Best Overwatch Couples

We all know the characters we know and love. This is a list of some characters I think should hookup

The Top Ten

1 Genji and Mercy Genji and Mercy

They Are simples cute and the best official couple of Overwatch =)

Mom and the B.A. Ninja she revived. We know they love each other. - PBoi_N_J


2 Tracer and Widowmaker Tracer and Widowmaker

In the comic we find out that tracer is big but is widowmaker that could be kind of interesting to see if the developer's work on this relationship between the two

You remember when they looked into each other's eyes on that rooftop in that animation? There was something there, am I right? - PBoi_N_J

Tracer is not a disgusting dyke she is straight.

The original Overwatch ship. Nothing else matters.

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3 Mercy and Soldier 76 Mercy and Soldier 76

Have no idea who they are - KWRIGHT

The Mom and Dad of Overwatch they are perfect for each other­čśŹ. - PBoi_N_J

4 Hanzo and McCree Hanzo and McCree

It was love at first sight. - PBoi_N_J

5 Reaper and Widowmaker Reaper and Widowmaker

They are both emo, perfect! - PBoi_N_J

6 Orissa and Zenyata

Yes this is a couple that I'm hoping for. They are perfect for each other. They are both omnics, and Zenyattas got the balls and Orissa has the big gun. See, they match. - PBoi_N_J

7 Ana and Soldier 76 Ana and Soldier 76
8 Torbj├Ârn and his Turret Torbj├Ârn and his Turret

That cry he makes when it's destroyed is a sign of love. - PBoi_N_J

Best couple out there



9 Bastion and Birdy Bastion and Birdy

It's time to move on from just friends. - PBoi_N_J

10 Pharah x Mercy

The obvious ship

the best

The Contenders

11 Winston and Bananas Winston and Bananas

Eat more banana. - PBoi_N_J

12 Winston and Peanut Butter

Better than bananas

13 DVa and L├║cio

Wattpad @melodramas_

I'm sorry, and I voted for Widowmaker and Reaper (my OTP) but I found it hard to believe that this wasn't on the list (I love this one) so I had to add this here <3

14 Ana and Pharah
15 Widowmaker and Ana

I think widowmaker an ana could work but only in a update the make a overwatch skin for widowmaker? Ps. Developer's make a overwatch skin for widowmaker please I would love it.

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