Most Overused Concepts and Phrases We Use to Describe Films

The concepts and words more specifically we use when we describe or review a film.

Lets be honest we all use them and sometimes incorrectly.

The Top Ten

1 Overrated

Every film or song we don't like very much but many seem to love it - Szonana

Like people sat Godfather and Forrest Gump - zxm

2 Underrated

Every song or film which not everyone likes like we do - Szonana

3 Boring

Any film which is longer than 2 hours or Slow Peaced - Szonana

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4 Classic

Every film we get excited about or we love we always claim oh it's a classic or it will be considered a classic in 20 years. - Szonana

5 Pretentious
6 Critics are not always right

When we like films with low ratings - Szonana

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7 You didn't get it

The most used phrase when it comes to defend a movie we liked which seems a little more difficult to understand. - Szonana

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8 It was too long

When we didn't like a movie we weren't in the mood to watch - Szonana

9 How could you not like it?

Its our first expression when we defend a movie we loved but someone else - Szonana

10 You didn't pay attention

It's another way to say : You didn't get it - Szonana

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11 This movie sucks V 1 Comment
12 The worst movie ever V 1 Comment
13 Good graphics
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