Most Overused (and Annoying) Words Online

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41 Selfie

The annoying word to end all annoying words

In.. The dictionary. What has the world become?

Guys I like gotta take a selfie cause I look so hot and haters gonna hate rofl I have so much swag and #dope bros you just saw an annoying sentence right there

So Annoying that its Everywhere! Goodbye Privacy! :P

42 Clickbait
43 Chillax

An example of illiterates combining 2 words for their own use. The idiots are slowly taking over the world!

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44 Epic

Epic fail, epic win... Does it ever end? Please "EPIC" is not cool any more. Unless it is needed to be said. Understood?

45 Cancer

This is actually the worst, it should be 1 - venomouskillingmachine

Joint with autistic as an insult this is flat out awful - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

46 Geez
47 So V 1 Comment
48 Hella
49 Crap V 2 Comments
50 Jerk

esp when girls used it when they find something stupid
"You're a jerk! " - ronluna

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51 Dope Dope
52 Hater
53 Bitch
54 Corny
55 Woot
56 So what?
57 Lolol

And I though just one "laugh out loud" was annoying.. Now kids have to add in another one just to piss us off even more

This isn't really a saying. It's just a bunch of Ol's after the Lol.

58 F*** You (British Version)
59 lol

It's not annoying but you see it all the time

60 Dawg
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