Top Ten Most Painful But Non-Serious Injuries

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Stub Toe

Shooting yourself in the foot is probably less painful than this

I ran over my big toe via swivel chair. It still hurts very badly :'(.

Its funny when you stub your toes, because you always do that messed up dance while dragging your foot you hit and sort of humming a tune to take your mind off the pain laugh out loud

This pain is unbelievable. God forbid we break them. It's always my baby one:(

Paper Cut

I hate how whenever you get paper cuts it hurts for a second and then for five seconds it stops hurting and then it burns for a couple of minutes

Stubbing your toe will give you a 5 minute pain, paper cuts will torment you for a day or so

Ok seriously this is by far the worst... In high-school I once dropped all of my notebooks and binders all over me and got some of the largest ' papercuts! So painful

Pretty painful. But though it isn't serious. This should be 1!

Bite Tongue

My mother slipped and fell and hit her jaw on a table, forcing her jaw upwards with incredible force. She split her tongue in half and blood was squirting out.

I have bit my tongue many times and it hurts but most of the time, it’s not serious..

This has to be the worst because one minute you're enjoying your sandwich and the next...

Your chewing a nice piece of mint chewing gum and before you know it...

Hit Funny Bone

Funny guy wears his funny bone on his fore head so he can be a unicorn lololol

I almost start crying because I think it Hurts but then I feel silly afterwards!

I hate this so much! I think it's the worst feeling in the world.

A sickening pain, and funny for others.

Hit Head On Low Ceiling
Catch Finger In Door

This is very very painful!

My friend got her arm slammed in the door and broke her arm

You got that right.

I have slammed a door on my thum

Step on a Lego

It's so painful it made it on the list TWICE!

Really hurts when you're bear footed!

Come on, this joke is getting old

This should be #1 it hurts so much more than a stub toe

Sprain Ankle

Yes it IS bloody painful when it happens - that's the point of this to ten, but it's not a SERIOUS injury, you won't die from it.

As a person who has sprained their ankle before, I can say this is pretty serious as when I sprained mine, it left me unable to walk on that foot for a day.

It needs months of agonising treatment, and it's bloody painful when it happens, so I wouldn't say non-serious.

This really sucks. It’s awfully painful.

Bite Lip
Hit In the Balls

It's the worst feeling in the world! It almost makes you throw up! You feel like passing out.

I actually think this IS pretty serious as an injury.

This can be serious, it still hurts to run being kicked in the nuts so many times as a kid.

Absolutely terrible, one minute you are playing a nice game of soccer, next minute you lost the will to live.

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Soap in Eyes
Needle Under Fingernails

Oh, don't.

Something Cold On Your Teeth

I hate it so much

Get a Splinter

It hurts so bad!

Hit Knee On Door Edge

The time I did this, I threw an armful of hardback books across the room in temper. The bruise and bump lasted for ages!

In my opinion, hitting your knee is more painful than hitting your funny bone

Scooter Into the Ankle

My sister fell on her ankle with a scooter when she started college.
She was crying in pain.
Those things are dangerous,

Scratch Your Throat After Swallowing a Crisp
Stung by a Bee

I got stung by a bee 7 times in my life.
I thought it was painful at the time, but after learning about the Tarantula Hawk, Bullet Ant, Japanese Giant Hornet, the Executioner Wasp, the bee sting feels like a walk in the park.

That's nothing, other than how dangerous it might be.
The pain isn't too bad, but if you're allergic, you could go down with nasty symptoms, like really big welts and possibly fainting.

If you are allergic to bees then it is a trip to the ER or getting stabbed by an epinephrine pen.

I got stung by a bee last summer it hurt so badly

Swallow Ice Cube
Stand On a Hard Object While Not Wearing Shoes

I've stood on a piece Lego... Bad language followed

Water in Your Nose
Cat Scratch

It was not at all pleasant when my cat fell into a bathtub full of scalding hot water, before jumping onto my chest and embedding his claws into my chest, and scraping slowly downwards, allowing scalding hot water and stinging soap into the deep scratches. It hurt for weeks and I spent hours afterwards swearing at the cat.

I have had a cat run on my face which left a lot of scratches

My bunny does this. It hurts so much and you have to use paper to dry the blood. Only people who have bunnies and cats can relate and understand. Dog owners don't relate. that's why cutting nails is a life saver.

Canker Sore

Yep, I agree!

Fractured Finger
Stung by a Nettle

It hurts and itches, and when you itch it, it hurts even more!

I hate nettles

That's nothing, unless it's the Gympie

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