Best Overwatch Ultimate Abilities


The Top Ten

1 Spirit Dragon - Hanzo Spirit Dragon - Hanzo
2 Self-Destruct - D.VA Self-Destruct - D.VA

nerf this

3 RIP-Tire - Junkrat RIP-Tire - Junkrat
4 Resurrection - Mercy Resurrection - Mercy

HECK this is the best character I took out a full tracer and a full symmetra and alone and I won without guardian angel

Easily the best Ultimate in the game.

DPS wiped your team with only second left on the clock? REZ. Your team is now back on the point and you've won the game.

Enemy rein charging you with a dead ally nearby? REZ. You're now temporarily intangible, so rein passes right through you and flies off a cliff. - Jackamalio

5 Tactical Visor - Soldier 76 Tactical Visor - Soldier 76

I really like the tactical visor, because I can move around while still hitting the other team with my Helix Rockets! - saturatedsunrise

If you stack tac visor with a damage boost or nanoboost, you're going to massacre the other team. - Jackamalio

6 Dragonblade - Genji Dragonblade - Genji

Way better than spirit dragon

Woah woah this this ult is probably the best in the game if you know how to use it so WHY IS THIS TOP 7 stupid people

7 Death Blossom - Reaper Death Blossom - Reaper


8 Graviton Surge - Zarya Graviton Surge - Zarya

How is Zarya at 15? Her ultimate has so much potential to combo with other ultimates. One good Zarya ultimate that combos with another ultimate can win the game.

9 Blizzard - Mei Blizzard - Mei
10 Teleporter - Symmetra Teleporter - Symmetra

The Contenders

11 Barrage - Pharah Barrage - Pharah
12 Configuration Tank - Bastion Configuration Tank - Bastion

The most powerful ult

I disagree. Bastion’s turret is actually more powerful than his ultimate. - saturatedsunrise

13 Deadeye - McCree Deadeye - McCree

Anyone have the time?

Yeah I do cause it's HIGH NOOON

It’s high noon somewhere in the world! - saturatedsunrise

14 Transcendence - Zenyatta

This ultimate can stop a TEAM WIPE

This should be higher

15 Sound Barrier - Lucio Sound Barrier - Lucio
16 EMP - Sombra EMP - Sombra

She can easily destroy anyone’s ultimate if used right. Easily best ultimate in the game.

17 Nano Boost - Ana Nano Boost - Ana
18 Pulse Bomb - Tracer Pulse Bomb - Tracer
19 Infra-Sight - Widowmaker Infra-Sight - Widowmaker
20 Whole Hog - Roadhog Whole Hog - Roadhog
21 Molten Core - Torbjorn Molten Core - Torbjorn
22 Earthshatter - Reinhardt Earthshatter - Reinhardt

Hammer down!

23 Supercharger - Orisa Supercharger - Orisa

This is a good ultimate, because it makes your whole team really powerful! - saturatedsunrise

24 Coalescence - Moira
25 Rally - Brigette
26 Valkyrie - Mercy
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1. Spirit Dragon - Hanzo
2. Self-Destruct - D.VA
3. RIP-Tire - Junkrat
1. Graviton Surge - Zarya
2. Spirit Dragon - Hanzo
3. Self-Destruct - D.VA


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