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21 Bro

I don't think its annoying when they say it in a positive sentence, but in a negative sentence, and if they use it all the time, its annoying!

You should only use "bro" if you're African American. Nothing more pathetic than little white kids trying to be as cool as black people and throwing "bro" in every sentence. Ultimate cringer : "U mad, Bro? ". Awful.

I am not your bro. Especially if it's to say "F you, bro"

Hey BRO! WhATS UP? Just CHILL - 0744rose

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22 Dank
23 Racist

This word is so overused and annoying - christangrant

No I'm not I'm just saying this word is overused I honestly don't care about what color someone is everyone is equal. Plus where am I being racist in that comment? - christangrant

24 Holla

Well. If you are writing something one can reply to, then obviously one will write back. No need to state it.

I'm confused does it mean hello or reply?

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25 Stat padding

Sort of... on TTT - Lucretia

26 Noob

No, I am not a noob. I am a noob to the server/game. But I am not a noob overall.

Come on this one is obvious.

27 What's up?

What if nothing is "UP"? What happened to "How are you", it's way more caring than what's up!

You answer "The sky, clouds, and the sun" when people ask you this - kaitlynrad11

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28 Your Mum!
29 Illuminati
30 Yo

"yo"... Uhmm, yes... And?

If you mean yes or you say yes or you, don't try to sound uneducated. I especially hate this word online. - Lucretia

Why are people on this site like I was born in the wrong generation because Yoko and swag annoys me?

This is the word my elder sister uses she uses yo instead of's so annoying... - 0744rose

31 Butthurt

I don't like butthurt people because they get offended so DAMN EASILY - AlphaQ

32 Chilling/Chill

Who put you in the freezer!?

Dumb word. Sounds immature - Lucretia

It means hanging out. What is with these pplz

33 Pwned

What does that even mean? Is it supposed to be like owned, but with an intentional typo?

I agree with the person right below me.

Didn't this die in the great originality recession of 2012? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

People still use this one? Wow. - Entranced98

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34 K

Whats annoying in this - 0744rose

Okay is also overused... - Lucretia

I use this all the time, what's wrong with it

People:I hate this word it needs to stop it's overused and annoying
me:k - SkaiSlays

35 Savage

Savage nowadays just means annoying behavior that is somehow considered as awesome. It really isn't. Annoying is annoying no matter what it is. - NuMetalManiak

It means something around ferocius animal. Not a good thing, who wants to be called a ferocius animal? - Lucretia

36 -Ass

Goodass, fatass, kickass... Can you stop adding ass to every word?!

Any word that has ass in it is seriously annoying. The word badass is extremely overused.

What a Bad-Ass idea. (It's bad.)

Oh there's this badass kickass flavorass cheesyass new social network and it has funckyass superass coolass - Cheeseduck

37 Legit

Are you, like, legit?

38 Homophobe

Depends on if they are joking or not. - Lucretia

39 Elitist

Overused of course. Every one is a elitist theoretically, so it is not a bad thing. Who thinks other peoples opinions are better then they're own? - Lucretia

Aka a word that has no meaning because everyone can be considered one - christangrant

40 FTW

What does this even mean? "Find the Water", "Fear the Whale"?!? Someone tell me what this means please. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It means for the win

For The Win

It means F*** The World.

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