can decide to date among their own gender. Also, before every comment calls me 'predjudiced' ...more

Its not a choice, do straight people choose to be straight?

Most obnoxiously overused word ever.

You get called that if you diagree with there views.


I've actually never seen anyone use this word, both online and in real life.

YOLO= Carpe diem (seize the day in Latin) for stupid people

Yolo is so dumb

YOLO = I Am An Idiot. Anyone who says this is saying I Am An Idiot.

25 lol

"LOL" is so overused that it's here twice. And yes, I feel like it's overused because it ruins the meaning if the slang abbreviation is used to respond to: EVERY. SINGLE. MESSSAGE.

The most annoying one (particularly when used sarcastically) ever since it was introduced, and it just won't die. I'm surprised it isn't ranked higher.

This and LMAO are so overused. I guarantee 99% of LOL's online are typed with a straight face. They're not filler words, people!

I hate it when people use this word in real conversations.

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