Best Overwatch Couples

We all know the characters we know and love. This is a list of some characters I think should hookup

The Top Ten

1 Genji and Mercy Genji and Mercy

Mom and the B.A. Ninja she revived. We know they love each other. - PBoi_N_J


2 Mercy and Soldier 76 Mercy and Soldier 76

Have no idea who they are - KWRIGHT

The Mom and Dad of Overwatch they are perfect for each other😍. - PBoi_N_J

3 Tracer and Widowmaker Tracer and Widowmaker

You remember when they looked into each other's eyes on that rooftop in that animation? There was something there, am I right? - PBoi_N_J

Tracer is not a disgusting dyke she is straight.

The original Overwatch ship. Nothing else matters.

Look it up she isn't - PBoi_N_J

4 Hanzo and McCree Hanzo and McCree

It was love at first sight. - PBoi_N_J

5 Orissa and Zenyata

Yes this is a couple that I'm hoping for. They are perfect for each other. They are both omnics, and Zenyattas got the balls and Orissa has the big gun. See, they match. - PBoi_N_J

6 Reaper and Widowmaker Reaper and Widowmaker

They are both emo, perfect! - PBoi_N_J

7 Ana and Soldier 76 Ana and Soldier 76
8 Torbjörn and his Turret Torbjörn and his Turret

That cry he makes when it's destroyed is a sign of love. - PBoi_N_J

Best couple out there


9 Winston and Bananas Winston and Bananas

Eat more banana. - PBoi_N_J

10 Pharah x Mercy

The obvious ship

the best

The Contenders

11 Bastion and Birdy Bastion and Birdy

It's time to move on from just friends. - PBoi_N_J

12 Ana and Pharah
13 Winston and Peanut Butter
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