Best Ozzy Osbourne Solo Albums

This list excludes albums with Black Sabbath, unlike the list without the word, "solo" in it.

The Top Ten

Blizzard of Ozz Blizzard of Ozz Product Image
Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon Product Image
The Ultimate Sin The Ultimate Sin Product Image

I like The Ultimate Sin, Never Know Why, and Shot In the Dark best.

Diary of a Madman Diary of a Madman Product Image
No More Tears No More Tears Product Image

My favorite songs are:
- Mr. Tinkertrain
- Desire
- No More Tears
- S.I.N.
- Hellraiser
- Zombie Stomp
- Road to Nowhere
But the whole album is good. Not a single bad song on the album.

No Rest for the Wicked No Rest for the Wicked Product Image
Scream Scream Product Image
Under Cover Under Cover Product Image
Black Rain Black Rain Product Image
Down to Earth Down to Earth Product Image

The Contenders

Ozzmosis Ozzmosis Product Image
Ordinary Man Ordinary Man Product Image
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