Top Ten Most Painful But Non-Serious Injuries


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21 Popping Your Wrist

Sk8rs will know - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

22 Cutting the Spaces Between Your Fingers

Very hard to cover too - Lucretia

23 Splinter In Your Tongue


24 Needle in Genitals
25 Getting Water in your Nose

I hated that and didn't want to shower because of that when I was younger... - Lucretia

26 Getting Stung by a Bee

Yes. Got stung and it felt like a needle or something pooking me, and my arms and stuff started swelling up... it was awful - Lucretia

That's nothing, other than how dangerous it might be.
The pain isn't too bad, but if you're allergic, you could go down with nasty symptoms, like really big welts and possibly fainting.

27 Bullet Ant Sting

Name says it, it's like getting shot by a bullet.

28 Losing a Nail

Thanks! I forgot about this one. It really is so painful. - Britgirl

Yes, it hurts when you touch where you losy the nail. - Lucretia

29 Scratching Your Throat After Swallowing a Crisp
30 Whip Your Face With Phone Charger Wire
31 Get Punched In the Face

Take it from me, it does not feel good, and blood does not taste good

32 Cigarette Burn

Yeah, not very pleasant... - benhos

I've never smoked :D

33 Hangnail
34 Childbirth

People can die from bleeding out you know... - benhos

Childbirth is pretty SERIOUS...

I find it amusing that someone considers this as an 'injury' haha! - Britgirl

35 Bee Sting

I have a severe potentially allergy so - Lucretia

I loathe bee stings so much.
Just glad it ain't a killer bee

That's nothing, and should be near the bottom of the list.
The Killer bee swarming is serious, but if you're looking for painful non-serious injuries, try the Bullet Ant Sting.

36 Crushed Testicles

I actually think this IS pretty serious as an injury. - Martin_Canine

37 Needle in Eyeball
38 Open Bone Break
39 Biting the Inside of Your Cheek
40 Bite Cheek
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