Best P250 Skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

My favorite pistol in the game. I currently am using "Supernova" for my P250. Feel free to add more if you have another favorite!

The Top Ten

1 Asiimov Asiimov

Asiimov is my dream skin for the AWP, but I think it looks amazing on the P250 also. But I'm not prepared to spend over 3 bucks on a skin. - Phillip873

2 Supernova Supernova

This is the one I'm using as of now. It looks just beautiful and I got it for like a buck. If you like space get this one - Phillip873

3 Nuclear Threat Nuclear Threat

This one is rare and expensive, but it looks very nice - Phillip873

4 Whiteout Whiteout
5 Muertos Muertos
6 Valence Valence
7 Wingshot Wingshot
8 Cartel Cartel
9 Mehndi Mehndi
10 Undertow Undertow
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