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1 Last time I was this early [continue]

Last time I was this early, I died.

2 kys

Please no one likes this guy - Hater

3 This song is soooooooo... [read more]  Fabulous

The power of copy and paste - Hater

4 If I get [blank] likes I'll ask my crush out

Please we all know you just want the likes. - Hater

How do likes benefit your life

5 First!

Definitely. I see these comments all the time, even when they aren't the first ones.

More like last! - Neonco31

First! needs to be first. See what I did there? No, seriously, these comments get really annoying. - cjWriter1997

6 Who else came here from [blank]

I only came for the cake.

Like no one is here because they actually enjoy Halsey’s music.

7 Top 10 anime *insert subject here*

These comments are very annoying and have nothing to do with the video.

People who post this annoying comment are unfunny and annoying.

This comment is really starting to piss me off already.

To the person who put "Top 10 Anime Betrayals" STFU.

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8 All those [insert number of] dislikers are [insert negative adjective or noun]
9 It's my birthday today can I get some likes

90% of the time it's not their birthday - Hater

It's not my birthday so give me likes now.

10 John Cena!

The Newcomers

? Rest In Piece (Famous person)

It is pointless. Videos with details on the person's death is sufficient.

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11 That one guy called LuckyMusiqLive that says 'my kid was born in the waiting room while this was playing I decided to call him/her [blank]'

This guy must have a million kids - Hater

12 Darude-Sandstorm

I came on here just to look for this one

This makes it okay to say ' kys ' - Hater

13 Who's watching in [year]?

Almost on every video..You think you'll find a bit of info for the particular video and this stupid comments appears... - Ananya

It's overused. What is even the point of these comments. Getting likes? - Userguy44

Who's voting on this list in 2017?

Who's commenting here in 2017?

It's in every music video. But why? - Userguy44

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14 A B C E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Notice anything? The d is out for Harambe

Practically EVERY Harambe comment is overused. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Basically anything to do with Harambe - Hater

15 If I get [number] likes I'll post a video of me [insert crazy idea]

That many likes later...
Waiting on that video.

16 Find the Difference

I see no difference - RoseCandyMusic

17 Roses Are red, violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail and so did you

Actually I didn't... - Hater

18 1 like for your crush to kiss you 1 subscribe you will win the lottery ignore and you will get killed

If you like this, you'll add a +1 to this comment. - TristGamer

1 like and 1 subscribe will get you nothing

Like seriously.

19 OMG this is so fake at ...  you can clearly see...
20 Cancer

I hate it when people call something they don’t like “cancer” or “cancerous”.

21 See, I listen to real music, not this crap from our generation.

All music is real, no matter how terrible it is. Even if it's as terrible as your comments. And nobody cares what kind of music you listen to. I'm sure kids from the generation before your favorite "pre-retard generation" music said the exact same bull.


22 Fat

Pyrocynical fans are cancerous.

24 If you don't like it, then don't watch it!

How can you not like something if you haven't watched it yet? - DCfnaf

25 I faped to this

They disgusting freaks

Ummm ewww TMI gross people of YT! - MJfan119

26 (Insert character/person in video) is savage AF lmao
27 Cringe

People just comment this randomly, because no one knows what this word actually means anymore.

28 There is nothing wrong with this video, [insert singer/YouTuber] is queen

There is nothing wrong with this comment. Lovefrombadlands is queen.

29 Am I the only one who...
30 Go lions! Beat those nasty hyenas!

I find that unfair and I believe that all animals deserve equality. Never judge an animal by it's portrayal in fiction. Reality is all what matters.

I have never seen a YouTube comment like this. - cjWriter1997

31 pls sub to my channel
32 However likes I get is how old I am

However many likes I get is how many people wasted their time liking this comment.

33 This made me drink myself {Bleach profile picture}

This made me have a good taste in music (Halsey profile picture)

34 I saw 4 kids attacking a boy and decided to help out. He didn't stand a chance against 5 of us.

I see this a surprising amount of times - Hater

35 The demon that possessed Miley Cyrus left and possessed Katy Perry


36 "Insert anything with a fanbase" is cancer

Horrible Word, And Plain Bullying - JPK

37 Let's play the slime game. The number in the ones place at the like button is what slime you are.

Let's play the bad game. Give me likes now.

38 (Insert year) called and wanted one of its (insert horrible item) back

Here is an example: 1990 called and wanted one of its failed sitcoms back. - anonygirl

39 Why are you watching this then?
40 Ur mom gay
41 Justin Y.
42 Shut up Meg
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1. kys
2. This song is soooooooo... [read more]  Fabulous
3. If I get [blank] likes I'll ask my crush out
1. All those [insert number of] dislikers are [insert negative adjective or noun]
2. John Cena!
3. First!


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