Top Ten Painful Conditions


The Top Ten

1 Kidney Stones

These things are extremely painful and some people said it’s worse than childbirth(which is not always the same on all women).
Now gall stones are so big they need to be surgically removed.

2 Bruised Neck

It’s so annoying, you have a hard time concentrating with this.

3 Getting Skin Scraped

That’s happened to me before, and it was horrible.

4 Stubbed Toe

I recently got my toe stubbed, and I can tell you it’s flipping nasty and painful.

5 Broken Bone

Those are so painful and I would never want to break one.

6 Stomach Flu

Yucky and nasty.

7 Gunshot Wound

Seriously painful, you can’t even describe it.
Beyond imagination.

8 Knife Wound

Nasty and gross, yet painful and I sometimes go through those by accident.

9 Bruised Leg

You will have to limp and it feels awful when you get it. - hy89045

10 Ear Infection

To be fair when I get it its more annoying than anything but some types are painful. - hy89045

The Contenders

11 Cluster Headaches
12 Trigeminal Neuralgia
13 Crohn's disease

It can be extremely painful to people, and ruin people’s lives.

14 Childbirth
15 Menstrual Cramps

They’re pretty painful, and can mess up many days in your life as a woman.

16 Gympie Gympie Sting

The Gympie Gympie is sacred plant in Australia, that has tiny needles that contain powerful venom, causing extreme pain that lasts for years and can put a man to suicide.

17 Stonefish Sting

From the most venomous fish in the world. It’s like having extreme pounding cramps combined with a hot stabbing sensation in the wound site.
It causes many bad side effects as well and I read it’s so painful that people want their areas amputated, so no way would I want to go through that.

18 Irukandji Syndrome

Amongst the worst conditions of pain known to man.
When you get stung, at first, you barely notice, but after 20 minutes it builds up and burns all over and you feel extreme cramping all over and through your body, and you can pass out and even feel a psychological sense of impending doom.
It takes a few weeks for it to wear off if you survive.

19 Bullet Ant Sting
20 Tarantula Hawk Sting
21 Ankylosing Spondylitis
22 Wisdom Teeth Coming In

It hurts like hell, even more painful than when your baby teeth came in as an infant

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