Most Overused Types of Assignments Teachers Give Out in School


The Top Ten

1 Homework Homework

Shouldn't even be used at all - christangrant

How original... and a creative well thought out assignment, so detailed

It wastes time. that's why I don't do my math homework and turn it in 3 days late - Manlypants

As if 6-8 hours of school per day wasn’t teaching us enough - AliciaMae

2 Warm Ups

These are stupid as hell - christangrant

These are really stupid,especially since your about to learn about it - Manlypants

3 Essays Essays

There is absolutely nothing worse than having to type 3-5 pages on a topic that you don't even care about. (unless it tells you to tell about an experience with or an opinion on something)

In 9th grade, I had to write a 10 page book report... school sucked back then. Now they have computers... - KingSlayer93316

4 Tests
5 Crossword Puzzles

Or basically what Teachers use when they run out of ideas - christangrant

My social stidies teacher give these to us all the time saying they're "fun" - Manlypants

6 Word Search Puzzle

See Crossword Puzzles - christangrant

We’re not in first grade...

7 Math Problems
8 Poems

I hate analyzing them. It's so hard!

I always hated writing them. Whenever I did, I would get an F. And analyzing them sucked! - KingSlayer93316

9 Projects

All projects do are overworking your kid.

10 Review Packets

The Contenders

11 Questions that are answered during a movie

Oh yeah these are pointless - christangrant


My science teacher makes us do this all the time. One time she ssid she was gonna gives us a gift since wewere good and it was a video quiz - Manlypants

Worst assignment ever when you are watching a stupid movie.

12 What did you do over the [Insert Holiday Break Here] Assignments

Why do teachers need to know about our personal lives and why do they always give these assignments you don't learn anything from them, screw all types of these assignments. - christangrant

My family is boring. We don't do a lot of stuff over the holidays. So when we have to write this, I basically have nothing to say because we didn't even do anything fun or interesting.

Summer reading. It was boring and a waste of time! - KingSlayer93316

13 What will you do when you grow up assignments

Why do you need to know? I don't know it could be several things I haven't decided. - christangrant

Name: Some random Asian kid

When I grow up I'm going to be a doctor because my parents want me to do so. The end.

14 Science fair Science fair
15 What did you do over the summer break assignments

See " What did you do over the [Insert Holiday Break Here] Assignments"

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