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21 Caption Memes

Seriously, where did all the effort go?
In the early years of this decade, we had Dolan or Rage comics, Nyan cat, and MANY other memes including caption memes. At least making those memes took effort to make, but caption memes are seriously taking over the internet. It's like caption memes are the only memes we have. Look up "memes" on Google and what you get are nothing but caption memes. What pisses me off the most about them in my opinion is not just how unfunny they can be, but mostly how lazily they are made. Some toddler can simply look up a caption generator on Google and make his/her own memes under 30 seconds. It's just too easy, too lazy, and too overdone. ENOUGH WITH THE CAPTION MEMES! - Poopglonk

22 Darude - Sandstorm
23 Lazytown Lazytown

Yes Lazytown can be funny at times, but the memes need to die out already.

24 Flappy Bird

I never understood what makes Flappy Bird so special. It's just a game like anyone else. Good thing it got deleted. - Comi03

25 Undertale
26 Undertale Hatred V 1 Comment
27 "I herd u liek mudkipz"

I'm surprised this wasn't here yet. I guess I'll add it.
If you're a Pokemon fan, you see this everywhere! It's not funny, but people think it's funny and clever each time it's used, and they think it gets funnier each time it's used. It's not.

V 1 Comment
28 Grand Dad V 1 Comment
29 Cavebob/Spongegar

I see this spongebob caveman everywhere. please end it or make it dead

30 Cats

The Internet loves cats, and I have to agree, cats are really cute, but when you begin to discuss every cat video on YouTube, my head explodes! Cats are funny, but when you watch them again and again and again every night, doesn't it get boring? - Comi03

31 Anaconda
32 Five Nights at Freddy's
33 Ugly Mr Krabs Face (NO MOAR)
34 I'm Really Feeling It
35 Genocide Sans
36 Edgy

Edgy is a mlg term for really cool, kids think they are so edgy. Most Annoying Word you would hear from the mlg edgelords. - Super64Mario

37 Ear Rape
38 I Crie Everytiem (I Cry Every Time)
39 Bee Movie
40 Gabe the Dog

Overplayed and entirely overrated. Won't be popular by the end of the year, thank God. Utter garbage - just the same stupid sound effect played over and over.

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