Top 10 Most Overused Metal Fan Stereotypes


The Top Ten

1 That all metal heads are satanic
2 That all metal fans hate pop music
3 That all metal fans are elitists
4 That all metal fans disrespect opinions of people who like other genres of music

Actually, I have no idea how one can judge a person on the basis of their music tastes
..Because it doesn't make sense people! Haha! , I would like to say - that I mind my business when it comes to disrespecting others, Like what you like, simple! - Ananya

5 That all metal fans are closed minded
6 That all metal fans are terrible people

I've said this before but it's worth saying again. Metal fans are the friendliest, most laidback and easy-going people I've ever met. I have two brothers; both of whom are severe metalheads with huge hearts and smiles. - Britgirl

7 That all metal fans are stupid
8 That all metal fans listen to is metal

We listen to it mainly, yes, but we like other genres! - Metalhead1997

9 That all metal fans have little knowledge of music

I actually know a lot about it. - Metalhead1997

10 That all metal fans think metal is the only good genre
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