Top 10 Overused Female Scenarios In Movies or TV

In every movie the girl falls for the guy in the end or she is damsled despite how awesome. These are the top 10 over used Female scenarios in movies and television.

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1 The damsel in distress

Like Sansa Stark in "Game of Thrones" or Princess Buttercup in "The Princess Bride" the female character has to be damsel at one point, every episode, or for the entire plot. This is annoying especially if it is clear that the girls are abel to save themselves. What really bites is even if the girl is a total bad ass she will get damsel at some point. Ouch. - EeveeMudkip

The movies that make women generally look dumb and helpless are bad influences on people. If anything, it's brutally demeaning. - PositronWildhawk

By far the most insulting stereotype. - keycha1n

You know it, keycha1n, especially when the damsel in distress acts defenseless and is girly.

2 In every movie group, there seems to only be one or two female members

I still don't get why they make it so there's just one girl, and the rest are guys. Bugs me lots. - Turkeyasylum

In movies and T.V. you can have the classic all masculine guy trio that has only one or two female members. Even though the girls can be portrayed as highly intelligent and bad ass, sometimes they are undermined by their male colleauges. - EeveeMudkip

3 The girl and the guy end up together

No matter what it seems that a movie that pairs a female and male lead into the plot the two characters have to enter a relationship by the end of the movie or T.V. series. Its not just romantic comedies that do this, this happens in a bunch of genres as well. - EeveeMudkip

But They Can Be Interesting

4 The pretty girls are always the meanest

Granted just because you look good and are popular does not necessarily mean you are a bad person in real life. However, especially in the high school genre, the popular girls are always portrayed as mean spirited or un-intelligent. The only positive side about this is that it teaches how unkindness destroys you in the end. A classic example of the mean girl scenario can be found in the 1989 film "The Heathers" or the T.V. series "Beverly Hills 90210". - EeveeMudkip

5 Girls are involved in stereo-typical girly trends

Commonly portrayed in chick flick genres, girls can be portrayed taking interest in very common trends. This includes a wide range of trends from shopping to talking about boys. This represents a lack of diversity in female characters portrayed in the media. - EeveeMudkip

*cough* Liv and Maddie *cough* Disney Channel period. - FrozenisOverrated

6 The girl getting a makeover

Especially common in the romantic comedy and chick flick genre, there is sometimes one point where a girl gets a make over to either please someone or better her self image. This teaches girls in real life that sometimes you should change your appearance to make your self feel better and please other people. In reality, movies and T.V. shows should be teaching girls to accept themselves rather than change themselves. - EeveeMudkip

7 Having a jerky husband or boyfriend

Like in the 2011 film "Bridesmaids", the lead is seen having a sleezy boyfriend whom she stays with until the end of the movie. This is annoying since female characters tend to put up this jerk for a while when they could have left the bastard right then and there. - EeveeMudkip

8 Being the apple of a guys eye

Again, this is very common in a lot of T.V. and Movie. It goes as the guy is seeking ou the courtship of a girl whom he has a crush on. This shows that women are viewed as a prize rather than a human being. - EeveeMudkip

9 Being portrayed as bitchy

In a lot of office and comedy genres there is that one stone cold co-worker or bitchy female friend. Even though the cynical persona is used for satirical purposes and for laughs, it has come to the point where it is just plain boring. - EeveeMudkip

For some reason its usually the black hair-fair or somewhat tan girls
There's other bitchy ones as well in every race

10 Should I stay or should I go?

Especially with love triangles. The girl sometimes is forced to make a decision between two guys, or what is best for her. - EeveeMudkip

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11 As a Toy

I don't get it, usually in films that are full of action and such that the girl haves a lot of sex. The woman I'm talking about is the tan brunette. Sure, some maybe but what about other girls?

12 Teen pregnancy
13 Sexism
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