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There have been a lot of lists on this site that say the best games of a certain game character. But what about Pac-Man? All people know him for nowadays is his first game. So I decided to show you all what Pac-Man's true potential is! Enjoy!
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1 Pac Man World 2 Pac Man World 2 Product Image

By far the best out of the Pac Man World series and a true masterpiece. It was the proper game for the transition of pac man from 2D to 3D like mario 64 was for mario, metroid prime was for metroid and so on. It must get a remaster or at least a re release for modern consoles.

Pac-Man World 2 is, hands down, the best Pac-Man game. Championship Edition is good too, but it's just so overrated because of Bandai Namco's intention of regressing Pac-Man to a lifeless pizza thing from the 80s. And that hinders the ability for this game to get the love it deserves from the gaming community of today!

This is an amazing game with the best platforming I've ever seen in a video game, easily trumping the more popular but overrated 3D Mario games. The level design makes excellent use of Pac-Man's unique and wacky abilities. And the environments are awesome.

Wow, this game is a creative masterpiece! It's so cool and I have it at home. I have too much trouble getting 100% in this game, though. But Pac-Man World deserves the top 1 spot.

2 Pac-Man

This is the best selling arcade game of all time for a reason. It is simply put the perfect arcade game and it's a game that everyone knows of; Even 37 years later is still a household name. Sure it's not got the depth of a console/PC game, but it was never designed for that, it was designed to eat quarters at an arcade and it did that better than any game ever made.

I love the graphics of nes Pacman and the gameplay is so fun and addictive. Each ghost acts differently. Learn them and learn to use the tunnels/pipes/sides of the screens because the ghosts move slower through that area.
The ultimate game of cat vs mice.

Are you talking about the original or Atari 2600 version? From the bad comments below, probably the Atari version

Why does a game with annoying character models have to come in top 1?!

3 Ms. Pac-man Ms. Pac-man Product Image

It is a good game. I like it.

I'v eonly played, this, pac Man wordl 2, and the original Pacman. pac man world is better in my opinon, but this needs more attention!

4 Pac-Man World Pac-Man World Product Image

Pac-Man World deserves much better. It has the best graphics a video game could ever have, and its music and levels are flawless. Also, how much creative can a Pac-Man game get?!

Hands down, this is the 2nd best game in the world! Super Mario 64 is the best game ever!

Pac-Man World has no excuse not to be top 1 on the list.

Dude, Pac-Man World is a masterpiece! Why do people hate this game so much?! I have nothing against the graphics. Best music ever!

This game so needs to be top 1! Also, I'm surprised that there's still no Pac-Man World 4 yet after 9 years! What for?!

5 Super Pac-man

I don't know why people hates this game you just need skill with moving the Pac-Man.

6 Pac-Mania Pac-Mania Product Image

His game is cool! Pac-Man will always be MUCH better than Modern Sonic & besides Debi Derryberry & Erin Matthews being the voice of Pac-Man, Chris Brown would be a great voice for Pac-Man!

Pac-Man: I need you boo
Gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight

Pac-Man would make a great Western Canadian team with Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land (his cut from SSB3DS & sisterly figure) & Miles "Tails" Prower (his younger brother figure).

Also, Pac-Mania is much better than the original arcade/NES classic Pac-Man & the arcade/NES classic Mrs. Pac-Man which is better on the Sega Genesis.

Hands down. This is the best Pac-Man game ever tying with Pac-Man World & Pac-Man Arrangement.

7 Pac-Man World 3 Pac-Man World 3 Product Image

This game & the original Pac-Man World is better than Pac-Man World 2 in any way.

Best story, best graphics, best emphasis, this game has no excuse not to be top 1.

8 Pac-Land Pac-Land Product Image


This game marks the debut of the female pink ghost Pinky.

This is a good old game.

9 Pac-Man Championship Edition
10 Jr. Pac-Man Jr. Pac-Man Product Image
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11 Pac-Man: Adventures in Time Pac-Man: Adventures in Time Product Image

What cool idea is this? Going back in time! Pac-Man was a true hero in this game. Fantastic cutscenes, Pac-Man has always been a fan favorite.

One of the best (ever) Pac-Man games! Why doesn't Professor Pac-Man return anymore? He was sexy!

This proves Pac-Man to be a very inventive gaming franchise.

12 Pac-Man Arrangement

Such an underrated video game! But always criticize the game's difficulty.

13 Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ Product Image

In my opinion this takes the original pac man formula and tunes the intensity up to 11 with a super addictive and fast paced game. Like after playing this I just can't go back to the old ones without thinking this one is better in every way.

How the heck is this so low? It's probably the best Pac-Man game other than World 2.

Solid game. Darkness it fun. Wish games wouldn't charge for add-on content.

14 Pac Pix Pac Pix Product Image

Pac-Pix was a masterpiece of humor. I wish I had this underrated game.

15 Pac-Man Collection Pac-Man Collection Product Image

A pretty good GBA collection to kick off Pac's life on the 16-bit handheld generation, containing Pac-Man, with both fullscreen and scroll modes, the puzzle Pac-Attack, the arcade Arrangement and the always popular Mania.

16 Pac-In-Time Pac-In-Time Product Image

Seriously?! Still top 13?! The original Pac-Man is not the best Pac-Man game. Re: its graphics suck, the characters are ugly, the game is common, too overrated, etc... But Pac-In-Time is great!

17 Pac-Man: World Rally Pac-Man: World Rally Product Image
18 Pac-Man Battle Royale
19 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Product Image
20 Namco Museum Namco Museum Product Image
21 Pac-Man Plus

It is good. It might be fast but I like it.

22 Pac-Man Vs. Pac-Man Vs. Product Image

This should be top 1! Why? Mario actually was in this game!

Also, the original Pac-Man & Super Pac-Man do not deserve to be so high on this list.

23 Pac-Man Party Pac-Man Party Product Image

This game revolutionized the Pac-Man franchise basically by giving the characters redesigns. Anyways, Pac-Man World (PS1) is the top 1 greatest video game of all time. It is top 7, which is a crime.

This did surprisingly well for me. I don't know, maybe it was because of the new characters. (Patra, Woofa, and Roger)

24 Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness Product Image
25 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Product Image
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