Top 10 Most Overused Metal Fan Stereotypes


The Top Ten

1 That all metal heads are satanic

I'm not a metalhead (I'm a fan of electronic music) but this is just wrong. A bunch of Black Metal bands are satanic but most metal fans listen to Heavy Metal and even Alternative Metal. Saying that all metal fans are satanic is like saying all rappers are cop killers.-TheCoolGuy1

2 That all metal fans hate pop music
3 That all metal fans are elitists
4 That all metal fans disrespect opinions of people who like other genres of music

Actually, I have no idea how one can judge a person on the basis of their music tastes
..Because it doesn't make sense people! Haha! , I would like to say - that I mind my business when it comes to disrespecting others, Like what you like, simple! - Ananya

5 That all metal fans are closed minded
6 That all metal fans are terrible people

I've said this before but it's worth saying again. Metal fans are the friendliest, most laidback and easy-going people I've ever met. I have two brothers; both of whom are severe metalheads with huge hearts and smiles. - Britgirl

7 That all metal fans are stupid
8 That all metal fans listen to is metal

We listen to it mainly, yes, but we like other genres! - Metalhead1997

I really like Heavy Metal music(Especially Alternative Metal,Power Metal,some Metalcore and some Thrash Metal) but ny favorite music genre is industrial(A genre of electronic music with dark and provocative lyrics that sounds epic when combined with Rock music) and I also like l also like some Rap,Dubstep,Punk Rock and Alternative.-DarkBoi-X

9 That all metal fans have little knowledge of music

I actually know a lot about it. - Metalhead1997

10 That all metal fans think metal is the only good genre
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