Most Overused (and Annoying) Words Online

The use of certain words that we use unnecessarily. LOL. Especially on chats, MySpace comments, texting, etc.

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1 Overrated

Overrated doesn't always mean terrible. Seriously people describe school and Justin Bieber as overrated when they are actually hated. Not to mention people describe hated movies such as The Emoji Movie as overrated. Look up the word people - codgtamk34

TheTopTens in a nutshell.

Not at all how else can we describe what is

Overrated is so overrated! - sadical

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I don't care - Pokemonfan10

Well original text words so whatever.

This is overused & really annoying. - jdramirez

I'm guilty of using these words quite a bit...

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3 Gay

Why in the heck is this an insult?! People should take pride in their sexuality and using this word in such a demeaning way is not helping. What is wrong with people?!

Not bad, but people misuse it. - Userguy44

So annoying because I hear this word everyday when I go to school and it has multiple meanings - coasterjunkie196

Glad my best friend has grown out of using this word. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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4 Cringe

Cringe in the Past:
"To cower or shrink in fear or disgust."

Cringe in the Present Day:
"To define something that you dislike or do not understand. Internet trolls use this word as an insult towards people in fandoms, with bad grammar, or both combined. Trolls, edgelords, and children also use this word to describe memes on some occasions."

I never used this word. - Userguy44

The word was used so many times, it sorta lost its definition. - Toab

Lame word.

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5 Autistic

Listen, folks. Autism is a real thing. It doesn't mean "stupid" or "cringeworthy". Rather, it is a mental condition/disorder that acts as what I call a "tilt". One side (for me, existential and linguistic intelligence) is better than average, at the cost of social skills. Now, don't get me wrong. It can be a curse far more often than a blessing. This includes when people use it to insult random things. It's offensive and outright cruel. - Cyri

Many people with autism are not stupid and have great talents as well as high intelligence. So autistic people are not stupid. - coasterjunkie196

Hey crappy immature 12 year olds, do you know what autism is? It is a spectrum disorder, not a stupid person! - coasterjunkie196

It makes me so mad when people make fun of it it is mean and it is stupid of them to make fun of it

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Keep Yourself Safe

Never, ever say ANYTHING like this to ANYONE.

The worst insult ever. I have seen it many times on YT videos. - Userguy44

This word should be banned forever!

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7 First!

Who the hell cares if you're first? What do you want, a million dollars? - codgtamk34

Nah. People write those comments cause they are not smart enough to think up an original comment. - guccigangkid69

God so annoying. And it's even worse when these comments are the top comments on YouTube videos and have over 1,000 likes. - DaWyteNight

YouTube comment sections in a nutshell. - Userguy44

Would you like a medal or a monument?

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Who uses this anymore?

Why isn't this number one? - XtheXlmao

It was overused in like 2016 - VeganTurtle

So overused. - blackflower

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10 lol

It's a guy cheering. - Cyri

"LOL" is so overused that it's here twice. And yes, I feel like it's overused because it ruins the meaning if the slang abbreviation is used to respond to: EVERY. SINGLE. MESSSAGE. - Kwaysar

It's not annoying but you see it all the time

When your typing something it’s ok cause no one can hear you laugh but in real life it’’s just weird. - AwesomeJawson

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11 Cancer

Whatever happened to cancer being defined as a serious health disease that people are suffering from rather than a stupid term to describe anything people hate. This can actually be very disrespectful to people who are suffering from cancer and those who had to go through losing their loved ones that suffered from cancer. - HoldenFanatic

As a girl who had a friend that died from cancer this being used as an insult just makes me depressed. - Ilovestephanie

I swear sometimes, but I never use swords like cancer. It's not even funny to make fun of, because it's a horrible disease. I rather drop f bombs. - Userguy44

I will always hate this word forever.

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12 Racist

The word has lost it's meaning

Especially when it’s used wrong. - blackflower

This word is so overused and annoying - christangrant

No I'm not I'm just saying this word is overused I honestly don't care about what color someone is everyone is equal. Plus where am I being racist in that comment? you're an example of why this word is overused - christangrant

13 WTF

Watch that family - VeganTurtle

Guys! Tell me what the frick what means!

What is one supposed to reply to this?

What Why is this so high! - Elina

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14 Sucks

This word SUCKS( see what I did there) - Dragon12604

This word sucks - Aquastar_of_DewClan

This word sucks. - Userguy44

What vacuum cleaners do. X-p - giddyjoker

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15 Sexist

Tumblr has left the chat. - Cyri

16 Snowflake

Ah the insult, a rather stupid word to use as an insult.
Remember when snowflake used to just mean snow.

17 Duh

Screw this word - Pokemonfan10

People sound arrogant when they say this. - Userguy44

those annoying girls flirt with this word, it makes them very annoying

like when they said it "duh, you're ugly, duh, that's gross, duh, that's crazy, duh, I hate it

my most hated word ever - ronluna

Just no. Don't 'Duh' me it seriously makes me want to hint you as hard as I possibly can.

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18 Troll

I don't like trolls - Pokemonfan10

Not a big deal. - Userguy44

But trolls are amazing. - DarkBoi-X

He's the one that won't let the goats cross the bridge. X-p - giddyjoker

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19 Liberal

This word used to refer to anything that was related to liberalism, but nowadays, it's virtually a useless buzzword along with "conservative". I highly do not recommend making a drinking game out of this word and its variants. Same thing goes with "conservative" and its variants. - WindWakerFan

I'm not even a liberal and dear god the word has pretty much lost all it's meaning. - Swellow


YOLO=You only laugh once - Pokemonfan10

YOLO = I Want To Kill Myself

2012 just called. - shiftaltkey

Just used to justify being stupid - blackflower

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21 Literally

This literally should be no. 3 on the list. - PageEmperor

This is literally the most annoying thing ever. I am literally dying inside reading this. - Cyri

I hate the fact this word is losing its meaning thanks to people using it for things that aren't literal. For example if someone got a bad grade on their essay, saying 'my teacher literally took a dump on my essay' is essentially saying their teacher pulled their pants down and pooped right on it. Just take 'literally' out and that statement would be fine. - Entranced98

22 Daddy

Like those who call fictional characters "Daddy" - ElSherlock

Everyone calls people this and I'm just confused, like what is the point?

I can't speak with my dad because the new meaning of this word

You know what, I am sick to death of seeing "daddy" being used in comment sections of YouTube videos and in tumblr posts/urls by younger people. It's disgusting. Thanks to this, a lot of people (including me) have been thrown off calling our dads 'daddy' since it will make us look like freaks. Oh and a message for them: FATHER'S DAY IS NOT FOR YOUR CREEPY OBSESSION. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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23 F***

Not annoying, people can swear if they want. This website just doesn't allow this word - codgtamk34

I'm not offended by it, but it is really overused. It loses all expression. - Cyri

Bad words suck (another word on this list)

How is this a bad word? - Userguy44

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24 Homophobe

WARNING: If you can't handle an opinion, don't bother reading on and getting offended. This word is so damn over used! I actually don't just hate the over usage of this word. It also makes no SENSE! If you have any intellgence whatsoever, you will recognize that 'Phobia' is a suffix that is strictly used to mean 'a fear of something'. Not 'something that you find nasty or unnecessary'. So if you think about it logically, this word is dumb. As for another irritating and over-stated comment, 'Being gay isn't a choice.'. Being gay is in fact a choice. An animal or human being is designed to be physically able to reproduce with the opposite sex. NOT designed to be able to reproduce with whatever gender they prefer at that time. No animal is 'born gay' even if there are same sex animals that care for abandoned babies. The animal CHOOSES that life for itself. Just as us humans do. However, a persn can decide to date among their own gender. Also, before every comment calls me 'predjudiced' ...more

Grr... Not everyone is a 'homophobe'' stop saying this garbage

25 Elitist

I've seen this word a few times and I'm guilty of using it to describe people who are pricks about music. - shiftaltkey

Aka a word that has no meaning because everyone can be considered one - christangrant

26 Epic Fail!

2011 just called. - shiftaltkey

This fad is an epic fail! - Ashes

I want to punch someone in the face when I hear this the fad just won't end and it's not even cool. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Say this all the time...

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27 Salty

I can be pretty salty, if I do say so myself. - IceFoxPlayz

This describes some poor English teacher's tears. - Cyri

Is this Peppa Pig's brother? X-p - giddyjoker

That describes my fries.

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28 Man

esp when used to a girl "You're going down man! " - ronluna

29 Butthurt

Is this what happens to someone after being kicked in the rear end? X-p - giddyjoker

I don't like butthurt people because they get offended so DAMN EASILY - AlphaQ

30 Noob

So Overused

What about if someone spelt noob like this n00b.

N = Necks are getting breaked because of you
O = oH mY gOd
B = by the way all of them because of you. - XtheXlmao

It’s just rude
Just because someone is new doesn’t mean you can pick on them

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31 Terrible
32 Bro

And I thought the words "buddy" and "dude" were annoying

That guy that got tazed in Florida used this one. X-p - giddyjoker

I don't think its annoying when they say it in a positive sentence, but in a negative sentence, and if they use it all the time, its annoying!

You should only use "bro" if you're African American. Nothing more pathetic than little white kids trying to be as cool as black people and throwing "bro" in every sentence. Ultimate cringer : "U mad, Bro? ". Awful.

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33 Poser
34 Swag

What does it even mean? - blackflower

SWAG means secretly we are gay

35 Selfie

The annoying word to end all annoying words

Guys I like gotta take a selfie cause I look so hot and haters gonna hate rofl I have so much swag and #dope bros you just saw an annoying sentence right there

In.. The dictionary. What has the world become?

But first...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE! *plays The Chainsmoker's song audio*

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36 Bae

Bae means poop. (To all the people who think bae means dear)

Bae actually means sh**. - HistorianaPhilippiniana

Yes, one of my friends (now my enemy) used to use this too much. "HOW YOU GOING BAE? WHERE'S MY BAE? CAN I HAVE A HUG, BAE? " - WheresMyGuitarPick

Never heard of this one before. Variant of the girl's name Bea or Bee, maybe? Hm... - giddyjoker

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37 Lolol

And I though just one "laugh out loud" was annoying.. Now kids have to add in another one just to piss us off even more

This isn't really a saying. It's just a bunch of Ol's after the Lol.

38 Savage

Online, the word savage means going up to a dude from the hood and kick them in the balls. - VeganTurtle

I don't why people see this as a compliment. In fifth grade, there was a group chat that everyone always talked about called Savage Squad that everyone was in except me. Oh well, I wouldn't want to be in it anyways. - sadical

Savage nowadays just means annoying behavior that is somehow considered as awesome. It really isn't. Annoying is annoying no matter what it is. - NuMetalManiak

39 Holla

Well. If you are writing something one can reply to, then obviously one will write back. No need to state it.

I'm confused does it mean hello or reply?

What does it mean? - 0744rose

Holla sounds like both Hola and hula, and it is NOT a word.

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40 -Ass

Goodass, fatass, kickass... Can you stop adding ass to every word?!

Any word that has ass in it is seriously annoying. The word badass is extremely overused.

What a Bad-Ass idea. (It's bad.)

Oh there's this badass kickass flavorass cheesyass new social network and it has funckyass superass coolass - Cheeseduck

41 Dank

Good memes though. - DarkBoi-X

Short form of dunk tank? X-p - giddyjoker

What does this even mean?

"What does this even mean? "
I think you must be talking about "Dank Memes" which are yet more unfunnier and not really dank version of memes. Honestly, I think wet is better word but, still dank is mostly used just for memes.

42 Free
43 Fortnite

I don't like fortnite - Pokemonfan10

When I see this cursed word of a Battle Royale game, I'm going to burn it to the ground. - jdramirez

9 year olds GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HOUSE - XtheXlmao

What? Why? - sadical

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44 Meh

Roblox community in a shellnut - XtheXlmao

45 Ripoff

When someone takes the tag off the pillow... X-p - giddyjoker

All I hear is Fortnite battle royals is ripoff of PUBG(it is a ripoff, but people keep repeating it) - VeganTurtle

46 Bitch

Lasagna - Bammer73

47 Illuminati

Oh, well I like conspiracy theories about the Illuminati. - sadical

Not the word, but the theory about it is kinda annoying, because it doesn’t make sense at all. - Userguy44

There's like, these really annoying (whatever you want) is ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! videos on youtube where they put unrealistic reasons that don't even make sense why something is illuminati. It's so annoying!

48 Obviously
49 Yo


I like saying this word... - sadical

"yo"... Uhmm, yes... And?

Why are people on this site like I was born in the wrong generation because Yoko and swag annoys me?

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50 Chilling

Who put you in the freezer!?

It means hanging out. What is with these pplz

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