Most Overused Types of Assignments Teachers Give Out in School

The Top Ten Most Overused Types of Assignments Teachers Give Out in School

1 Homework

Most of these people are 12 years olds who do poorly in school so they blame the school itself.
Get this, it's actually you.
I do all my work, try my best, and make good grades.
School is fair, and if you don't do well it's because of you.
Even if a teacher sucks, you could learn the material online.
Homework is how you practice what you're learning. Tests see how well you're doing and help the teacher. These things are neccesary. And some people can't even get a good education, be grateful! Knowledge is power! Stop blaming everyone and everything around you and realize that you just need to try harder at school. - SheWolfCloud

Wow agreed. People in general should be more thankful that they can go to school and have an education. - DarkBoi-X

Well duh. Literally 100% of people should think this unless a teacher gives out too much tests or stuff, but its usually homework.

Teachers don't particularly enjoy having to grade it, either

I used to get homework every day for writing out my spelling words 5 times and reading for 20 mins - trains45

2 Essays

Ahh! I have an essay due tomorrow and I'm surfing the internet. Odd.

My biggest problem with these is they give you a weird topic and expect two pages when the topic could be answered in like 3 paragraphs - Randomator

Even though I'm actually kinda good at most of these, I hate these only because they usually include a topic I don't care about, especially in English class. - Jasmine21064

How about the fact you have to make like a 2 page essay over something that can be explained in a paragraph or two. - Stalin

3 Tests

Ok, this I can agree with. I'd say we should give them at the end of each semester. - DarkBoi-X

It doesn't even help you with your learning. Nope. It's an inaccurate assessment for teachers to have a broad vision of how well you are doing in a topic. That's it. Oh and it torments students when they get a bad grade.

Gosh I hate tests waste your youth studying on a crappy topic you are gonna forget in a week. I hate tests so much, stress builds up especially when u get a bad grade. This is especially worst in high school when kids start to get jobs or do an extracurricular activity. Also the worst part about tests is when they are on Monday geez waste of a relaxing weekend just studying

The stress you already had from homework has been MULTIPLIED!

4 Warm ups

Same thing can apply out of school in a good ol' round of Mario Party, lost a minigame because I won the practice round - Maddox121

More like waste your brain power before the lesson starts so you get a bad grade - Yoshidude

More like "Waste all your energy before the actual assignment starts; so you get a bad grade."

These are stupid as hell - christangrant

5 Math problems

This says a lot about our society

Easy - Yoshidude

6 Crossword puzzles

Or basically what Teachers use when they run out of ideas - christangrant

I enjoy them as I usually do them at a faster rate than other students - Kwaysar

What easier than other assimgent - Yoshidude


7 Word search puzzle

See Crossword Puzzles - christangrant

They stress me out - DumbWays2DieFan

These were hard sometimes - trains45

I suck at these - Yoshidude

8 Projects

What assignments are about:

Testing what you've learned.

Projects? Yeah no. They test what you've learned, but the grade is mostly on being high quality. I once made a map of Asia, and even though I got everything right, I had to redo it because it was low quality. - Jawsome274

The only projects I liked were the ones that involve the following:
1. Drawing (specifically on paper with pencils and coloring pencils)
2. Writing your own story from scratch (especially when I'm not given a specific prompt. And excluding poetry)
3. Basically any subject that really interests me (which, unfortunately, is rare...)
Any project not including these two usually bore/annoy me. - Jasmine21064

Projects should be tailored to a student's preferences as they can be fun if it suits that student. - Kwaysar

All projects do are overworking your kid.

9 Poems

Poem analysis sucks just if the teacher only accepts his/her own opinion. Otherwise you can show your personality. - Alkadikce

Even though I get perfect scores on poem analysis assignments, it's a waste of time because I'm not even interested in having a career in the literary department. Heck, I will be in Honors English on my freshman year so yeah... - Kwaysar

So dumb. You won't use them in real life.

I spit 'em though. - RobertWisdom

10 Questions that are answered during a movie

I had film studies in grade 10 and the teacher would pause it and ask questions or explain a part, it got annoying sometimes - trains45

I hate this so much. I always miss like 2-3 questions. Like seriously just let me enjoy the damn movie - Randomator

Very annoying. You come into class and your teacher is like we are going to watch a movie today and the class cheers then when it is finished I will ask some questions and/or give you a worksheet to complete. How annoying Might as well do normally class work. Hate this.

I hate this! You think you are going to watch a movie and do nothing in class and bam! The teacher hands out worksheets. It's way worst if it's a pop quiz about the movie after its over. Because most of the time I don't pay attention in educational movies if I do not think I have to because they're boring. Doing an actual assignment is not as boring to me.I always miss a few because some of the questions they barely mention. Sometimes I don't hear what they said and it's not like the teachers is going to rewind the movie when one person didon't hear correctly. - Chloe21

The Contenders

11 Review packets

Yep. Typical. - shiftaltkey

12 Short answer

Actually kind of hard because on tests and for questions you don't know what to say. I always turn mine into long answers

13 Book reports

Refer to my comment on the projects section about dirt projects - DumbWays2DieFan

Actually kill me - Amaimon


14 What did you do over the [Insert Holiday Break Here] Assignments

I had to do a summer holiday bingo game on my 2nd day of high school and had to ask people what they did and people had to ask me what I did - trains45

These are great! If there's one good way to learn about different subjects, it's about making connections with things you enjoy! - Jawsome274

I personally don't get these assignments. The teacher instead just ask us about our break and only a few gets chosen to tell the whole class about what happened. I'm never one of those students, and I glad about that mainly because I personally don't believe that my class would even care about what I did even if something really cool happened, unless it's about my birthday. - Jasmine21064

Also, these assignments seem pretty much pointless if you ask me. I mean, the teacher is basically forcing the whole class to tell him/her about their break in the form of writing. Whoever does this needs to stop with the assignments and instead just ask the whole class about it and choose a few of them. - Jasmine21064

15 Summer assignments (ex. Summer reading)

Ugh. I hate these assignments so much. The worst one, in my opinion, is Summer reading assignments because I'm usually forced to make an essay about a book/article I will most likely not care about and/or get bored from. The worst part is that, if I do terrible, my English grade will drop during the beginning of the year, though only by a little. - Jasmine21064

These do nothing good for us. All they do is ruin our summer break. The point of summer break is so we can take a break from all the work that way we can spend time with our families and friends or go on a holiday. Homework was bad enough but summer homework is way worse. Not to mention this also causes arguments. Dear teachers, leave our summer breaks alone. We had enough work at school and we want a break. All your doing is causing arguments and taking away our opportunity to have fun. - HoldenFanatic

This is stupid. How can they give these out when you won't even be in the same class? - RobertWisdom

At the end of the school year in 8th grade (when I was in it), we were given 3 books to read over the summer. Then, when we went to 9th grade, we had to write separate book reports for ALL 3 books, and it had to be 10 PARAGRAPHS with at least 20-25 sentences EACH!

Also, "Teacher decides to be cruel by giving kids Summer Reading over the summer to come back to write an essay about the book that they probably didn't read" cliche - KingSlayer93316

16 Study guide
17 What will you do when you grow up assignments

I want to be a music critic when I grow up!

Teacher: Why that choose a real job - oneshot

I don’t even know what I want to be.

They said you can be anything, so I guess I want to be a plant in the future...? - Misfire

I personally am fine with this. I have no problem telling my teacher(s) what I want to be when I grow up. - Jasmine21064

This gets more stressful as you get older because you have less time to decide - Randomator

18 What did you do over the summer break assignments

Sleep, eat, play video games, and well more sleep. But I can't write an essay on that so I guess I'll have to make something up.

I remember doing a game or asking questions from students on my 2nd day of high school - trains45

I wrote nothing but sat around and got fat on this assignment once lol. - RobertWisdom

Teacher: What did you do over the summer break?
Me: Two words. NUN'YA BUSINESS. - HelloWhyImHere2

19 Science fair

Just awful. Especially when they make us do those stupid science boards. - RobertWisdom

I love science fairs because I get to explore different concepts and test them out. - Kwaysar

I made a fake volcano in elementary school

:O Wow! You guys are so lucky! - kittygirl2

20 Exit Tickets

I used to stress over this. I wouldn't have finished my assignments because I don't understand it and I was scared because I knew I was gonna struggle. So I tried my best to sneak out without the teacher realizing. - 0w0uwu

This is one of the main reasons why my English and World History grades are barely as good as I want them to be. - Jasmine21064

When you have to answer a question to an assignment before the teacher allows you to be dismissed

Just let me leave in peace.

21 Excel

This is one of those things I wish we had learned how to do more of. - shiftaltkey

22 Short stories

I love these, especially when I'm not given a specific prompt, meaning that I can fully use my imagination. I also have tens of story ideas because of this. - Jasmine21064

These are fun, when you actually get to use your imagination. It's the only time I ever made a school assignment over ten pages long. We had four days to do it, so it wasn't all that good, but it was what got me into writing. - Cyri

I liked writing these though. - shiftaltkey

This is... really fun actually. - Juni

23 Personal information

In special ed, they do this. They shouldn't even do this in the first place! Teachers don't need to know where their students live.

Also, if the worksheets fall in the wrong hands, it is very dangerous!

-every student in the school will know where the special ed students live and may come to rob their houses
-The other students may make threatening prank phone calls to the special ed kids' parents
-the other students may use the special ed kids' signatures to sign random things like papers, AKA identity theft


I may sound like a crazy person but...
Okay, that COULD happen RARELY.

Don't worry. The teacher is who you can trust. Ask if anyone will read those and it will be the principal. You can also trust the principal.SO YEAH

This shouldn't be happening in the first place. I just doesn't sound safe at all. - Jasmine21064

24 Pop quiz

They shouldn't do this because everybody should at leat know a nights advance so they can study. Even the brightest student can improve their grades by studying. - Chloe21

25 Analyze the poem

Yup. IB goals. - shiftaltkey

26 I'm Thankful For______

The fact that this assignment is now over. - Juni

Absolutely nothing!

Curious George gummy snacks - 0w0uwu


27 Journal questions
28 Coloring pages

I never had to in my special ed class in high school, at least, but I remember doing one in grade 2 and 3 math class when I had to color a castle photo, by numbers by a certain color, like green for 1, blue for 2, red for 3, etc, I can't remember what the numbers color's were, I remember the first time I went too fast and colored the water green lol, 1 year later, I did it again, and I colored the water blue the right color - trains45

@trains45-I had to do something like that in special ed, but it's the mystery picture color by grid type.

My high school special ed teacher did this.


29 Poster
30 Mythology

Greek mythology is cool and awesome. Others are boring.

I love mythology! - Jasmine21064

@Juni-yes I have. I just like Greek mythology more.

31 Powerpoint

I remember we went to The John Hancock building in the 5th grade and did a powerpoint presentation. It was awesome! They had a great lunch for us afterward too. - RobertWisdom

I like these - thunderclanrocks

I acall like making powerpoints - Chloe21

32 Venn diagrams

Depends...if you love maths like I do, then you will enjoy doing them.

33 Reading

I got way to much reading that gets in the way of my memory work, which also we have a lot of!

Just depends what your reading one time it sucked when I had to read a book I hated, - trains45

34 Response to literature

The teacher gives us way to many and he decides if your point make sense or if "yo gave to little information". Is 2 paragraphs on one question too little for you?!

I hate these so much

What does (insert any random object in story here) symbolize?

35 Dioramas

In elementary/middle school, I made these out of shoeboxes, clay, paint, and toys. Then after presenting them and displaying them in the classroom, they fell apart a few days later and I had to throw them away.

I am in elementary regina howell ashy is that u chloe this is kiera

I am in elementary school regina howell let me know if u guys r.
I had to do a tale of despereaux diorama.
so I got some clay to make bones for the dungeon.
then painted the dungeon black
then for outside I got a castle and painted it grey
then a cat toy for despereaux

I hate these things. - RobertWisdom

36 Typing

Ugh my SE teacher 👩‍🏫 game this assignment to all of my special needs classmates eve mwa

37 Current events
38 Punishment sentences

I remember my dad forcing me to do this just because I told a lie. It was obvious that it didn't work because, even thought I don't lie as much as I did years ago, I still lie to this day. - Jasmine21064

@Alkadikce-my 6th/7th grade math teacher made the whole class did this once.

I thought this was used by parents (not mine), not teachers. - Alkadikce

Ex. write "I will not go to the bathroom during class" 200+ times

39 Question of the day

Question: What do people suck?
Kid’s answer: Balls
Real answer: suckers

40 Math drills

I used to be good at these in elementary. But then they added complex algebra and then I sucked at math. - 0w0uwu

AKA the worksheets with 100 math problems that you have to do in a minute. Very common in elementary school

Lame - RobertWisdom

41 Algebra
42 Seasonal stuff

Ex. holidays in elementary school

43 U.S. geography
44 Models
45 Journals
46 Write about an experience you had with_________
47 Reading comprehension
48 Layered work
49 KWL Charts

Ugh, we just did one today. - ShopkinsLover

50 Four Square Charts
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