Owl City Songs With the Best Lyrics

The Top Ten Owl City Songs With the Best Lyrics

1 Vanilla Twilight

Best best best song ever written!

2 Plant Life
3 If My Heart Was a House

I love this song! So relaxing yet uplifting. Great job Adam!

4 Fireflies
5 Silhouette
6 Galaxies
7 Angels
8 Rainbow Veins
9 Hot Air Balloon
10 Lonely Lullaby

The Contenders

11 Hospital Flowers
12 Dreams Don't Turn to Dust
13 Peppermint Winter
14 Paper Tigers
15 Shooting Star

Every time I hear this while I'm upset cheers me up. I love this song! Perfect tune,lyrics and how he sing it. This should be higher. Please hear this! I would say thanks to Owl City (even he's not with me) for this amazing lyrics! =D

16 The Real World
17 Tidal Wave
18 Gold
19 The Saltwater Room
20 Firebird
21 To the Sky
22 Embers
23 Dear Vienna
24 This Isn't the End
25 Beautiful Times
26 Cave In
27 Always
28 Up All Night - Owl City

Great great great! Just great.

29 Good Time
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