Most Overused Video Game Items and Cliches

Almost every video game I visit I'm probably going to encounter these.

The Top Ten Most Overused Video Game Items and Cliches

1 Red flammable barrels

Yeah let's just put a ton of these in our safe zone so the main character can use them to his/her advantage! - IAmNotARobot

= Explosion! - Olive855

Science once said "if you shoot a barrel filled with a flammable with bullets, that aren't on fire, it'll explode... deal with it! " 😎👌 - EliHbk

2 OP weapons and armor
3 Extremely stupid AI for enemies and allies

Hey, it's just bad programming, not a "cliche". It's just something that happens to be all too common, and can be confused with a cliche, but it is NOT

4 Boss fights make the villain look like an amateur
5 Protagonist gets way more health than everyone else
6 Player has to do everything (open doors, hack system, climb a ladder first)
7 Only one ending
8 Machine guns that never need to reload
9 Rockets that can demolish entire buildings
10 Save the princess

The Contenders

11 Hostage missions
12 Cartoony main characters

Nothing is wrong with having a cartoony aesthetic. It's what you do with it that counts. - Synchronocity

13 Grenades
14 Final bosses themed around the power of friendship
15 Nerd glasses
16 Healing potions

Why isn't this number 1? It's in every game except Mario.

17 Annoying Side Characters
18 Good characters dying
19 Lava levels
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