Top 10 Most Overused Rock Fan Stereotypes on TheTopTens

Rock Fans on this site constantly have to put up with these stereotypes.

The Top Ten

1 That we only listen to rock

Not the case at all I listen to Blues, Indie, Punk, Metal, Classical, Soul, R & B, Jazz, Funk, and Folk.

2 That we're all closed minded

No we're not all close minded, just because one person is doesn't make a entire group close minded.

3 That we're all stupid

Great List all of these stereotypes are stupid and untrue statements made by Pop Extremists - christangrant

Unfair to assume that to be honest.

4 That we don't respect opinions

I respect opinions just fine.

5 That we think rock's the only good genre

I don't think that all to be honest.

6 That all rock and metal fans are elitists

Not all of us are Eltlists most of the people who say this are Pop Eltlists - christangrant

7 That we hate all pop music

I only hate Modern Pop, however I can tolerate old pop like Michael Jackson so don't assume things.

8 That we don't listen to pop music

Again, how would you know? I listen to some pop like MJ, Prince or even George Michael so not the case what so ever.

9 That we allĀ have little knowledge about music

Again, this is not something to assume unless you can back it up since you can't, what's the point of assuming it?

10 That we hate all genres except rock and metal

Not true at all to be honest.

The Contenders

11 That we're all terrible people

Some are, some aren't not all are like that.

12 All rock fans are white

Not true, I'm a Latino who likes to listen to Cage the Elephant and The Arctic Monkeys.

13 We are unhygienic

Excuse me? Where did you get that from? I shower every day and just because my appearance might scare you, it doesn't mean I am unfriendly. I sacrifice myself for others on a daily basis and I am saying Hello like a friendly neighbor to everyone in my village.

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