Top 10 Ozzy Osbourne Solo Songs

The Top Ten

1 Crazy Train Crazy Train Cover Art
2 Mr. Crowley Mr. Crowley Cover Art
3 No More Tears No More Tears Cover Art
4 Mama, I'm Coming Home Mama, I'm Coming Home Cover Art
5 Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon Cover Art
6 Diary of a Madman Diary of a Madman Cover Art
7 Over the Mountain Over the Mountain Cover Art
8 Suicide Solution Suicide Solution Cover Art
9 Hellraiser Hellraiser Cover Art
10 Goodbye to Romance Goodbye to Romance Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Flying High Again Flying High Again Cover Art
12 I Don't Know I Don't Know Cover Art
13 I Don't Want to Change the World I Don't Want to Change the World Cover Art
14 I Don't Wanna Stop I Don't Wanna Stop Cover Art
15 Mr. Tinkertrain Mr. Tinkertrain Cover Art

This song should be in the top ten. Maybe even the top five. It's a great song (despite being about a pedophile) and it's one of my personal favorites. It's got some killer guitar riffs and it teaches us to be careful in the real world because you never really know what people are really like. Ozzy Osbourne never ceases to amaze me!

16 I Just Want You I Just Want You Cover Art
17 Crazy Babies Crazy Babies Cover Art
18 You're No Different You're No Different Cover Art

So true. Only if more people realized that.

19 Let It Die Let It Die Cover Art
20 The Ultimate Sin The Ultimate Sin Product Image

This is one of his greatest and most killer songs!

21 Zombie Stomp Zombie Stomp Cover Art
22 Desire Desire Cover Art

Love the energy in this song.

23 The Liar The Liar Cover Art
24 Miracle Man Miracle Man Cover Art

Deserves to be a LOT higher than #32. - truckturner

25 Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.) Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N.) Cover Art
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