Top Ten Most Painful But Non-Serious Injuries


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1 Stub Toe

Its funny when you stub your toes, because you always do that messed up dance while dragging your foot you hit and sort of humming a tune to take your mind off the pain laugh out loud - Danielsun182

This pain is unbelievable. God forbid we break them. It's always my baby one:(

When I was in junior high this happened way to often at night good lord! This hurts a lot - Curti2594

I stub my toes all the time and it hurts so bad - WinchesterGirl26

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2 Paper Cut

Stubbing your toe will give you a 5 minute pain, paper cuts will torment you for a day or so

Ok seriously this is by far the worst... In high-school I once dropped all of my notebooks and binders all over me and got some of the largest ' papercuts! So painful

This one person at my school really got hurt with a paper cut, it bleed a lot. - Lucretia

So much feeling of pain so be carefull

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3 Bite Tongue

My mother slipped and fell and hit her jaw on a table, forcing her jaw upwards with incredible force. She split her tongue in half and blood was squirting out.

This has to be the worst because one minute you're enjoying your sandwich and the next...

Your chewing a nice piece of mint chewing gum and before you know it...

I bite the inside of my face more then my tongue, but ow. It feels like a knife. - Lucretia

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4 Hit Funny Bone

I almost start crying because I think it Hurts but then I feel silly afterwards! - Curti2594

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5 Bash Head On Low Ceiling

Yes, only very low ceiling for me. And boards. - Lucretia

6 Catch Finger In Door

My mom got her middle finger stuck on a door and had to wear a heavy cast on her finger - Lucretia

My friend got her arm slammed in the door and broke her arm

This is very very painful! - Kiteretsunu

I have slammed a door on my thum

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7 Bite Lip

I once accidently bit my lip three times in a row (had no idea how I did that LOL) until my lip bled. - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

8 Sprain Ankle

Yes it IS bloody painful when it happens - that's the point of this to ten, but it's not a SERIOUS injury, you won't die from it. - Britgirl

It needs months of agonising treatment, and it's bloody painful when it happens, so I wouldn't say non-serious. - PositronWildhawk

9 Getting a Splinter

Getting them out hurts more - Lucretia

10 Hit Knee On Door Edge

The time I did this, I threw an armful of hardback books across the room in temper. The bruise and bump lasted for ages! - Britgirl

I hid my knee on wooden boards and ow... - Lucretia

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? Falling Down Stairs

This hurts so bad at first. I just fell on my back and it hurts... I could not really move much at first, it hurt so much. I guess it could get serious. - Lucretia

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11 Stand On a Hard Object While Only Wearing Socks

I've stood on a piece Lego... Bad language followed

12 Getting Kicked In the Balls

This can be serious, it still hurts to run being kicked in the nuts so many times as a kid. - benhos

Worse pain ever my pain felt sick to my stomach and I was kicked there

Your balls are THE softest spot in your body. It hurts, and I know because people have done it to me multiple times

I'm a girl - mayamanga

13 Fracture Finger
14 Stepping on a Lego Brick

It's so painful it made it on the list TWICE!

Really hurts when you're bear footed! - funnyuser

Come on, this joke is getting old - pupcatdog

Or a wooden block... a triangular one with the sharp edges... legos are bad too - Lucretia

15 Needle Under Fingernails
16 Cat Scratch

It was not at all pleasant when my cat fell into a bathtub full of scalding hot water, before jumping onto my chest and embedding his claws into my chest, and scraping slowly downwards, allowing scalding hot water and stinging soap into the deep scratches. It hurt for weeks and I spent hours afterwards swearing at the cat. - PositronWildhawk

Well, if a cat has rabies and scratches you it can be life threatening. - Gabriola

I have had a cat run on my face which left a lot of scratches

Dog scratches hurt too - Lucretia

17 Getting Stung by a Nettle

It hurts and itches, and when you itch it, it hurts even more!

That's nothing, unless it's the Gympie

18 Canker Sore

I hate Canker sores! I can barely talk and eat. - PeachyBlast

19 A Poke In the Eye

I'm always doing this. The pain is crazy

20 Burn Tongue On Hot Drink

Oh, yes! This is awful! You are left with tiny, painful blisters that take ages to go! - Britgirl

You have no idea what this feels like! (My stepmum FORCES me to drink hot chocolate while it's still hot! )

That is why I hate coffee, I spilled it on yself once and it was pain. - Lucretia

I don;t understand why people drink coffee or tea so soon liek that burns you tongue and mouth and you feel it or your taste buds are dead for liek a month - Curti2594

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