Top Ten The Owl House Characters

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1 Eda the Owl Lady

She is so funny and I love her. She is an amazing "witch" of owl.

She looks like Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

Eda was born in the 1970's.

2 Luz Noceda

Luz is very relatable. Quirky, weird, funny. She's so amazing!

She looks like a female version of Marco Diaz.

She looks like the girl from Diamond Jack.

She's so cute and lovable

3 King

I love king! He is hilarious and voiced by my favorite Voice Actor Ever! (Alex Hirsch) he is funny and one of the main reasons I love the show other than the action and the complicated plot.

King is absolutely my favourite character in Owl House. His Squeak of Rage is just super funny

This dog cat thing demon is the best thing in the show, why ISn't HE NUMBER 1

In my opinion, he is the only good character in the entire show

4 Amity Blight

From a rude, pompous top student to a friendly, sweet gay panicking tomato!

She’s so cute when she’s nervous!

She’s at her best when she’s with Luz and that’s why I ship it so much! 😍

5 Hooty

Hooty is amazing! He is funny and he is voiced by Alex Hirsch, the best voice actor. He isn’t annoying and I would use up all my day to listen to his life story!

Hooty is the best character no questions about it.

Rest In Peace Hooty for being trashed by others

I ship him with the Duolingo owl.

6 Gus

He worships humans.

Gus was born in 2008.

7 Warden Warth
8 Lilith Clawthorne
9 Willow

I like her, along with Gus, but they need more development to be on my most favorites list. I hope they are fleshed out in season 2.

She is the cutest, sweetest thing on the show and should get more love from the fandom!

10 Camilla Noceda
The Contenders
11 Emira Blight

She is a pretty cool teenager.

Emira was born in 2003 or 2004.

12 Edric Blight
13 Emperor Bellows

We have only seen him for a short time and we have to wait and see for season 2 how they develop him.

14 Tibbles
15 Kikimora
16 Principal Bump
17 Skara

She is one of the nicest members of Boscha's girl posse and is so bubbly and cute.

18 Boscha

She's a huge b!tch and I love her for that.

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