Best Ozzy Osbourne Solo Albums

This list excludes albums with Black Sabbath, unlike the list without the word, "solo" in it.

The Top Ten

1 Blizzard of Ozz
2 Bark at the Moon
3 The Ultimate Sin

I like The Ultimate Sin, Never Know Why, and Shot In the Dark best.

4 Diary of a Madman
5 No More Tears

My favorite songs are:
- Mr. Tinkertrain
- Desire
- No More Tears
- S.I.N.
- Hellraiser
- Zombie Stomp
- Road to Nowhere
But the whole album is good. Not a single bad song on the album.

6 No Rest for the Wicked
7 Scream
8 Under Cover
9 Black Rain
10 Down to Earth

The Contenders

11 Ozzmosis
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