Top 10 Most Overused Stereotypes in Fiction

PLEASE NOTE: The images that appear in this list are images of characters that completely embody the stereotypes that they appear as examples of in this list.
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1 The Black Brutish Criminal

A very racist one that has resulted in quite a few of the most annoying characters ever (Street Fighter's Balrog and Rocky's Clubber, for starters)

Yup, pretty racist.

2 The Asian Martial Artist Ryu is a video game player character created by Capcom, the protagonist of the Street Fighter series.

A good way to subvert this one is by making your Asian Martial Artist not actually be very good at martial arts (cough, with Dan Hibiki being a prime example when compared to basically all of the other Street Fighters, cough)

3 The Weak Woman

Implies that women absolutely cannot survive without men

It’s getting better nowadays, though

eXuSe Me-?
Women are not weak >:0

4 The Fat Idiot Heffer Wolfe is a fictional character on the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name.

Heffer Wolfe quite-easily is THE most blatant example of this one that has appeared in a mainstream television show so far

5 The Brave, Honorable and Patriotic American Soldier

Well, at least Waylon subverts this stereotype in Advance Wars
(mostly because he embodies what the United States actually are beneath their infamous "beautiful land of the proud and brave" facade)

Basically the All American Hero.

6 The Pompous British Narcissist

Toys For Bob's version of N. Tropy embodies this stereotype so blatantly that it almost isn't even funny, but said character version is merely one of MILLIONS of utterly obnoxious Morrissey caricatures that fiction has featured so far (why do people keep forgetting about the fact that MANY of the real world's British people actually are quite poor and very-largely live off of some of THE worst and most ridiculously unhealthy types of junk food on Earth?)

7 The Cool Black Gangster

Jules Winnfield and Quentin Tarantino's Django come to mind

8 The American Idiot
9 The Arrogant Asian Jerk

A character of this type will nearly-always do at least one of these things:
1) Have an expensive and fancy car/vehicle
2) Think that absolutely everyone else is inferior to him/her
3) Generally be an annoying hypocrite that everyone hates

Courage ended like 20 years ago lol

10 The German Villain
The Contenders
11 The Beautiful but Brainless Woman
12 The Mexican Bandit

This one was ALL over movies during the 20th century

13 The Stupid Hillbilly Herbert Garrison is a recurring character in the American animated television series South Park. He is voiced by Trey Parker.

Automatically expect any one of these characters to have an incredibly thick Southern United States accent and/or be blatantly racist

14 The Body Building Austrian

Basically the Arnold Schwarzenegger like character.

15 The Grumpy Old Man
16 The Bratty Rich Girl
17 The Man Hating Woman
18 The Dumb Dad

Overweight, slovenly, bad at his job, clueless (though sometimes loving) parent ... but somehow has a wife who is way too hot or intelligent than would ever be believable irl

19 The Dumb Blonde
20 The Jerk Jock
21 The Asian Genius
22 The French Weakling/Coward
23 The Sexy Spaniard
24 The Wimpy Jew
25 The Overprotective Parents
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