Most Overused Rants on Deviantart

Ah rants.. You mostly see them on the first section of a user's DA Journal and Youtube. They bitch and moan about how such a problem occurs through DA, yet we see them everyday. Here's are the Top Ten most overused rants on Deviantart.

The Top Ten

1 Mary Sues

I hate Mary Sues/Gary Stus. But attacking the creator just for having a Mary Sue/Gary Stu is just petty and stupid.

Why can't there be a rant on HOME: Adventures With Tip And Oh?

Indeed a term that is made by butthurt fanboys - EdgyDoll510

Yes the classical lazy criticism of defying bad characters aka "Mary sues". Well since 2011, Mary sues had became a serious issue on DA. People were doing countless witch-hunts, warning, and constantly starting flame wars, if your character isn't developed like people want it to be. Now since this is 2017, people realized that the term is overused and I agree it needs to die now. Of course the term help us to prevent from making bad characters but simply, the completeness of that term never lasted. Of course there's always that uncertainty of knowing that term, and people will define it for you. For instance person A says :" what's a Mary sue? " and Person B with it's snobbish charms will say " Well a Mary sue is a blah blah blah perfect character Blah blah overpowered Blah..." Even if you're making characters, people will pop up rudely and say "Mary sue" without any hesitation. Honestly we have seen enough and know enough about Mary sues. For ...more - EdgyDoll510

2 Furries/Fetish Art

Keep the inflation and all the other fetishes private please. - Katildalover93

Here's a little something to fix this problem, and it's SO simple, you use NO effort. Just look at SFW Furry artwork and avoid NSFW Furry artwork. It's not hard.

3 Art/Recolor Thieves

I'm tired of these idiots. Why can't they come up with their own ideas? - Katildalover93

Ughh sometimes I'm tired of seeing journals like oh " Beware of this or Beware of That" Just report the guy already. No need to spread attention for Brownie points. You're an artist not some DA wannabe version of youtube heroes. - EdgyDoll510

4 Deviantart Users

Same goes to DA users, reporting someone for brownie points for attention on a Journal and not self reporting or self managing. - EdgyDoll510

5 DA Drama
6 Fandoms
7 Deviantart Admins
8 Ranters vs Ranters
9 Infamous People ex. (chris-chan, Yoshiwii, Akaidalia)

TheHyenasSBE, too.

10 Shippings

The Contenders

11 Johnny Test Johnny Test Johnny Test is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, for the first season, and Cookie Jar, for the remainder of the series.
12 Fan characters
13 Cartoons
14 New Deviantart interface
15 Anime
16 Deviantart Sucks

How you gon go on the DA forums and then say you hate yo own website? That’s just sad.

17 Gaming
18 Self Inserts
19 Bondage/Gagged

Me: Oh no it's the 50 year old Godzilla!
And I must run now!

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